My butt is so sore from the unicycling I did earlier.
Link 12:29 a.m. Dec 05, 2021, UTC-5

Man I hate small plants. I love big plants. Huge plants! Trees! Let the plants grow.
Link 1:44 a.m. May 16, 2021, UTC-4

I’ve decided this website is done.
Or rather, would be done if this was the type of project that is it is possible to finish. I will of course continue to tweak and change things, but those things will bring us less decidedly towards a “finished” state and will instead be changes for the sake of changes. Prominently, I still don’t have any markup support. I decided I cannot be faulted for merely displaying the text the user inputs.
Link 12:02 p.m. May 20, 2022, UTC-7

Death, which like a claw tears us from this world. Some of us far too soon.
Link 10:03 p.m. May 15, 2022, UTC-5

"Linear Algebra is a state of mind."
Link 9:59 a.m. Feb 18, 2021, UTC-5

Link 11:11 p.m. Apr 02, 2022, UTC-4

Interestingly, I think I've created some of my best art at times I wasn't trying to. When I was making games on KA, I viewed myself as a
player of games, and set out to make the type of game that I wanted to play. Similarly, some of the books that I've previously started, I began the type of book that I wanted to read. But those mindsets are very different from the artist's mindset. When I set out to create art I get carried away with the creative freedom of it all. And if I succeed in capturing my emotion or my vision, as I did on the About page here for instance, I end up with something that at the very least is so different from other things that no one knows that they want it.
Link 9:41 p.m. Nov 01, 2021, UTC-4

Entering my cursed JS era.
Edit (:53): ``` window.fetch = (function () { const oldFetch = fetch; return function (...args) { let hasThen = false; const p = oldFetch(...args).then(function (res) { if (!hasThen) { console.log(res); } return res; }); p.then = function (...args) { hasThen = true; return Promise.prototype.then.apply(p, args); }; return p; }; })(); ```
Link 4:42 p.m. Sep 14, 2022, UTC-4

New Minecraft AA world record is 2:33. You already know who it’s by.
For the 13th consecutive time. The GOAT.
Link 7:19 a.m. Mar 09, 2023, UTC-5

Wow. Wow. Piranesi is like honey. It is excellent.
Analyzing it almost seems unfair, since it exists on its own as a work of art. And yet, it stands up to cursory analysis. It reads like a short story of literature, except actually good. It's simultaneously indulgent and escapist, and persuasive and compelling. But it's not incredible, it doesn't transcend the genre. It knows that it's a story. All it is is a story. It's just a really good story. Wow. Wow.
Link 10:15 p.m. Mar 29, 2023, UTC-4

Okay the thing is I haven’t finished it and it’s quite possible that the story arc is actually about him coming out as gay, but like, is
that better? The main character’s attempts at flirting are so bad that the best case outcome is that he comes out as gay.
Link 7:42 p.m. Dec 20, 2021, UTC-8

Didn't realize I was like 2 weeks behind on emails :/
Link 11:12 p.m. May 24, 2021, UTC-7

Tempted to dye my hair blue. I want to be a fairy.
Link 11:51 p.m. Sep 29, 2020, UTC-4

I deleted Apollo from my phone and like 30 seconds later find myself searching for it because I can’t find it.
Ahhh Apollo is a Reddit client btw
Link 8:20 p.m. Feb 09, 2022, UTC-5

Coming up on 1 year here. Scary.
There are features that I’ve been procrastinating from adding for a year. Oh yeah code goes open source on September 5, for better or worse.
Link 11:46 p.m. Aug 28, 2021, UTC-4

Every time I think I know Javascript it throws me a curveball.
I expected `[undefined].toString()` to return `"[undefined]"` but it instead returns `[]`. `(undefined).toString()` is an error but `undefined + ""` is `"undefined"`.
Link 4:47 p.m. Feb 15, 2022, UTC-5

I don't know who needs to hear this, but if you're using regular expressions in your Apache config files there's a 95% chance you're doing
something wrong.
Link 2:00 p.m. Feb 12, 2021, UTC-5

Gopher: everything is a link and you can't link to HTTP
Link 9:28 p.m. Sep 16, 2021, UTC-4

Oh have I not gotten around to sharing Poolsuite yet? =>
Link 8:36 p.m. Jun 28, 2022, UTC-4

"This is a filler! Filler yeah! No, not enough content for a whole video."
Some jokes never get old.
Link 9:49 a.m. Mar 09, 2023, UTC-5

I peeked and there’s no Dracula *Daily* until Tuesday, I feel scammed.
Link 9:21 a.m. Aug 28, 2022, UTC-4

Impulse-sending text messages.*
*Interestingly, my definition of "impulse" is just doing something without planning out every step in advance. Some people live their whole lives like that. Both of the text messages I just sent I had thought about sending earlier today.
Link 9:53 p.m. Aug 12, 2021, UTC-7

This is where we are.
Link 4:23 p.m. Jan 28, 2022, UTC-5

Daydreaming about a Roran movie
Link 5:38 p.m. May 06, 2023, UTC-4

Can't believe we lost Agan. I've only known ███ for a day, but it feels like ███ was the Jazz Hands. A season 1 player.
I'm sure ██'ll do well with the Firefighters. And I'm sure Edric will make a great addition to the team. But it still stings.
Link 1:14 a.m. Mar 04, 2021, UTC-5

I wish life was composed of more adjectives and fewer nouns.
Link 9:40 a.m. Jan 19, 2021, UTC-8

Music from Half Alive, when?
Link 11:59 p.m. Jan 23, 2021, UTC-5

I don’t have room in my head for new information anymore. Old information is getting deleted any time I try to learn something.
Link 9:11 p.m. Sep 21, 2020, UTC-4

Link 3:44 p.m. May 22, 2023, UTC-4

"owning a computer to survive/participate in society is a consequence of capitalism"
Should I stop posting bad socialist takes here? This one is so out there I can't even provide commentary.
Link 9:17 p.m. Oct 05, 2021, UTC-4

Osmosis Jones live action when?, you cowards.
Link 5:08 p.m. Dec 01, 2020, UTC-5

Oh no
Link 3:53 p.m. May 12, 2023, UTC-4 has a browser compatibility bug. THIS IS WHY. WE CAN"T JUST "USE SIMPLE HTML." IT"S SO FRICKING SIMPLE.
Link 11:43 a.m. Jul 31, 2022, UTC-4

Good morning.
Link 8:23 a.m. Apr 29, 2023, UTC-4

There has been a disappointing lack of candy this Halloween.
Link 10:40 p.m. Oct 31, 2021, UTC-4

An ekphrastic
Corners pieced, stapled, sharp, Threaded, pull taunt, Edges, lines, angles angled corners pieced Threaded, pulled and tied taunt string pulls corners angled corners and lines threaded, tied taunt string slips through corners angles and corners and lines
Link 2:55 p.m. Feb 09, 2022, UTC-5

"So this morning I took the coward's way out and shipped a cron job that will simply restart the server processes one at a time every 4
(subject to change) hours."
Link 9:30 a.m. Jul 04, 2022, UTC-4

I fricking love gen z youtubers+streamers who try to imitate the slang of the rest of the generation by making comments about "capitalism"
(since communist takes are just a part of the language of the many in our generation), but it comes off as "fellow-kids"-ish. Like I'm not communist and I'm not trying to gatekeep being communist. I'm just saying that some of these people are clearly not communist and are just joking about it because they're trying to appeal to an audience that is.
Link 1:17 p.m. Jul 24, 2022, UTC-4

Watering myself like a plant, except through my mouth.
Link 6:08 p.m. Dec 21, 2022, UTC-8

Going to sleep to hide from my problems, good night
Link 9:10 p.m. Aug 09, 2022, UTC-4

I just have to write a web server. How hard can it be?
Link 10:26 a.m. Jan 14, 2022, UTC-5

I get all my music recommendations from Hypixel Bedwars montage Youtube videos.
Link 4:24 p.m. Oct 17, 2021, UTC-4

Watching *Fetch*, I'm telling you, it's basically the same thing as Tom Scott's channel.
They just met an ornithologist.
Link 7:18 p.m. Aug 23, 2022, UTC-4

Double income no parents
Link 6:02 p.m. Aug 29, 2022, UTC-4

Information is key
Link 12:22 a.m. Apr 27, 2021, UTC-4

I realized that one of the problems with my life philosophy is that it's very easy to lose track of progress.
Going back to => "the first item on my TODO list is: 'Make every piece of software in the world perfect.'" Someone used the analogy of climbing/digging out of a hole, and it's like, I don't even feel like I'm in a hole, I feel like I'm in the middle of an endless, bottomless, pit. In my life philosophy there is no "good enough" and there is no "too bad" there's just this infinite vertical tube stretching above and below me. And somewhere, miles above me, is "make every piece of software in the world perfect," but like, that's not what I'm going to do today. So I need to focus on moving upwards even when it's not clear that I'm making progress, because the tube is so long, or because there aren't nice landmarks.
Link 10:00 p.m. Apr 25, 2022, UTC-4

Man I want an excuse to write some Elm code.
Link 1:09 p.m. Apr 27, 2022, UTC-4

The internet is like, 'We're getting a 5th season of Sherlock' so I look it up and it's estimated in "either 2022 or 2023." :(
Link 12:51 p.m. Nov 08, 2020, UTC-5

Novelty is a myth propagated by the novelty companies.
Link 8:08 a.m. Aug 29, 2022, UTC-4

All I want in life is for Blaseball to return.
Link 9:04 p.m. Sep 13, 2022, UTC-4

One of the things that I really like about JS is the tendency to treat functions as data. Even other functional languages tend to be worse
about treating functions as operators.
Link 6:21 p.m. Feb 27, 2022, UTC-5

I made brownies. The only problem with them is that there's not enough brownie per brownie.
The box-mix brownies are super fricking thin when poured into a 9"x13".
Link 9:52 p.m. Apr 08, 2021, UTC-4

It’s 2020, why do I still have to tie my shoes? Why isn’t Velcro mainstream? Why isn’t there something better?
Link 9:36 p.m. Dec 26, 2020, UTC-8

We’re going to run out of fish!
Link 5:33 p.m. Dec 12, 2020, UTC-5

Bought some Prosus the other day, after they bought Stack Overflow.
SO is far from a well-run company, they've mismanaged their community a couple of times. But that means that it's unlikely that Prosus can screw it up that much. Prosus also owns like 20% of Tencent.
Link 5:47 p.m. Jun 06, 2021, UTC-7

Good morning!
Link 8:32 a.m. Jan 13, 2022, UTC-5

My favorite kind of 2FA is the kind where you can click "remind me later" and skip it.
Link 8:42 a.m. Jul 05, 2022, UTC-4

ChromeOS is a disaster. Chrome needs to be an operating system. ChromeOS is not a browser. It needs to be.
Link 3:47 p.m. Nov 12, 2020, UTC-5

Trying to get an emotional response out of me (the reader) by inflicting pain on your characters is like trying to make me laugh by
inflicting pain on your characters. I see a lot of dramatic writing as no better than slap-stick comedy.
Link 1:13 p.m. Jul 01, 2022, UTC-4

I’m addicted to thinking.
Link 5:19 p.m. Nov 02, 2021, UTC-4

Link 9:45 p.m. Jan 12, 2022, UTC-5

Link 10:51 a.m. Oct 14, 2021, UTC-4

The problem with the internet is that they will continue to bash people that don't agree with them so long as those people disagree.
I'm all for trying to convince people, but once you've made your case and I'm on your side, I don't enjoy listening to you repeatedly insult everyone who's not on your side. "Welcome to the club" "What do you do here?" "Well mostly we sit around insulting everyone who isn't in the club" "Why?" "For not being in the club"
Link 3:33 a.m. Mar 06, 2021, UTC-5

Last night/this morning was fricking surreal. Like I was a character in a movie. So much happened while I tried to sleep.
Link 10:15 p.m. Jul 15, 2021, UTC-7

I’m sorry Rex but this is bad. I still don’t understand where he’s going with it, but like, what?
Bare minimum context: I’m reading *Fat Vampire* by Adam Rex. The central conflict of the book is that the main character, a vampire, needs blood. But for unexplained reasons sucking the blood from someone is a sex act and the main character is very homophobic.
Link 7:35 p.m. Dec 20, 2021, UTC-8

Why are people on the internet so dumb?
Link 11:29 p.m. Oct 24, 2021, UTC-4

The Safari feature "Siri Suggested Websites" where it suggest pages you might want to visit *above* search predictions when you're typing in
the address bar is spectacular. I do not understand why other browsers don't do that. I almost suspect it is because they are reliant on money from search engines.
Link 4:02 p.m. Nov 03, 2022, UTC-4

"a sketch of time of a time of dust"
Link 4:01 p.m. Feb 10, 2022, UTC-5

I don't like fuzzy finds or command palettes or quick switchers or etc. But I don't know why, because I like the idea and I will use them...
Link 9:14 p.m. Oct 17, 2021, UTC-4

Link 8:49 a.m. Nov 09, 2022, UTC-5

Good morning.
Link 9:04 a.m. Feb 19, 2022, UTC-5

I just thank God that everything is okay.
Link 10:43 p.m. Apr 04, 2023, UTC-4

✨ is overused. It shall now be scorned.
Link 7:09 p.m. Dec 22, 2020, UTC-5

It’s fun to see AJR return to the theme of growing up, because that’s something they sang about a lot on Living Room.
Link 7:14 a.m. Nov 18, 2022, UTC-5

I have an iTerm2 profile set up that binds macOS text editing shortcuts to micro (a terminal text editor) shortcuts. It's so close, it's
almost there. It just has a couple of downsides that make me keep looking for perfection.
Link 11:57 a.m. Nov 05, 2022, UTC-4

Gemini is going to fricking take off. Like, at least among tech people. I'm so hyped
Link 6:21 p.m. Sep 03, 2021, UTC-4

What do other people have in their heads if not tons of information about how computers work?
Link 11:13 a.m. Aug 23, 2022, UTC-4

I lost my hat in the past 2 days. No idea where it is.
Link 5:31 a.m. Dec 15, 2021, UTC-5

It looks like we are going to sink, soon.
Link 7:28 p.m. Jun 15, 2021, UTC-7

Still not over the throw-away scene in *Check, Please* where he gets stuck talking like he's doing a post-game interview.
Link 9:17 p.m. Jun 29, 2022, UTC-4

One of the things I tried to do with Thu was type-check at run time. The most interesting things about Julia is that it actually does this.
Type-checking at run-time is this thing that sounds really random and totally useless. In most compiled languages, the types are used to compile and then thrown away. Shouldn't there be a way to get benefit from types at runtime? This is one of the things that I noticed, and that frustrates me about OO languages. (A more detailed description of this problem can be found in the [Thu design document](, under "Problem 2".) It was very cool to see Julia identify the same issue that I had identified. I watched, in particular, [this]( video (which unfortunately assumes knowledge of Julia). The solution that Julia implements is called Multiple Dispatch, and it's not specific to Julia. Multi-dispatch is similar to function overloading, except that instead of doing Java-style logic to decide the type of an object, the type is determined, and matched against, at run-time. It was also very cool to be able to compare my solution to that of multiple dispatch and Julia. I really like OOP, it's something that is relatively intuitive (as far as programming concepts go), and something that I've been using for a while. So Thu was definitely designed around OOP paradigms. While this has the obvious advantage of allowing you to write object oriented code, it means that the language probably wouldn't be able to take advantage of the looser type system. People would just end up writing OO code in Thu. Julia doesn't try to allow OO code. It seems to take after a functional language much more. Using functions instead of methods is what allows multiple dispatch to be powerful. You can write functions that match on the object type instead of defining those functions as a method of that object. So instead of `Integer.add()` and `Float.add()` you just call `add` and it does the right thing, switching behavior to handle different types correctly. In this way, multiple dispatch allows for code re-use. Lastly, I want to point out that I have never written so much as a line of Julia. This is purely a ~~academic~~ recreational exploration.
Link 7:12 p.m. Nov 20, 2020, UTC-5

GOATed fonts? Helvetica, Times New Roman, Avenir. Is Avenir just me?
Link 4:10 p.m. Jun 08, 2022, UTC-4

My vest gives me power.
Link 11:24 p.m. Jan 06, 2021, UTC-8

Someone suggested that the interview couldn't have gone any better if Fox paid them off. And like, I could almost believe it.
It has motive, which most conspiracy theories lack. Not just for Fox but for corporate America. That's the angle /r/AntiWork should be taking. Like you could sell that so hard. Ban that one person from the subreddit, and post an announcement about how they were bribed to throw the interview. It's like they haven't even read the instruction manual on how to start a communist revolution. Oh yeah context I guess is important:
Link 2:08 p.m. Jan 27, 2022, UTC-5

word-salad-yo-mama-jokes on Tumblr is peak humor. If you disagree you are welcome to go back to watching sit coms and not talking to me.
Link 5:38 p.m. Apr 18, 2021, UTC-4

Files are an arbitrary and arguably outdated design decision.
Link 11:26 a.m. Jun 21, 2021, UTC-7

Estimate on how long before Facebook includes a copy of Chromium inside their iOS apps? 3 years?
Link 10:55 a.m. Aug 19, 2022, UTC-4

Had a nightmare about time travel. Watching *Primer* was a mistake.
Link 2:42 a.m. Dec 11, 2021, UTC-5

"for all other problems about life in general please use the questions page on billwurtz dot com."
Link 10:12 a.m. May 18, 2022, UTC-7

Happy 2021 everyone!
Except 1 person, you know who you are. (Jk)
Link 12:02 a.m. Jan 01, 2021, UTC-8

I have a headache and I’m stressed and it’s painful.
Link 12:18 a.m. Jan 28, 2021, UTC-5

I want to feel something. I want someone to make me feel something.
Link 11:08 a.m. Jun 04, 2021, UTC-7

Since I woke up 4 hours ago, Vivaldi has crashed and IntelliJ has frozen. I want software that works.
Link 1:06 p.m. Jun 02, 2021, UTC-7

I once said "I don't have trouble focusing, focusing just feels weird" [1]. I certainly find it a lot easier to switch between tasks every 5
minutes that it is to work on one task for too long. => /?show=65a832f0-c86e-4595-89af-6dd25eb8f67d [1]
Link 12:19 a.m. Oct 12, 2021, UTC-4

My last Thought was a joke. I have no shame. I just implemented multiple dispatch in JS and I fully intend to use it in the future.
Link 8:48 p.m. Apr 06, 2021, UTC-4

All I want is a text editor with syntax highlighting for every language.
And VS Code has that. And vim has that (and neovim by virtue of compatibility). But that's it. (Okay I imagine emacs has to as well, right?) Vim Polyglot is freaking amazing. It just has syntax highlighting for 600 common languages. I install it once, and in 5 years of opening files the only things it hasn't been able to syntax highlight are IBM RPG and Gemtext. (And it's easy to find Vim syntax highlighting packages for both of those.) => Vim Polyglot I just don't understand why that isn't priority number 1 for people making text editors. Anyways this Thought was inspired by BBEdit bragging about supporting "over two dozen built-in languages."
Link 9:50 a.m. Aug 05, 2022, UTC-4

Hm. I'm still alive.
Link 10:56 p.m. Mar 01, 2022, UTC-5

Doing Linear Algebra on a whiteboard, listening to "Cyclops Rock" by They Might Be Giants, feeling like it's 2003.
Link 8:52 p.m. Mar 05, 2021, UTC-5

Down to 18 open tabs in Safari on my phone. I haven’t been at 0 tabs for as long as I can remember. I was at 150+ just a couple weeks ago,
I’ve been whittling them down.
Link 12:54 a.m. Jan 19, 2022, UTC-5

I get all my investment information from Wikipedia.
Link 4:02 p.m. Jan 26, 2021, UTC-5

My mouth hurt like hell this time last year, and it hurts like hell now.
It was really bad a couple of days ago. But I still don’t want to talk to people because it’s painful.
Link 3:06 p.m. Sep 08, 2021, UTC-4

Django continues to impress me. What should I be using instead?
Link 3:52 p.m. Oct 08, 2020, UTC-4

The joke is that Frankenstein spends like 1/3 of the book asleep in bed and I spent all of yesterday asleep in bed.
Link 10:21 a.m. Dec 20, 2022, UTC-8

Finished the third Fablehaven yesterday, and the fourth today. I might finish the fifth tonight, but probably not.
Power was out for a while, most of today.
Link 7:20 p.m. Dec 31, 2021, UTC-8

Man, I wish AirPower existed. I have like 50 cables on my floor
My phone, watch, second phone, computer, display, and speakers all need power. Honestly, I don't use the external display or speakers, I should probably get rid of them.
Link 12:16 p.m. Jul 04, 2021, UTC-7

Vivaldi can pull the theme color from the website into the browser to use as an accent color. Now, on this website I haven't set the meta
tag that specifies theme, so Vivaldi has to guess. It does that by taking all of the colors in the favicon and mixing them together like a small child mixing paints. Imagine yourself as that small child. You take the beige that underlines the T, and mix in some of the background green, but the result is an ugly greenish-brown. What else did you expect from mixing green and brown? You try to salvage it by including some of the barely-not-white from the T itself. But it's too late; there's nothing to be done but throw it all over the browser window anyways. Vivaldi, being a computer program, lacks even the artistic sense of a small child, and so it feels no shame in framing my website with this disgusting color. Edit (3:58): reworded to be more rhetorically enjoyable
Link 3:27 p.m. Sep 07, 2022, UTC-4

Set fire to the frame
Link 11:16 a.m. Jan 10, 2023, UTC-5

I don't understand why no one wants to invest in a universal application that can open any file. It is the future, it is going to happen.
There are extensions for VS Code to let me open and edit Excel files. I can almost use VS Code as a browser (there are extensions for it but these seem really bad.) Sooner or later someone is going to create an application that supports plugins to open any file type, and it is going to be incredible.
Link 9:34 a.m. Jul 26, 2022, UTC-4

Link 4:18 p.m. Oct 10, 2020, UTC-4

"This screwed up stuff is the stuff of dreams"
-The Showman, U2
Link 2:59 p.m. Oct 21, 2021, UTC-4

```zsh my-accept-line () { zle accept-line if [ ${#${(z)BUFFER}} -eq 0 ]; then if [[ -e .git ]]; then echo
echo -n ${"$(git -c color.status=always status)"[0, -1]} fi fi } zle -N my-accept-line bindkey '^M' my-accept-line ```
Link 9:21 a.m. Jun 23, 2022, UTC-4

I hate to fanboy over Feinberg but he's not human. =>
Link 4:59 p.m. Oct 15, 2022, UTC-4

Um, guys. I think Black Hat might be slightly problematic.
Link 8:05 a.m. Mar 22, 2023, UTC-4

I sit, composing a poem; no, composing a moment.
Link 1:03 a.m. Mar 15, 2022, UTC-4

I want my life to point to God. I want to be the voice of one in the wilderness who says, prepare the way of the LORD.
Link 12:09 a.m. Jul 08, 2022, UTC-4

I decided Arch Linux is too cool and I can't bring myself to wipe my Arch install off of this computer, so there's 250GB down the drain.
Not to imply that Arch requires 250GB; it of course doesn't. But that's how much I allocated for it and I'm not going to try to resize it now.
Link 7:26 p.m. Oct 01, 2022, UTC-4

Wesley never replied to my email. I still check They seem like they’re doing well.
Link 1:48 a.m. Dec 10, 2021, UTC-5

I think it's more important to have a descriptive commit message than one that's less than 50 characters.
You just can't describe a commit in 50 characters in a complex project.
Link 4:00 p.m. Sep 16, 2022, UTC-4

I mean, it doesn't surprise me too much.
A screenshot of text reading, "Playing at The Atlantean Dome. The weather is Flooding. Bottom of the 6th"
Link 7:58 p.m. Sep 19, 2021, UTC-4

Humans spend a lot of time in cloth
Link 9:34 p.m. Dec 24, 2020, UTC-5

"Liberals is a pejorative term"
Link 3:27 p.m. Dec 01, 2020, UTC-5

Me, clearing my search history after searching for "multiple dispatch javascript"
Link 8:02 p.m. Apr 06, 2021, UTC-4

Do you feel it yet?
Link 7:51 p.m. Oct 13, 2021, UTC-4

It sounds so weird to hear Eminem rapping about Christianity. Legendary.
Link 9:22 a.m. Aug 31, 2022, UTC-4

I made a mistake somewhere.
Link 3:41 a.m. Nov 03, 2020, UTC-5

My computer can't restart. I restart it, it logs out, giving a black screen, and then hangs there.
Eventually the shutdown process times out and it is smart enough to force-kill itself without me having to do anything, but when it starts back up it gives me "your computer was restarted because of a problem."
Link 12:15 p.m. Dec 29, 2020, UTC-8

I create a lot, but that doesn't stop me from living in fear that what I've created isn't enough.
Link 12:09 a.m. Sep 14, 2021, UTC-4 will be going down for scheduled maintenance from Jan 17th to March 3rd.
Link 6:20 p.m. Jan 17, 2023, UTC-5

Mark Rober feels like he should be an Middle school science teacher. His stuff is entertaining and technically correct, but it's so shallow.
That's kind of what you have to do when you're doing science for a mass appeal audience. In some ways it's very similar to Mythbusters (which I love). Both understand the scientific method, understand the science behind what they're doing, and are doing original science. But their goal, first and foremost is to be entertaining. Since I can tell that, it makes the science less appealing. Mythbusters didn't have to compete with the internet; Mark Rober has to compete with Youtubers are doing much better science (if less fun).
Link 1:42 a.m. Nov 10, 2020, UTC-5

“I miss people. The human interaction. Seeing the emotion in their face.”
Link 9:48 p.m. Dec 10, 2021, UTC-5

I regret making that Thought. I listened to a single Lorde song and I'm over it. No Lorde phase for me.
Link 8:31 p.m. Apr 02, 2022, UTC-4

Finished the book. I’m giving it 2/5 but I’m looking for reasons to give it less. Like, it’s not that bad. It’s 2/5 in all categories, but
there’s also nothing good. There are a few funny jokes. There are other books that I’ve given 2 stars to because they only get 2 stars on the things that I care about. But normally those books have something else going for them. I don’t enjoy tragedies, so when I’m rating books I don’t take into account how good of a tragedy it is. And *Fat Vampire* (Adam Rex) is a tragedy so it gets rated the same as other tragedies, but it’s bad. It’s a bad tragedy. Also, somehow the ending is more homophobic than the rest of the book. Which is kind of impressive. It is one of the worst books I’ve ever read. The first half is bad and funny, so at least I had things to say about it. But the second half is bad and not funny. I don’t read books this bad unless there are unusual circumstances. I don’t understand how Rex turns it around and writes one of the best books I’ve ever read 3 years later. I guess this is a romance and a tragedy strung along by jokes. And Cold Cereal is an adventure and a comedy. And Rex is a lot better at one of those things than the other. I don’t think this book would have been published if it wasn’t in the middle of the Twilight movies coming out.
Link 10:19 a.m. Dec 21, 2021, UTC-8

I think the serverless people have some really interesting ideas. I definitely have a lot of respect for them.
Link 8:24 p.m. Jan 27, 2022, UTC-5

The cycles are coming again they're starting over the pain. It's hot in here.
I want to throw up. I want to To quote myself, "Past like 10pm the solution to existential crises is simple; go to sleep, deal with it in the morning." Hopefully I was wiser then than I am now.
Link 11:40 p.m. Jan 28, 2022, UTC-5

Thinking of the Bill Wurtz quote, ‘insanity is a skill I have’
You have to be able to push yourself. But you also have to know when to push yourself. Edit:
Link 12:43 a.m. May 27, 2021, UTC-7

Thinking about the "How to write an alt-J song" video
Link 2:22 p.m. Jan 05, 2021, UTC-8

Words still have power.
Link 12:16 a.m. Feb 01, 2022, UTC-5

Wordle would make a good subject for a meta-study of game theory and cheating.
Since Wordle is fundamentally about finding information, and yet, the information is right there in the source code if you're willing to peak behind the veil. So you end up with a whole spectrum of amounts of information that you can convey, in between knowing nothing to knowing tomorrow's word. And it's really hard to define a strict line between cheating and not cheating. Like, is using hints or guides in a puzzle game cheating? I think this gives rise to the more fundamental question of 'what is platonicWordle?'. Since you inherently come into it with knowledge of English words, and yet, everyone has a different list of five-letter English words in their head. Someone who doesn't know English very well is playing the game at a different difficulty. I think what I'm getting at is that cheating, and to a boarder extent, playing, puzzle games is a function of your mind. And no matter how tempting it is to turn the game into a black box of re-playability, that's just not the nature of the game.
Link 1:22 p.m. Feb 06, 2022, UTC-5

This is your periodic reminder that Student Loans slaps so fricking hard =>
Link 9:00 p.m. Jun 28, 2022, UTC-4

Let me try to say something about literature fiction, that is, the short story. It lacks plot. But plot I of course don't mean plot. I mean
momentum. It lacks flow. One sentence comes after the next in a steady beat but there's no crescendo. Edit (2:52pm): This is, of course, not true.
Link 2:02 p.m. Apr 05, 2022, UTC-4

The problem with the Free Software movement is that it's trying to fix socioeconomic problems with a software license.
Link 12:57 a.m. Apr 19, 2022, UTC-4

Maybe nothing matters.
If nothing mattered, if I were an atheist and a nihilist, I think I would build a tower. Or maybe a tree house. I'd run into the woods somewhere and build a tree house. And I might die but that would be okay because nothing would matter.
Link 11:43 p.m. Dec 04, 2021, UTC-5

Me to my mutuals
An image of Sportacus looking at the camera, with the text "You need therapy" and "THERAPY" vertically, then in acrostic form, T - therapy, and nothing next to the other letters.
Link 12:13 a.m. Jan 11, 2021, UTC-8

Hot take: You should be able to fit your program into a single file.
Link 2:00 p.m. Dec 09, 2021, UTC-5

It is I, Matthias.
Link 2:25 p.m. Mar 19, 2022, UTC-4

“I don’t think DeSantis is conservative in how he legislates, and Donald Trump is Donald Trump…”
Okay yeah that’s based
Link 10:07 a.m. May 23, 2023, UTC-5

Twitch chat is an untranslatable medium. The medium is the message and messages on Twitch don't make sense anywhere else.
Link 10:25 p.m. Mar 22, 2023, UTC-4

Had a dream that I had to write a ycombinator in Haskell for Biden in order to get a diplomatic immunity in the Ugandan embassy.
Link 8:03 a.m. Aug 06, 2022, UTC-4

There's a playlist of kids music that I listened to a lot when I was younger because of one my younger cousins, and I still get songs from
it stuck in my head. "my yellow bus is takin' too long, it's takin' too long my yellow bus…"
Link 12:36 a.m. Sep 01, 2021, UTC-4

Oh my word I don’t have a life.
Link 9:07 p.m. Oct 31, 2021, UTC-4

It really is Tuesday
Link 1:35 a.m. Jun 26, 2021, UTC-7

I have iTerm set to unlimited scrollback and I'm just running this process for days without closing it. I'm going to see at what point iTerm
gives up on storing scrollback but I'm currently at 29,000+ lines with no issues.
Link 10:08 a.m. Jun 01, 2022, UTC-4

Fun fact, steel melts at a lower temperature than iron.
Link 3:19 p.m. Oct 19, 2020, UTC-4

One of my favorite parts of Geminispace is that everyone is linking to code on the web, but like none of it is GitHub. Sourcehut or Gittea
Or NotABug, or TildeGit or etc.
Link 12:03 p.m. Aug 27, 2021, UTC-4

I'm caught in a browser loop. Vivaldi isn't responsive enough -> Move to Safari Safari is missing a minor feature -> Move to Firefox
Mouse gestures in Firefox are bad -> Move to Vivaldi
Link 8:20 p.m. Oct 10, 2022, UTC-4

It is also important to me to note for posterity that although the movie *Glass Onion* attempts to portray the covid pandemic the covid
pandemic had been largely for (arguably) a year by the time the movie was released. The movie doesn't state this, but the attitude of the characters towards the covid pandemic would have me estimate the movie takes place in June of 2020.
Link 11:36 p.m. Jan 06, 2023, UTC-8

I read Mistborn (~700 pages) in about 9 hours of reading, about 19 hours after I started yesterday.
This is why I don’t read that much—not because I can’t, but because I can’t stop myself. I’d rather sit down for 10 hours on a weekend and do nothing but read than space out a book into my free time. This means that reading is a greater commitment than other things, like a 10 minute game of bedwars. This is for fiction of course, I have no ability to focus on more than 20 pages of nonfiction at a time.
Link 3:10 p.m. Jan 08, 2021, UTC-8

Listening to half•alive is just a treat. Their music is just enjoyable to listen to.
Link 9:26 a.m. Jan 29, 2021, UTC-5

If you don’t have modes, the editing process is always live. In vi, undo is clear. In word, how much does undo undo?
Link 1:04 a.m. Mar 25, 2021, UTC-4

I kinda want to manipulate the entire population of a website.
Link 12:56 a.m. Sep 08, 2020, UTC-4

The Arecibo Radio Telescope has collapsed
Link 3:50 p.m. Dec 01, 2020, UTC-5

It's weird to think about transitivity. That one thing might effect another.
Link 2:17 p.m. Jul 01, 2021, UTC-7

People are like, 'docker is so much easier and simpler than a virtual machine.' And then
But then again, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get qemu to do anything, so maybe that's my best bet. (Also going to check out podman…)
Link 2:22 p.m. Sep 06, 2021, UTC-4

The shell is fricking unusable.
Link 1:18 p.m. Aug 28, 2021, UTC-4

I cut up a rubber band and put it under the feet of my bed because my bed would slide on the hard wood if I sat up against the wall.
Link 12:29 a.m. May 07, 2021, UTC-4

"I (resident of North America) rarely see kangaroos."
-Some commenter What does this mean? I think they're trying to make a point, I don't know.
Link 3:12 p.m. Sep 16, 2021, UTC-4

Good morning.
(just fidgeting again)
Link 8:29 a.m. Apr 11, 2023, UTC-4

“I wish I had white shoes on with my outfit today, because it would have worked much better”
Link 6:55 p.m. Sep 30, 2020, UTC-4

For dinner today I ate only four corn dogs.
Link 11:25 p.m. Jun 20, 2021, UTC-7

You can’t tell me e e cummings wouldn’t use neopronouns. Like the type of person who always wrote his name in lower case would totally be on
board with more interesting pronouns. (Unfortunately, I’m not about to guess what pronouns, that’s a slippery slope to retconning the gender of historical figures.)
Link 7:07 a.m. Jan 21, 2022, UTC-5

Yeah so no one knows how to calculate the height of a table with percentage values. It's just not specified in the spec. Thanks :/
Link 12:59 p.m. Dec 23, 2020, UTC-5

Cold and tired, tired and cold.
Link 3:50 p.m. Feb 08, 2021, UTC-5

I’ve started saying “Yooo” a lot and I don’t know where I got it from.
Link 11:51 a.m. Mar 28, 2023, UTC-4

Apparently Monads and Promises are the same thing????????
Link 4:11 p.m. Apr 04, 2022, UTC-4

I heard Lisztomania for the first time on a Twitch stream last night and I have had it stuck in my head all day. This doesn't normally
happen to me.
Link 6:35 p.m. Oct 11, 2022, UTC-4

Humans have a tendency to act like NPCs, follow social norms, be boring, because it's easier.
Link 11:53 a.m. Feb 05, 2022, UTC-5

I keep waiting for something to happen.
Link 1:02 p.m. Jan 10, 2021, UTC-8

What if I was actually blind and no one knew?
Link 8:54 p.m. Nov 28, 2020, UTC-8

The mouse just moving from one monitor to another is amazing. We totally could have ended up with one mouse per monitor and a keyboard
shortcut to switch.
Link 2:52 p.m. Jun 29, 2022, UTC-4

One of the things about being "good" (read: experienced) at programming is that I tend to favor debugging techniques that leave as little
room for error as possible. If I have a line of code that doesn't work, my style generally is not to look at it or think about it or even "rubber-duck" at this point. I tend to jump immediately to assuming nothing and either wildly printing variables or binary-searching between the present and a previous working state.
Link 3:18 p.m. Jun 04, 2022, UTC-4

This is the white knight. This is the Free Market Drill. This is why I miss all my friends and I still don’t call.
Link 10:43 a.m. Jul 09, 2021, UTC-7

Good morning America.
Link 9:14 a.m. Sep 29, 2021, UTC-4

I disagree with a lot of the criticism of Harry Potter because it's being used as test for whether you're a good person. I'm not opposed to
thinking critically about the book and analyzing its impacts and effects. But that's not what's happening. People are analyzing it to determine whether its a good book or a bad book, whether the characters in it are good or bad, and whether the author is good or bad, and whether the fans are good or bad. One commenter argued, 'most of the characters support the slavery of House Elves, therefore Rowling supports slavery and any fans of the book support slavery.' But with the House Elf question, Rowling has created moral nuance. She's introduced a question into the world building of the book that doesn't have a right or a wrong answer. The book doesn't make a judgement on the treatment of House Elves and it doesn't tell you what to believe about slavery in real life. You're supposed to think critically about the issue. You're supposed to see analogues between certain parts of the issue and certain aspects of real-world issues. But you're not supposed to "solve" the moral issue and then assume that anyone that disagrees with you about the treatment of House Elves is transphobic in real life. This is about a Tumblr post arguing 'it's fine if you liked Harry Potter as a kid, just as long as you now recognize it's garbage.' I liked Harry Potter as a kid and if I read it today I would still like it. It hasn't changed as a book. I'm not even a moral-relativist; I believe in absolute right and wrong; I just don't think a children's novel is either.
Link 8:45 a.m. Oct 18, 2022, UTC-4

Yeah, so I just found that on paper, not sure when I wrote it, probably a month or two ago.
Link 8:47 p.m. May 21, 2021, UTC-4

I read this Reddit comment probably when it was posted 7 years ago and it made such an impression on me. I haven't reread
it until today, I don't think, but I've remembered, if not most of it a lot of it (should have taken the goat, women are better at climbing than men, the three-strike system, climbing is more expensive than you thought, suave motherfool (at the time I was using a browser extension (that I wrote myself (okay it was a bookmarklet)) that replaced curse words with alternatives like "fool"), the perfectly-nested multi-level parentheses, ah!). This is deep in the Matthias Lore Archives. "suavemotherfool" was a computer password of mine for a while. => content warning, strong language, sexual themes
Link 11:25 p.m. Jun 29, 2022, UTC-4

Me trying to explain to Reddit users why I'm not going to boycott Chick-fil-A because their CEO is homophobic. (Currently at -6 points.)
Link 1:45 p.m. Feb 09, 2022, UTC-5

Someone of my intellect doesn’t need bags.
Link 6:30 p.m. Jun 21, 2021, UTC-7

10: "David Attenborough energy. I like it." Juice: "is that the set it and forget it guy"
I'm dying here, Juice, "Set it and forget it" is the motto of the Showtime Rotisserie & BBQ, created by Ron Popeil. David Attenborough is a voice actor famous for nature documentaries. How? Jon? Please?
Link 1:29 a.m. Oct 18, 2020, UTC-4

We got a castle!
Link 3:17 p.m. Nov 18, 2022, UTC-5

If I don’t artificially constrain myself, if my goal is merely to do the best possible, then I’m setting myself up to fail to reach that goal
Link 12:00 p.m. Sep 09, 2020, UTC-4

It's wild to think to that the number of Discord messages I've sent has gone down. Has Discord peaked as a platform?
Link 9:25 p.m. Nov 08, 2022, UTC-5

Another day, another color change on Thoughts learnerpages
Link 3:13 p.m. Jul 17, 2022, UTC-4

Link 11:05 a.m. Nov 03, 2022, UTC-4

If Luke deleted Gribfile 2, what am I supposed to read at 2am?
I actually didn't get a chance to see it! I'm crying inside.
Link 2:23 a.m. Jul 04, 2021, UTC-7

I have been overcome by sloth.
Link 10:43 a.m. Jan 11, 2023, UTC-5

My life doesn’t have a villain, a plot. This is the same problem I face in my writing.
Link 12:03 p.m. Jan 08, 2022, UTC-8

If work induces a nervous breakdown in me, can I bill for that time?
Link 2:13 p.m. Jan 26, 2021, UTC-5

He is risen!
He is risen indeed!
Link 2:06 a.m. Apr 09, 2023, UTC-4

ChatGTP is actually so dumb and unemotional that it may work well as a therapist by making you realize how illogical your emotions are.
Link 1:32 p.m. Apr 26, 2023, UTC-4

You can't embed sanity within an insane system.
Link 6:16 p.m. Jan 26, 2022, UTC-5

white flag weight of
want from me sometimes what is going on
Link 10:01 a.m. Mar 15, 2023, UTC-4

You can tell I'm an intense programmer since I have RubyMine and VSCodium open at the same time.
Link 9:29 a.m. Oct 21, 2022, UTC-4

I can't take it.
Link 7:07 p.m. Mar 01, 2022, UTC-5

I'm crying inside. I want to be loved.
Link 9:53 p.m. Jun 25, 2022, UTC-4

The weird about human interactions/friendships is that you can manifest them.
Link 8:53 p.m. Nov 23, 2020, UTC-8

I have a sore throat, probably coming down with Covid, it is over.
Link 2:23 p.m. Aug 22, 2022, UTC-4

Who tugs on the strings?
Link 6:11 p.m. Mar 06, 2022, UTC-5

This is not a game.
Link 9:41 a.m. Jun 28, 2022, UTC-4

The best is the worst is the first. The last is the pain of the searcher who never finds.
Link 12:31 p.m. Sep 29, 2021, UTC-4

Tom Scott's "gamer-adjacent culture" Twitter thread lives in my head rent free.
Tom Scott on why he won't make a video on a video game: > I'm not writing off video games. I was on a charity Among Us stream yesterday, it was fun. But I am writing off that gamer-adjacent culture, and trying to avoid the perception of even being _remotely_ connected to it.
Link 5:18 a.m. Jan 12, 2022, UTC-5

Every so often I re-invent Haskell.
Link 9:52 p.m. Dec 04, 2021, UTC-5

I miss Etho
Link 5:11 p.m. Feb 24, 2022, UTC-5

I hate time and I hate money.
Link 10:08 a.m. Apr 28, 2021, UTC-4

A lot of people look to the Bible to tell them what to believe about the things that they care about. But the purpose of the Bible is also
to tell you what to care about.
Link 7:06 p.m. Mar 21, 2023, UTC-4

RIP Freenode.
Link 7:59 p.m. Jun 14, 2021, UTC-7

Grian: It is very important to not leak the location of the secret base. *immediately shows bedrock*
It's not common knowledge that you can find locations in the world from bedrock patterns, but I am always surprised when I know something that a professional Minecraft YouTuber doesn't. Okay, 5 minutes and some Googling later, a bunch of nerds have already found the coords, this is old news. I love the internet.
Link 4:34 p.m. Oct 05, 2020, UTC-4

I'm frozen. I'm numb.
Link 5:44 p.m. Dec 12, 2021, UTC-5

Being able to fly.
Link 7:09 p.m. Jan 09, 2023, UTC-5

Only place to go is up.
Link 3:47 p.m. Aug 17, 2021, UTC-7

Today was a mistake
Link 4:47 p.m. Jun 28, 2022, UTC-4

I'm going to start using all-caps more. It's an alternative to markup features, which is nice because it doesn't require markup.
Link 11:30 p.m. Feb 03, 2022, UTC-5

I think for me to be willing to use any linter, you would have to be able to disable specific errors on a per-line basis *in a config file*.
It seems to me that should be table-stakes. But the feature-parity (last I checked) was that you could disable an error entirely in a config file (e.g. I could tell the linter not to check "too-many-arguments to function" period) or you could disable it for a line with a comment (e.g. "// eslint:disable too-many-arguments" on the line with the function declaration). I think it should go without saying why both of those are unacceptable to me. But apparently I need to spell it out. I would be okay with the linter letting me know "hey you're using a lot of arguments here, that's an anti-pattern." I would then think about how I could refactor that section of code, and possibly come up with a better solution. But sometimes I wouldn't; sometimes I'd decide passing a lot of arguments is the idiomatic solution. It doesn't make sense for me to disable the error globally, since in this case there would just be one exception to the rule. And I don't want to disable it in-line because I don't want my linter config to be mixed in with my code. I'm here to write beautiful code and adding a linter-specific config comment that is unintelligible to anyone who hasn't read the linter docs or written a linter doesn't help my code readability. (What does `AbcSize` mean in `rubocop:disable Metrics/AbcSize`? Obviously Assignment, branch, complexity size. How do you calculate that? (It's not addition.) Rubocop delegates explaining that to a page that only talks about C++. Apparently "lint rules should be understandable by the person writing the code" is not a goal linters try to achieve.)
Link 11:58 a.m. Jul 21, 2022, UTC-4

Ahh I miss Blaseball.
Link 8:57 a.m. Mar 20, 2022, UTC-4

I tried to do a reading of "Introduction to New Poems". The piece has so much energy and such a quick tempo, while also
being a total tongue twister. I was proud of it after finishing, I only really paused once, but listening to it again, I end up hesitating on every fifth syllable because cummings has invented a word. Might post it tomorrow if I remember.
Link 12:07 a.m. Jan 13, 2022, UTC-5

NF has entered my library. "MOTTO" is an instant-add.
Link 12:51 p.m. Apr 29, 2023, UTC-4

I’m so horrifying.
Link 9:54 a.m. Nov 11, 2022, UTC-5

The radically cultural liberal ideology is so inherently self-contradictory that it forces adherents to develop critical thinking skills and
nuanced views. Edit: Reverse Occam's razor: The side that is more convoluted is better able to satisfactorily account for edge cases. Matthias's Blade: The side that is obviously wrong is more accustomed to being challenged on their beliefs, and develops a sophisticated ability to reply to those challenges. I'm kind of trolling with the premise here.
Link 7:45 a.m. Oct 31, 2022, UTC-4

I’m tired but I want to make Super Thoughts
Link 11:17 p.m. Jul 06, 2022, UTC-4

My third problem is that I take criticism or requests as a fault of myself.
Someone asking me to do something gets filed as a problem I have ('I have to do it') and then also 'why haven't I done it already' and then 'why am I the type of person who hasn't done it'
Link 5:39 p.m. Jan 06, 2021, UTC-8

*Important Update* to the list of Tumblr monetization strategies: You can now buy 2 blue checkmarks for $7.99.
Link 3:10 p.m. Nov 10, 2022, UTC-5

Trying to figure out what to do with my account.
Link 8:54 p.m. Oct 21, 2022, UTC-4

Because labels can lie and time is an illusion.
Link 3:50 p.m. May 11, 2021, UTC-4

Why are Cloudflare outages like a weekly thing now???
Link 10:46 p.m. Nov 20, 2020, UTC-5

Humans perceived a filtered version of truth, like looking through a pane of frosted glass. Humans' imperfection doesn't mean that we
perceive a subset of truth, but that everything that we see is slightly 'blurry'. We don't perfectly know anything. We create abstractions on our side of the glass that let us talk about the thing that do exist on the other side, but those abstractions are not the true objects. This epistemology can be used as an answer to many philosophical questions. Is math invented or discovered? Is physics invented or a universal truth? What is the platonic form of a chair? Where does a person's body start and end? For all of these, there is a real answer, which completely defies human understanding. I'll need to break this into more thoughts.
Link 1:12 p.m. May 31, 2022, UTC-4

This is code
Link 5:34 p.m. Dec 01, 2021, UTC-5

My life is a parody of itself.
Link 7:52 p.m. Jan 09, 2023, UTC-5

I decided that getting the linux framebuffer console to use my full monitor was more important than sleep or routine or anything else
Link 12:44 a.m. Apr 01, 2023, UTC-4

Turner is still writing the *Queen’s Thief*??? It’s been 20 years.
Think about how many people started that series identifying as a different gender from how they will when finishing it. Wild.
Link 5:11 p.m. Sep 30, 2020, UTC-4

It's so funny how I read The Count 4 years ago and literally have not stopped thinking about it. Like I've forgotten half the characters and
most of the plot, but the vibes are etched in my brain forever.
Link 9:58 a.m. Aug 23, 2022, UTC-4

I don't feel like writing words I feel like writing code.
Link 10:44 a.m. Nov 07, 2022, UTC-5

I realized that Django was serving media for this site, instead of Apache (this is quite bad). Fixed now.
Link 12:53 a.m. Jun 02, 2021, UTC-7

“Pure love” or “perfect love” maybe make sense to talk about. “Real love” doesn’t, really.
Link 11:10 p.m. Apr 27, 2023, UTC-4

I want to go home
Link 9:30 a.m. Jul 30, 2022, UTC-4

I can't take it. I want to use simple software but it's like people think simple software means that it's bad or something.
Installed lwm. I can't figure out how to open an application. I don't want a fancy fuzzy-finder application list with professionally made icons. But I NEED TO BE ABLE TO OPEN AN APPLICATION. IT has to be POSSIBLE. So I decided to try to ask for help in #linux on, right. Sounds reasonable. I don't have a window manager working, so I decide to install irssi, which is a very popular terminal-based IRC client. It open with, I kid you not, 'if you're new, open our website to learn how to use irssi' It is inexcusable in my mind to have to read online documentation to learn how to use software, period. I'm not learning a programming language. I'm trying to connect to an IRC server. I don't have a window manager installed. So I open, in `links`, (luckily doesn't have any JS, so it works), select "Read Tutorials" > "Startup How-To" > "First Steps." We're now a different program and 4 levels deep to try to learn how to connect to an IRC server. IRSSI doesn't *do anything* without walking through this. But it gets worse. It explains that it's configured with some default servers, and gives the example that we can use `/CONNECT liberachat` and `/JOIN #irssi` to join. That sounds great. That's all I want. I close `links`, open issri again. Enter `/CONNECT liberachat`. Doesn't work. Liberachat isn't found. It's not a preconfigured server. And like. I'm using a terminal-based IRC client. I want minimalism. This isn't "Discord is good because it has stickers." I want pure-text communication. And I can't figure out how to use. So I search for liberachat on my phone because I can't remember their domain name. And I open a second tab on my phone with the irssi docs because I now need to add a new server. I try it without the port, hoping that the port is standardized in 2022 but no. The examples given in the irssi docs don't specify ANYWHERE how to add a server including the port, for the record. So I try "" and that doesn't work and then I try "/connect 6697" and that at least tries to connect but I get 'connection closed by remote peer' instantly. I give up at this point. I use neovim as a my primary editor. I'm no stranger to terminal apps. But I can't guess how to use your software.
Link 1:25 p.m. Feb 01, 2022, UTC-5

For any choice between 2 reasonable solutions, there is a 3rd solution that has all the advantages of both, at the cost of twice the work.
Link 3:21 p.m. Mar 25, 2021, UTC-4

I wish JavaScript had function decorators.
Link 3:19 p.m. Aug 06, 2021, UTC-4

I could self-host a Mattermost instance and make people come to my website to talk to me.
Link 3:39 p.m. Mar 25, 2021, UTC-4

Templating languages should be declarative. Somehow JSX does a better job of that than ERB.
Link 2:16 p.m. Jul 20, 2022, UTC-4

How many days are left in this year?
Link 7:08 p.m. Mar 08, 2023, UTC-5

Sometimes I'm mistaken into believing that I fancy myself a hero, that I believe I have a glorious purpose. But that's really not it. I have
a dream.
Link 8:00 p.m. Jan 06, 2023, UTC-8

My finite motivation, when taken in the limit with my infinite mind is non existent.
Link 3:47 p.m. Feb 08, 2022, UTC-5

Going to sleep
Link 7:23 p.m. Feb 18, 2021, UTC-5

Imagine a Count of Monte Cristo adaptation where The Count is imprisoned for a legitimate mistake, but he goes insane in prison and
imagines a conspiracy against him. When he escapes, he punishes Villeforte and the others for their imagined crimes. It's shown that Villeforte and the others are not good people and probably deserve what's coming to them, but they weren't the ones who threw The Count in jail.
Link 6:38 p.m. May 27, 2023, UTC-7

I know it's presumptuous of me to declare that I alone have figured out the problem with React, but I don't care. The problem with React is
that components work as a way to re-use rendering, and not as a way to re-use logic. This is the problem that functional-style react and hooks were supposed to address, because you were supposed to be better about writing functional components. In reality, it made the problem worse, because JS developers aren't Haskell developers. They think of functions as a way to re-use business logic. So when React said "components are just functions" people started putting *more* business logic into components, not less.
Link 5:15 p.m. Mar 16, 2023, UTC-4

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of my life is that computer programming is the best medium I have found for expressing myself.
Link 12:15 a.m. Sep 24, 2021, UTC-4

Hexadecimal was a good idea. Letters in my numbers are nice.
Link 7:46 p.m. Apr 17, 2023, UTC-4

Does anyone else read this website? (This is a parody of awful "does anyone else" questions.)
Link 9:55 p.m. Dec 03, 2021, UTC-5

I'm so lonely. And I feel like I'm not enough.
Link 8:42 a.m. Sep 21, 2022, UTC-4

WAIT! CLion is a pun on sea lion!
Link 2:31 p.m. Mar 20, 2023, UTC-4

I did end up eating dinner, around 7, so that's pretty cool.
Link 8:19 p.m. Feb 24, 2022, UTC-5

I am on anti-drugs. It turns out, if you go too long without consuming any drugs, your brain just pretends like it's on drugs anyways.
Link 10:49 p.m. Dec 14, 2021, UTC-5

*Trench* is really one of those albums that gets better the more you listen to it.
Link 9:48 p.m. Apr 10, 2023, UTC-4

They cracked Math.Random on a computer in Minecraft I’m dying.
Link 7:24 a.m. May 01, 2023, UTC-4

I don't ask for much, but I do ask for my alarm to go off. It has failed to go off I think 3 days in a row now. I am failing
Link 10:37 a.m. Sep 22, 2020, UTC-4

I created a plant on Astrobotany
=> gemini://
Link 8:46 p.m. Jul 16, 2021, UTC-7

Link 11:31 a.m. Sep 07, 2020, UTC-4

Back in Denver I think!
Link 4:21 p.m. Nov 29, 2020, UTC-7

Another Matt Parker video, featuring Eugénie.
I didn't count scientifically, but Matt refers to her as "her/she" 4 times, and "they/them" 3 times. Ben Sparks and Howard Carter are another 3 "they/them"s All I want, Matt, is consistency.
Link 12:57 p.m. Dec 27, 2020, UTC-8

It's difficult for me to describe how much content Tumblr put out for this April fools prank. There's like what would be 7 "normal" April
fools pranks in one. - A bunch of random buttons that light up or make sounds or do nothing - Crab button that adds crabs to the page. Clicking on crabs captures them and spawns money. Crabs display little textboxes of what they're on top of. If they stay alive for long enough, hovering over them gives a "Friend <3" textbox. - Sponge button that covers the page with dirt and gives you a sponge to clean it off. - A button that opens a tiny minigame with bars that you move up and down for points (I can't play it because the hundred crabs on my screen keep getting in my way) - Wizard button that generates emoji spells, and a gravestone button that generates quotes - Brick Whartley, a brick in a suit that is behind this click-a-thon. They have a Tumblr account and a LinkedIn account. - Typing in the post box makes Honking sounds. - I'm even sure how I got on this page: No idea how much content is here I haven't bothered going through it. - There's a button that adds a train to the bottom of the page. Started that and forgot about it.
Link 10:00 p.m. Apr 01, 2022, UTC-4

I think we have to cut the past.
Though doing so is like cutting a part of myself.
Link 1:23 p.m. Jul 26, 2021, UTC-7

My pinned Tweet is "Twitter is trash", and that's from 2018. I've know this, but only now have I decided to make the jump.
Link 10:22 p.m. Sep 06, 2020, UTC-4

I'm tired. My brain doesn't work reliably. Only habits keep me from lying down and not getting up.
Link 8:56 a.m. Sep 29, 2020, UTC-4

I wonder if the human mind is fractal? I wonder if there’s a trick to not go insane?
Link 4:25 p.m. Aug 26, 2021, UTC-4

It's literally just a known Node.JS bug, and they just closed it because "[virtual memory] is not a limited resource."
'Number of pages to allocate' is an unsigned int and it underflows and no one cares. I'm crying.
Link 8:56 a.m. Sep 24, 2022, UTC-4

"I am no more in control of my actions than a man with a gun to his head"
Link 1:03 p.m. May 26, 2022, UTC-4

Link 9:42 p.m. Jun 28, 2022, UTC-4

Sometimes I wonder if my motto, "always more nuance" is a cop-out. But I don't think it is. I can find more nuance in anything, and I crave
that nuance. Once I've found it, I always feel more satisfied, like I have a more complete view.
Link 5:07 p.m. Mar 23, 2022, UTC-4

Technoblade in 2015, saying the F word. 10/10
Link 8:20 p.m. Sep 07, 2020, UTC-4

Not me, trying to make playlists.
Link 9:43 p.m. Jan 16, 2022, UTC-5

Sometimes I wonder if I read too fast, and other times I wonder if I read too slow.
Link 4:06 p.m. Jun 22, 2021, UTC-7

Okay last thought of the night before I go to bed.
Link 10:37 p.m. Sep 06, 2020, UTC-4

Like if you get a 100% on a test, you're not just perfect, you've transcended the level of the material being tested.
Link 10:51 a.m. Jan 20, 2022, UTC-5

I am not currently taking questions.
Link 11:15 a.m. Nov 30, 2020, UTC-5

Wait, you mean you don't use `es`? =>
Link 4:37 p.m. Feb 23, 2022, UTC-5

I think, maybe, I need to be smaller, not bigger.
Link 11:32 p.m. Nov 15, 2021, UTC-5

Muted the Vivaldi Discord server. We had a good multi-year run, but I don’t check Discord enough anymore to stay on top of messages there.
Link 12:52 a.m. Jan 19, 2022, UTC-5

There are an odd number of Smarties in a packet. This never ceases to annoy me. I always eat my Smarties in pairs, so that both sides of
my mouth can experience the amazing flavor.
Link 11:23 p.m. Nov 04, 2020, UTC-5

The thing that I can't stand about Elm is that it was created as this competitor to React, but they couldn't be bothered to come up with a
JSX-like syntax for DOM elements, so you're writing these Haskell-style arrays that represent HTML elements and it's ugly. It's ugly.
Link 9:05 p.m. Jul 05, 2022, UTC-4

I hate tables. No one should be doing tables. If you think about tables, you see tables everywhere. But most people don't.
Link 4:25 p.m. Apr 15, 2021, UTC-4

Another word dump
Okay fine we can word dump sheep yellow flowers, actually poe and edger and summing s and aah my mind my brain is full of thoughts thaat don't have meaning and yet are more thaan the sum of their parts and thier soul and their fingers overflow with light and with meaning. I don't know if these word dumps are interesting to other people. They're low effort, even for this site. (I use them like a pre-writing exercise, like warm-up.) But I kind of enjoy coming back to read them. I'll probably keep posting them, but clearly labeled like this one.
Link 4:37 p.m. Mar 18, 2022, UTC-4

Who puts the peas in the pea pods?
Link 6:41 p.m. Dec 23, 2020, UTC-5

Blaze and Photonic Symmetry are talking in KACC and it makes me so happy. They met on KA in ~2015.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Link 9:35 a.m. Jan 04, 2021, UTC-8

It’s okay if you don’t like me, I don’t like myself.
Link 10:40 a.m. Oct 12, 2020, UTC-4

Can't believe we reset the entire league and the Crabs are still going to win.
Link 4:09 p.m. Nov 06, 2021, UTC-4

I think the hard truth that the modern minimalist is getting at is just 'making good software is hard, be prepared to work hard on it.'
Link 5:06 p.m. Nov 29, 2022, UTC-8

My hopes for JetBrains Fleet are so high. I'm trying to control my expectations, but it's possible that it instantly becomes my favorite
Link 9:48 a.m. Jul 25, 2022, UTC-4

Found a cool bit of string on the ground. I think it was a shoelace.
Link 1:58 p.m. Apr 17, 2023, UTC-4

If AoT ends without controversy, I'll try to watch it.
Link 3:45 p.m. Nov 23, 2021, UTC-5

and yet your heavenly father feeds them feeds them and yet your heavenly father feeds them feeds me
and yet your heavenly father feeds them Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are?
Link 10:27 p.m. Nov 08, 2022, UTC-5

Not going to bed at like 11:20 last night was a mistake.
Link 9:21 a.m. Jul 08, 2022, UTC-4

Link 11:21 p.m. Oct 11, 2020, UTC-4

"Touch me"
Link 2:08 a.m. Feb 10, 2022, UTC-5

I'm smiling so much writing lisp for my Emacs config. Something about it feels like coming home.
Functional programming is a drug and I am addicted. I am wishing I knew how to make this point-free, this doesn't really need to be a lambda.
Link 10:06 p.m. Nov 19, 2022, UTC-5

I need someone to punch me.
Link 12:48 p.m. Nov 15, 2021, UTC-5

What if you had a programming language where you wrote it in a short-form, syntax sugar'ed syntax, but then it output a human-readable
verbose AST, which was the canonical, maintained version of the code? So you'd like, write the code, it would get compiled to this IR, and then you'd delete the original and check the IR into version control. Someone else can then take the IR on their computer, read it, decompile it into the shortened form, edit it, update the IR, etc. If you were unhappy with the generated IR, you could edit it by hand. The challenge is creating an IR that is simultaneously explicit and verbose, and yet still readable. The problem is that this is addressing a strawman. Concise code that relies on implicit behaviors is oftentimes easier to read than more verbose and explicit code.
Link 4:41 p.m. May 08, 2023, UTC-4

There's *always* a temptation to group files by type, and I've just never found it to be a good idea. It makes the code easy, sure, but it's
more intuitive to have files that relate to each other in the same place, rather than with files of the same type, that might have completely different content. Like you shouldn't put your images in one folder and your text in another. You should make one folder for each post, and have the images and text for that post in it.
Link 9:31 p.m. May 22, 2021, UTC-7

I blocked FreshBakedPizza on Discord, and I don't regret it at all.
It's very frequent for me to see > *blocked message* > FBP, learn how to read, that's not what I said at all.
Link 12:29 a.m. Oct 12, 2020, UTC-4

Remember when no one verified could post on Twitter? That was a good time, we should go back to that.
Link 8:59 p.m. Sep 09, 2020, UTC-4

Emacs is getting so close to what I want, it’s almost possible to treat it like a GUI editor. Almost.
Link 3:36 p.m. Nov 21, 2022, UTC-8

=> Edit (Nov 7, 2022): updated to link since the site is down, which pushed us over 140 characters, so now the link is on the lower line
Link 12:46 p.m. Sep 21, 2021, UTC-4

I understand the theory behind being scared of pre-release versions, but in practice, I have run into many more issues because I'm using
outdated software than because I updated to the latest version too quickly. This is about rolling release operating systems.
Link 6:05 p.m. Jun 05, 2021, UTC-7

My pride in large part staves off depression, etc, but doesn’t do much against the insistence of my social anxiety that no one likes me.
Link 1:28 a.m. Oct 30, 2021, UTC-4

This is a reminder that the Chinese Communist Party is holding Uyghurs in concentration camps.
Link 1:09 p.m. Oct 24, 2020, UTC-4

I was thinking about getting a new phone because I’ve had trouble with my phone charging, but I just stuck a pin the lightning port and
pulled out a compacted mass of lint that was definitely interfering with the phone’s ability to charge. So that’s a life pro tip.
Link 8:31 a.m. Apr 07, 2023, UTC-4

Have I ever said that I'm infinite number of people?
Link 12:20 p.m. May 26, 2022, UTC-4

Why does Feinberg have 6,845 final kills I can't! Some men are just superior.
Link 10:28 p.m. May 03, 2022, UTC-4

One my most interesting revealing moments when growing up was talking to an islamicphobic woman (VD, for those who know her). I pointed
out that I had some Islamic friends. I don't remember what age I was at the time, middle school age maybe. There were a couple kids that would come over and play football or soccer with us on our street. And this woman said to me, and I quote, because I wrote the quote down, "Muslims are not friends with Christians. Those are not your friends." And this is almost a comically extreme example, because "friends" is such a loosely applied term. But it's an example of a line of argument that is surprisingly common. It goes, in general, 'this group of people is not like us, and so when they say that they feel a certain way, they're really lying, and they're really trying to manipulate you.' And in the general form, this is super common any time you're generalizing about a group of people. I've heard Christians say, 'Atheists don't know God's love, so they're incapable of loving like we do.' And I just saw a post from a liberal perspective about how right wing people 'don't love their children in the same way that we do.' Or the classic, 'conservatives don't actually care about children, they just want to make women's lives difficult.' And for me, this is just a complete non-starter. If your argument is, "those people over there are lying about caring and I actually care" then I just can't take you seriously. I've met way more people who care a lot about the wrong things or who care too much and draw conclusions that are dumb than I've met people who pretend to care in order to manipulate you. And moreover, while individual people may pretend to care in order to manipulate you, I have a very hard time believing that a group of people has been orchestrated in order to pretend to care. It's a lot easier to convince a group of people to care about something, than it is to convince a group of people to *pretend* to care about something. Coordinated, large-scale, intentional, deception, does not happen. So if I see someone saying "this group of people is lying to you" I pretty immediately assume that that person is too far gone, and their version of "this group of people" is a "group of people fundamentally unlike us." And I just don't think that groups of people are that fundamentally different. Anyways, send post.
Link 9:41 p.m. Apr 27, 2023, UTC-4

There's something wrong with my mind that functional programming creates more serotonin than anything else. I've written literally one line
that wasn't copy-pasted.
Link 10:10 p.m. Nov 19, 2022, UTC-5

"u had a choice and you installed windows instead of gnu/linux"
Link 8:15 a.m. Jan 19, 2021, UTC-8

I'm going to be okay. I don't need, like, sleep.
Link 4:44 a.m. May 11, 2021, UTC-4

There is the potential for uncountably infinite ideas inside my head.
Link 11:51 a.m. Dec 17, 2021, UTC-8

A screenshot of a macOS dialogue saying I don't have permission to execute `zls`. Behind it is Atom, showing the language-zig-zls package ("Zig syntax highlighting and zls diagnostic support"). The setting for "zls path" is in my downloads folder.
Link 11:45 p.m. Mar 14, 2022, UTC-4

I cannot rule out that I am already dead. It is a distinct possibility.
Link 3:03 p.m. Oct 02, 2020, UTC-4

Fine fine fine fine I'll install docker desktop
Link 12:24 p.m. Aug 27, 2021, UTC-4

‘Why do you ask my name? It is wonderful beyond understanding.’
Link 9:39 p.m. Nov 10, 2022, UTC-5

"Matthias can you pls change the notif settings in the server so it doesn't ping every time someone writes something?"
Link 11:38 a.m. Apr 23, 2021, UTC-4

Link 3:37 p.m. Sep 09, 2020, UTC-4

This Thought posted from a device running Android 7
Link 5:56 p.m. May 17, 2023, UTC-4

My personality consists of every XKCD and every Tom Scott video.
Link 9:40 p.m. Sep 09, 2020, UTC-4

Feinberg coming out of nowhere to casually shave 12 minutes off of Feinberg's world record and get a 2:51, the first ever sub-3 in AA.
I know I've said it before but Feinberg is goated.
Link 10:01 p.m. May 23, 2022, UTC-4

I have a theory that I'm allergic to meat.
Link 10:00 p.m. Apr 15, 2022, UTC-4

Gosh frick. Typography.
Link 3:41 p.m. Nov 03, 2022, UTC-4

Just FYI, we're going to force-of-will 2021 to be better than 2020.
Link 2:54 p.m. Dec 19, 2020, UTC-5

If I add the ability for people to message me on here I’m going to end up regretting it later.
Link 12:11 a.m. Oct 18, 2020, UTC-4

I block Youtube, I start using Github for entertainment. I block Github, I'm checking GitLab. I blocked Discord, I found myself on IRC.
Link 9:34 p.m. Nov 01, 2020, UTC-5

Myyy haaannndsss [voice crack] huuurrrrrttt
Link 6:46 p.m. Oct 06, 2021, UTC-4

Wake up babe Astronomical Theater source just dropped. =>
Trying to be less hypocritical and actually share my code where I can. This is a small project and I don't think anyone will use it. It's just about the principal of it. Also about padding out my TildeGit page.
Link 10:23 p.m. Oct 19, 2022, UTC-4

Does being a full blown genius count as neurodivergent?
Link 12:57 p.m. Feb 28, 2021, UTC-5

Will probably bring the light theme back to American Animals this evening. It's fall, it doesn't feel right having a blue website.
Link 4:24 p.m. Sep 19, 2022, UTC-4

I've dreamed about being banned from KA at least a couple of times.
Link 5:24 p.m. Jun 06, 2021, UTC-7

Waiting for my cohost invite. please
Link 2:20 p.m. Jul 16, 2022, UTC-4

Nooo, they got in there and updated the title.
Edit a minute later, it's flagged again. The post was actually submitted once before with the original title, and it was flagged because "Urgent: Sign the petition now" is a clickbait title, so someone resubmitted with the title "YC is asking for a bailout." But then the title of the second submission got changed to "Urgent: Sign the petition now" since HN hates "editorializing titles" and then the second one got flagged away because that's a clickbait title. It will be a miracle if HN discussion quality can withstand this event.
Link 7:21 p.m. Mar 11, 2023, UTC-5

Today I saw a hoodie dress and I have never been more tempted to crossdress in my life.
Link 11:23 p.m. Jun 20, 2021, UTC-7

I’m still Matthias.
Link 9:18 a.m. Apr 07, 2022, UTC-4

I am so fricking done! Can we just, as a community of programmers, slow the frick down! And fix some bloody bugs!!!!!
Software doesn't have to have bugs. It is possible to make bug free software. And yet! EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM has bugs. Please!
Link 10:42 p.m. May 16, 2021, UTC-4

“I Still Feel Alive”
Link 4:27 p.m. Nov 10, 2022, UTC-5

Gosh frick
Link 2:09 p.m. Jun 07, 2022, UTC-4

Not happy today. Ugghh
Link 3:43 p.m. Oct 12, 2022, UTC-4

Ah, UTC-8, my old friend, it’s been a while.
Link 7:06 p.m. Nov 20, 2022, UTC-8

I’m really giving off Dr. Frankenstein vibes right now.
Link 9:58 a.m. Dec 19, 2022, UTC-8

I fixed it. I had set $EDITOR to `vim` so zsh of course stopped answering to emacs keybindings.
Link 10:55 p.m. Nov 18, 2021, UTC-5

I don’t need a therapist, I need like a psychologist to analyze me.
Link 12:26 p.m. Mar 21, 2023, UTC-4

All I want. Is to be able to write React and SSR it. Gatsby is like using GraphQL for something. Like if you have data in the filesystem
Gatsby will import it into a graphQL database and then you can create pages based off the result of querying that database. But there's no docs on how to use that. I quote: > A GraphQL query is made in the second half of the file to get the Markdown data. Gatsby has automagically given you all the Markdown metadata and HTML in this query’s result. > > Note: To learn more about GraphQL, consider this excellent resource And then it links to a 45 minute video course on GraphQL.
Link 4:14 p.m. Apr 07, 2022, UTC-4

I have like 4 things going on, but they're all in my head at once and it's too much.
Link 9:44 p.m. Jan 30, 2022, UTC-5

"To increase precision and decrease miscommunication we've inserted an infinite amount of letters between each letter of the alphabet, just
like numbers. You're welcome"
Link 11:02 p.m. May 04, 2023, UTC-4

Stackoverflow runs into a kind of opposite of the XY problem where the person asking the question can't get help because the "answerers" are
too focused on whether they've been asked a good question.
Link 11:57 a.m. Jul 27, 2022, UTC-4

50 minute Etho!
Link 4:41 p.m. Dec 20, 2020, UTC-5

"Sometimes I wish that I could wish it all away."
Link 10:18 p.m. May 21, 2023, UTC-4

"but it needs a little something more."
Link 11:51 p.m. Sep 12, 2021, UTC-4

AAAHAAaaaahhhh I'm screaming inside. PureScript is another functional language that compiles to JavaScript
Link 9:22 a.m. Jan 08, 2021, UTC-8

arguments on justice critique the system based on injustive violating his own Similarly, to parish is violation companies operate "unjustly, capriciously, cruelly," people support the bad and wasteful Similarly unjust "tyrannic disposition" later observes love mortifies inferiors lord over that human dignity vir- tual ubiquity inefficient institution workmen are "always just and equitable" hours allow leisure efficiency issues, prompt masters to rest living stress justice besides cloath lodge share produce themselves Finally,
Link 3:44 p.m. Feb 10, 2022, UTC-5

Bureaucracy makes people so cruel
Link 2:20 p.m. Aug 09, 2022, UTC-4

Everyone is trying 'websites that look like applications' (PWA, electron) but no one has tried 'applications that look like websites.'
Link 10:03 p.m. Apr 14, 2021, UTC-4

If random coder adds entities to Minecraft I will shut down OurJSEditor.
Link 12:44 a.m. Dec 26, 2020, UTC-5

The problem with design is that, by definition, you are creating an experience. And yet, it is impossible for you to control every aspect of
that experience. The most obvious example in the digital age is screen size. Designing something for multiple screen sizes is next to impossible, and yet, has to be done. How can you do that? Design a piece of art with the knowledge that the user can come along and resize the window to literally any size they want, from 50-pixels wide to 5,000 pixels? You can't. So so often you see webpages or apps that only look good at a certain resolution, and you know, oh, that's how big the designer's screen was.
Link 8:55 a.m. Jan 02, 2022, UTC-8

Why are stand mixers $200 when I could buy a bowl and a hand mixer for $40?
Link 4:03 p.m. Oct 10, 2021, UTC-4

Like the code written in those posts is bad. But in order to say that it's bad, you can't argue that it's aesthetically ugly or difficult
for the author to maintain or that it's buggy or slow or stylistically inconsistent. You *have* to appeal to other code that has been written. It is bad because it is different. In "Typing the Technical Interview" the programmer implements a program in Haskell using only types, never instantiating the types or creating variables or values. But it works. You have to appeal to the fact that there's a way that you're supposed to write this type of program, as ordained by the creators of the language and endorsed by every other person who's ever written Haskell. =>
Link 10:42 a.m. Mar 19, 2022, UTC-4

Honestly I don't know how JS screwed up generators so badly.
Link 10:00 a.m. Sep 08, 2022, UTC-4

I feel lonely, but not in a way that is statistically correlated with the amount of time I'm spending with people.
Link 9:23 a.m. Sep 11, 2020, UTC-4

Why does *The E.N.D.* bop?
Link 3:10 a.m. Dec 09, 2021, UTC-5

I love bluetooth so much. I love my wireless headphones. Tim Cook is not standing behind me with a gun. I love not being able to
Link 8:27 p.m. Dec 06, 2022, UTC-8

My own personal library of babel
Link 7:26 p.m. Jan 10, 2023, UTC-5

Funky how dictator and dictation are like the same word.
Link 10:41 a.m. Mar 02, 2021, UTC-5

Beautiful CSS
```css body { animation: flicker 0.5s infinite; } @keyframes flicker { from {filter: hue-rotate(30deg) blur(0.7px) contrast(95%);} to {filter: hue-rotate(0deg) blur(0.5px) contrast(105%);} } ``` Anything more than 1px of blur makes the site unusable. I need a way to get some shaking or horizontal lines or something. Also it's quite laggy lol
Link 12:07 p.m. Jan 05, 2021, UTC-8

I would like a Matthias-sized cardboard box to sit in.
Link 2:15 p.m. Dec 08, 2020, UTC-5

Wait VS Code lets you diff every time you save a file, even without Git or a dedicated SCM. Wild
Link 1:37 p.m. Apr 22, 2022, UTC-4

Shell scripting is so fricking. The language is so bad and unwieldy but the promise of unmatched automation is irresistible.
Link 3:49 p.m. Aug 11, 2021, UTC-7

I decided it would be cool to destroy my sleep schedule, so here we are.
Link 3:45 a.m. Feb 19, 2021, UTC-5

I just finished binging the first 5 episodes of *Ted Lasso*. It’s so fricking good. I nearly cried.
I need to stop using this website like a personal journal, but whatever, here we go. I tend to conflate manipulating or impressing someone into liking me with loving them. This seems weird now that I realize that. When I say love, I mean of course a Biblical, self-sacrificial, love. *Ted Lasso* (TL) does a phenomenal job showing what it looks like to love someone, and for them to see that and to like you back. Ted gets to know someone, and then gives them what they need. (This is where the show is a comedy, see, because Ted is freakishly good at this, and the people are never ready for it.) I’m a very ends oriented person. Even if you say something like “love someone,” I ask, what does that mean? Loving someone is a means, a verb, not an end. I’ve asked people, years ago, pastors, “how do I love someone” and I got told that it’s doing nice thing for them or whatever. But I hear also, you should give anonymously and you can make a lot of money in CS. So one of my life’s goals is to commit a lot of time up front to making money, so that I can then donate it to charity. I fixated on the end of “helping people” and decided that the most efficient person-helped-per-hour strategy was to become a philanthropist. Of course, this was me as a child. I knew I was missing something. I figured out that I was missing friends, around 11th grade, and fixated on “friends” as the end. I was class president 12th grade. Everyone knew me. And it worked, right. I legitimately had more friends. (People get all worked up about “doing things for the right reasons.” One of my most controversial beliefs is that that’s BS. I’m ends oriented. If you donate $x to a church for your own self-esteem, your own image, you’ve done 2 things. You’ve committed a sin of pride, and you’ve made a charitable gift. One good thing, one bad thing. The good thing doesn’t go away, the charity still gets their money.) When I focused on getting friends, I got friends. But I was asking myself, “what can I do to get them to like me?” The key is to ask the other person about themselves first. To *understand them*. I fricking love understanding things. I don’t know why the idea of understanding people hasn’t come to me before. I’m normally like, I need to understand this person so that I can best make comments to get them to like me. Or, even more often, I need to understand humans so that humanity will like me. (When I say “like” here, btw, I mean a respect, regard, “think I’m a good person.” Not just “think I’m enjoyable to be around”, although that is included.) Ted tries to understand people first, then help them. I think I was skipping that. I’m a good listener, because I want to be nice and listening is a way to do that, but I never thought of listening in order to help someone. I have an anxiety, a phobia, of appearing presumptuous. I don’t want to assume people need my help. My solution should be to listen to their problems. But for some reason my solution to that was to make sure they had the ability to help themselves and then get out of the way. That’s the philanthropist philosophy. **I guess what I’m saying is that I always thought love was one step—help people. And it’s really 2 steps–understand people, then use that understanding to help them.** I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to think about this. I think about Buddy the elf. He “loves” people. He tries to do things for them constantly. But he doesn’t know what the heck is going on so he ends up making things worse. I hate that so much. I’m ends oriented. Buddy misses the understanding part, the listening part. Because sometimes people need you to hold their hand, and sometimes people need you to give them tools and leave. But that’s different for the person and the situation, and you have to understand someone first before you can know which. [X] Understand someone -> act such that they like me [X] Do things for people without understanding them -> make things worse [Checkmark] Understand people -> do something for them -> they like me
Link 3:25 a.m. Jan 30, 2021, UTC-5

Read read read read
Link 7:00 p.m. Sep 27, 2022, UTC-4

Oh shoot I forget 'this situation is the result of US intervention in Central America'
Link 1:24 a.m. May 02, 2021, UTC-4

Every website is broken.
Link 12:30 p.m. Oct 29, 2021, UTC-4

Link 3:25 p.m. Dec 28, 2020, UTC-8

Being able to mute audio on a per-tab basis is so fundamental to modern browser use that it's hard to believe it was added like a couple
years ago.
Link 11:16 p.m. Apr 09, 2022, UTC-4

I love Hacker News because people post comments with number sources, but the citation numbers are 0-indexed.
Link 4:46 p.m. Jun 03, 2021, UTC-7

I have a theory that Ryan has a soundcloud or something under a different name where he does fully electronic music and remixes.
He just moves so fast and is so experimental, but he does such a good job of maintaining AJR's sound.
Link 3:13 p.m. Nov 22, 2022, UTC-8

Sorry about the triple-post last night. Had a bug with the search index.
Link 9:51 p.m. Dec 23, 2021, UTC-8

My toxic coping mechanism is making user-hostile changes to Thoughts-learnerpages
Link 9:03 p.m. May 14, 2023, UTC-4

the light switch is right in front of me
Link 10:24 a.m. Jun 27, 2021, UTC-7

I don't know what scares me more. The idea that people read this website, or the idea that no one does.
Link 11:44 p.m. Feb 06, 2021, UTC-5

I just can't imagine myself being not insane. (How do I denote a screech? It's not "Aaaahhh" but like "Eeecheexxxe". Yeah that's how I feel)
Link 1:18 p.m. Dec 17, 2021, UTC-8

This article makes it sound boring, but the implication is that some con artist sold bags of rocks for $1.3 million.
Link 1:46 p.m. Mar 27, 2023, UTC-4

At least we can all agree that it is 2020.
Link 9:41 a.m. Sep 24, 2020, UTC-4

BeReal is over this is such an L
Link 4:37 p.m. Jun 23, 2022, UTC-4

Update: There is a thread of people on the video convinced Tom has uploaded this before. The human brain is so weird.
Link 7:57 p.m. Aug 15, 2022, UTC-4

Rewatch is something that I want to exist so bad, that I would use, but that I just can't enjoy making.
I wonder if I just chose a bad stack, if I should have used Rails. Or if web dev is just kind of inherently tedious for me since I know so much about it.
Link 8:45 p.m. Apr 11, 2023, UTC-4

Didn’t 9front used to be “only 1 remote hole in the default install?” RIP
Link 11:10 a.m. Oct 14, 2022, UTC-4

From the creator of Super Thoughts, I am happy to bring you Circle Time.
Link 4:50 p.m. Apr 05, 2023, UTC-4

A hot take brought fresh from Tumblr to you.
“The problem with catboy culture is that it tries to erase dogboy culture and detract from it whereas dogboys have no choice but to be aware of and surrounded by catboy culture. it’s very unfortunate and exhausting to live in a catboy-geared society as a dogboy when no one will acknowledge that dogboys are the ones holding all the pieces together.”
Link 9:29 p.m. Oct 28, 2020, UTC-4

“This is not an endorsement of arson.”
Link 6:28 p.m. Jan 23, 2022, UTC-5

I'm not quite sure when, but at some point I just learned how to use `git`. Like just through trial-and-error I guess. I just cherry-picked
a commit from one repo onto another. And like, I'm not a git expert. There could have been a better way to do what I wanted. But I managed to do it what I wanted first-try, no errors. Which I'm pretty impressed with.
Link 9:28 p.m. Nov 03, 2021, UTC-4

I use `vipe` like once a year, but when I need it it's a life saver.
Link 7:38 p.m. Apr 12, 2023, UTC-4

I am living in a reality
separate from the reality experienced by mostpeople. One of my hopes, is that sometimes, I can bring some people into my reality
Link 12:04 a.m. Dec 08, 2020, UTC-5

Time to finding a Safari rendering bug after switching to Safari: 4 hours.
This is reproducible too, btw.
Link 4:54 p.m. Sep 30, 2022, UTC-4

attempting to breach the gates of truth without the genius of Alan Turing would be folly.
Link 3:11 p.m. Nov 04, 2022, UTC-4

I hate this but I don’t see how else to do it. That what I need, is someone to show me the way.
Link 3:12 a.m. Feb 24, 2022, UTC-5

"Unlike most IETF efforts, this document is not embarrassed to clearly state that we are simply stuffing more stuff in while we have the
editor open."
Link 3:56 p.m. Jan 27, 2022, UTC-5

I didn’t go to church today lol who would’ve guessed.
Link 12:18 a.m. Dec 06, 2021, UTC-5

Oh! Ah! There's a "Format messages with markup" option in slack this is amazing.
Link 3:02 p.m. Jun 24, 2022, UTC-4

There’s a joke about how powers of two are sexy, because each is one-hot number. Unfortunately I’m not qualified to make it. I’ve never used this but apparently it exists.
Link 5:51 p.m. Nov 29, 2020, UTC-7

Twitter feels so empty without me.
Might need to follow more people.
Link 8:43 p.m. Sep 07, 2020, UTC-4

OurJSEditor logs record access from the User Agent "Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/7.0" I'm scared.
Link 12:40 a.m. Dec 05, 2020, UTC-5

My utter disinterest in the question of identity is striking. Made more so by my fascination with the answer.
Link 10:56 p.m. Mar 02, 2022, UTC-5

I’m running on borrowed time.
Link 5:13 p.m. Oct 05, 2021, UTC-4

`w /= 4` Readable code.
Link 7:36 p.m. Nov 30, 2021, UTC-5

Swift has all these really cool language features that are like "Woah" but they're kind of solutions without a problem.
Like, they have "trailing closures" so if you have a function `setTimeout(action: () -> Void)` you can call it ```swift setTimeout(action: { print("Hello") }) ``` Or, you can use a trailing closure and call it like ``` setTimeout() { print("hello") } ``` Like, would I use that? Absolutely. Would I miss it if it wasn't there? Probably not. The parens in the second example are optional, you can also `setTimeout { print("hello") }`. Wild.
Link 5:29 p.m. Sep 24, 2021, UTC-4

My head is like fricking 23 inches
Link 2:15 a.m. Dec 16, 2020, UTC-5

No “likes” is the reason this exists.
No replies, no app, and no images are all cons, but I think I can add more pros. Stuff like better search and markdown are planned.
Link 10:31 p.m. Sep 06, 2020, UTC-4

Sapling is already in the AUR. Iconic.
I'm very excited about Sapling. As much as I like git, I do think there's room for a more opinionated tool. Unfortunately, as far as I understand, it is designed for a workflow built around 1-commit-per-pr. This is an established philosophy, see,, but it is not super common, compared to feature branches. So it looks like Sapling can't make PRs with more than one commit. Which is a shame, because I wouldn't mind working locally with an absorb/amend/etc workflow. I already frequently rebase and amend my commits locally before creating a PR. But I would like to still be able to push up multiple commits for the sake of code history and review. I guess that sounds weird when I say it. But it also sounds really weird that Sapling doesn't let you put multiple commits into the same PR. I don't know, I need to play around with it.
Link 1:36 p.m. Nov 16, 2022, UTC-5

One of these days I’m going to add editing.
Link 7:21 p.m. Oct 28, 2020, UTC-4

“Getting a life’s a little like dying”
Link 7:11 a.m. Nov 18, 2022, UTC-5

"My life's become as vapid as a night out in Los Angeles"
Link 1:44 p.m. Sep 30, 2022, UTC-4

I microdose insanity to keep me sane.
Link 12:54 p.m. Jan 18, 2022, UTC-5

If Webster wrote his first dictionary today sunrise and sunset wouldn't be words.
Link 10:17 a.m. Apr 10, 2023, UTC-4

This is a healthy backup schedule, right?
``` $ l -1 backups 2017-06-30.sql 2017-08-24.sql 2019-02-10.sql 2019-04-14.sql 2019-06-04.sql 2019-06-05_1.sql 2019-06-05_2.sql 2019-06-05_3.sql 2021-05-23.sql ```
Link 9:42 p.m. May 22, 2021, UTC-7

It all flows back in so quickly, like water.
Link 1:47 p.m. Jun 30, 2022, UTC-4

Started filling out the form to make an appointment with a counselor, before giving up, for the 4th time.
Hm, almost like I have an executive functioning issue. Maybe I should talk to a councilor about that.
Link 3:04 a.m. May 17, 2021, UTC-4

I’ve decided poetry is dead in part because we value candidness.
Link 12:50 a.m. Nov 06, 2021, UTC-4

break your mind
Link 8:12 p.m. Nov 24, 2022, UTC-8

"I find it helps to remember that I'm french."
Link 9:31 a.m. Nov 16, 2020, UTC-5

We should bring back the passion with which people in 1800 discussed the quality of the air in different places, if not the discussions
Link 6:05 p.m. May 25, 2023, UTC-7

I'm an introvert and I like in-person work, so the people who like remote-work can't just be introverted. I think it's that they are short.
Link 10:04 a.m. Nov 03, 2022, UTC-4

In red, stricken through: "strawman"
In green, added: "straw-person"
Link 10:03 p.m. Jul 04, 2022, UTC-4

Oh my word I love words so much
Link 12:56 p.m. Jan 12, 2023, UTC-5

dank memes
Link 10:00 a.m. Nov 04, 2022, UTC-4

"Look at me fail and see that God is greater than my failure."
Link 1:37 p.m. Apr 29, 2023, UTC-4

If Python had {} and c-style for loops it would be basically the perfect language.
Link 4:51 p.m. Dec 03, 2020, UTC-5

"I often mix my capitalization in informal text, to signal informality"
Link 3:43 p.m. Apr 16, 2021, UTC-4

I don't get why my writing is so concise. I get through what feels like a chapter's worth of plot points in 2 pages.
I'm going to run with it, because reading it back it doesn't feel abbreviated, and there are a lot of chapters to go. But I suspect that I'm not describing nearly enough. Like "dodged past some cars" is enough to evoke the entire scene for me, since the worldbuilding exists in my head, but I think that actually needs to be a paragraph describing the width of the street, the number of cars on the road, the design of the cars (since we're not on Earth), etc. And similarly, "an inconspicuous, almost invisible, door in the building on his left" is enough for me, but we should probably describe the street again, the building itself (residential vs. commercial area), and how the character feels (is he tired, is he scared). But I don't know.
Link 9:58 p.m. Nov 01, 2022, UTC-4

JoeHills and JCFluteMan is a recipe for beauty.
Link 12:43 a.m. Oct 08, 2020, UTC-4

Link 3:26 p.m. Jan 07, 2022, UTC-8

I just, I'm never going to be normal. I'm never going to be able to be accepted in
rough day today
Link 3:45 p.m. Oct 07, 2022, UTC-4

Ya’ll need to Tweet more, I’m bored.
Link 7:57 p.m. Feb 28, 2022, UTC-5

I just spend so much time thinking and it's hard to remember that that doesn't count for anything.
Not "hard" as in, I forget, "hard" as in I don't like it. And of course, that the thinking doesn't matter at all, but just that I don't credit for it itself. Although, what do I "get credit for"?
Link 3:28 p.m. Aug 19, 2022, UTC-4

I’m scared.
Link 4:01 a.m. May 24, 2022, UTC-4

I was reading through my Tumblr earlier,
and was shocked to remember that some of the things that I wrote for there were actually relatively high quality.
Link 12:47 p.m. Sep 17, 2020, UTC-4

"I'm still dreaming"
Link 1:17 p.m. Oct 10, 2022, UTC-4

Emacs lisp supports multiple dispatch. Iconic. Legendary.
Link 7:13 a.m. Nov 21, 2022, UTC-8

Somehow I lost all my tabs on my phone. I had like 280 something tabs open and now I have 5. There were good links in there…
Link 10:33 p.m. Oct 16, 2022, UTC-4

They should invent a third foot.
Link 6:52 p.m. Dec 01, 2022, UTC-8

Oh my word, `python` is gone! It feels weird.
Link 6:06 p.m. Apr 11, 2022, UTC-4

Watched Wonder Woman 1984 tonight. Thoughts below the fold. (Mild spoilers)
There are a lot of things, that I would’ve done slightly differently, or that didn’t line up with what I expected. Overall, it was very good, at or above the MCU-superhero-movie average. I remember the first Wonder Woman being far above that, so my standards might have been too high. Perhaps the biggest was that the first Wonder Woman movie was really a war movie, super dark, and this one was was much lighter. It still dealt with serious themes, don’t get me wrong, but wasn’t nearly as gritty. I had to check that they were the same director, because I didn’t believe it. I actually really liked the villain, and his arc, but the final battle was anti-climactic. Throughout the movie the fight choreography was weird. Possibly just because it was different from the MCU melee style, but I don’t remember thinking about it on the first movie. Whereas this featured several fights that were just Wonder Woman pushing people over. And low-effort special effects of them sliding across the floor didn’t help either. I liked the time period set. Somehow it was super obvious about it without being annoying. Overall, quality super hero movie. I was hoping for something special, but I guess that’s on me.
Link 12:31 a.m. Dec 30, 2020, UTC-8

I was like oh, I haven’t posted recently, I wish I had things to post, and in that moment I forgot that my criteria for posting on here is
virtually non existent, so yeah, here’s what I’ve been thinking about.
Link 6:55 p.m. Nov 28, 2020, UTC-8

I wish you could put people’s names into Instagram search and have their account show up.
Instead you get like 100 influencers with the same name but more followers. Why does everyone have the same name?
Link 10:07 a.m. Sep 08, 2020, UTC-4

Blaseball removes the illusion that sports are interesting to watch because of the skill of the players.
Every so often in a sports game, there will be a moment that exists outside of what the score is or what team wins or loses. If you're watching a basketball game, and a player just full on slugs another guy across the face, you feel that, beyond the 2-pt technical foul. If you're watching a baseball game live with your friends, and your pitcher pitches a perfect inning, in that moment, the score of the game doesn't matter. In Blaseball, if you have the best pitcher in the league, and she gets some stars sucked out of her, it doesn't matter that she's still pretty good. There's a narrative arc. Blaseball is about those moments.
Link 2:54 a.m. Mar 12, 2021, UTC-5

What a wild ride Dracula Daily was.
Link 9:02 a.m. Nov 07, 2022, UTC-5

I have been informed that Rigby is not down and Luke just changed URLs without telling anyone.
Had to edit the link on the Thought from Jan that referenced it.
Link 6:23 p.m. Mar 07, 2022, UTC-5

It happened; compiling LLVM from source
Link 3:17 p.m. Apr 12, 2023, UTC-4

Where did all the happy people go?
Link 2:08 p.m. Apr 12, 2021, UTC-4

I just touched the bottom of my mouth for the first time in a very long time. I was surprised at how soft it is.
Link 3:29 p.m. Jun 02, 2022, UTC-4

Just so tired all the time.
Link 2:22 p.m. Feb 28, 2021, UTC-5

I need to maximize something
Link 11:48 p.m. Mar 11, 2022, UTC-5

Making sure to use period-accurate typography for my T. J. Eckleburg fan-art.
Link 3:37 p.m. Sep 17, 2022, UTC-4

Colors are fricking hard
Link 11:24 p.m. Aug 09, 2021, UTC-7

Yep, I'm definitely going through a Lorde phase.
Link 8:14 p.m. Apr 02, 2022, UTC-4

AAahahhahahahahahaaaaaaahhhhhahhahahhahhhhhha mmmhmhmmhmhmmmm hmmmhmmmhmmhmhhhmmhmhmhmhm
Link 1:59 p.m. May 27, 2022, UTC-4

"Our software might have bugs, but at least I'm spending my time on the important parts of the job: custom slack emoji"
Link 2:16 p.m. Jun 09, 2022, UTC-4

"This is the stylistic convention in the elm ecosystem" It's comma-first syntax is what it is and I won't stand for it.
Link 1:11 p.m. Nov 03, 2020, UTC-5

I'm telling you, programming language with functions as data.
Link 3:03 p.m. Aug 29, 2022, UTC-4

Titles are for those with the huburis to think that they know what they are going to say before they have said it
Life is a finite cube. I am a red pulsing box. The end of the age may come soon, but probably will not. There is only doom.
Link 12:53 a.m. Dec 02, 2021, UTC-5

Les Mis in West End
Link 11:32 p.m. Dec 12, 2022, UTC0

Oh yes this is a thought. Woohoo!
Link 2:47 p.m. Aug 25, 2022, UTC-4

"In this day and age logical methods are applicable only to solving problems of secondary interest" (1924)
Link 9:58 p.m. Jun 06, 2021, UTC-7

I have Markdown support here now. I've been using markdown for a while, but it renders now. And line breaks and spacing show up as well.
Link 10:17 p.m. Sep 30, 2020, UTC-4

There's a bit of Marxist theory that one of the pains of capitalism is that it separates the laborer from the product of their labor.
The concrete example is the assembly line worker that feels no passion for their job, and Marx attributes this to them not being able to take responsibility for the product that rolls off of the assembly line. I think this is only one symptom of a larger phenomena of corporate capitalism. Corporations are, in a sense, magical things because they are more than the sum of their parts. This shows up in other places, but in this example, no one at the corporation is passionate about making whatever product they are making. And yet, the corporation as a whole appears to have motives, which don't align with the motives of any of its members. This can be a good thing, sometimes. The communist commune model of "everyone does what they're passionate about" doesn't work in practice or at scale. But it's interesting to think about.
Link 7:51 p.m. Oct 13, 2021, UTC-4

Nooo Rigby is down again, this was a mistake
Edit (:16), it looks like it’s back up!
Link 8:03 p.m. Oct 23, 2022, UTC-4

TD Ameritrade uses SMS TFA and I hate it.
Link 10:22 p.m. Apr 17, 2022, UTC-4

The curve should be flat by now
Link 11:56 p.m. Sep 22, 2020, UTC-4

It will be cool when humanity finally achieves wireless printing.
Link 9:16 p.m. May 22, 2021, UTC-7

Gruber thought Markdown would be good because it was readable, but Markdown's real genius is being writeable.
Link 1:31 p.m. Sep 04, 2021, UTC-4

Listened to Student Loans again. Man. I regret it.
I should just loop My Play and stop caring. I want Students Loans so badly though.
Link 1:19 a.m. Dec 26, 2020, UTC-5

My mouth still hurts.
Link 10:03 p.m. Sep 21, 2020, UTC-4

Daniel himself has updated my HN username so that’s pretty cool. Might start commenting there again.
Link 12:21 a.m. Jan 30, 2022, UTC-5

I think I've missed daily posts on here by a single day. I didn't Think August 12th.
Link 11:21 p.m. Oct 25, 2020, UTC-4

The leaves on the OK ORCHESTRA album art are animated! 9/10
Link 12:02 a.m. Mar 26, 2021, UTC-4

"sound of trumpets"
Link 8:40 p.m. Nov 05, 2022, UTC-4

I can't tell if my eyes are watering because of allergies or if I'm actually crying.
Link 11:35 p.m. May 02, 2021, UTC-4

Me, pouring sugar from the bag into my waffles.
Link 9:03 p.m. Mar 26, 2021, UTC-4

I’m like someone who is climbing a flight of stairs. And stops and stands up still on one step.
Link 12:20 a.m. Dec 06, 2021, UTC-5

4GB of swap might have been excessive.
An htop screenshot showing Mem: 100Mb of 2 GB used, and Swap: 0 of 4GB. And a total of like 10 processes running.
Link 9:03 p.m. Feb 23, 2022, UTC-5

Gemini isn’t a web protocol, Gemini is a lifestyle.
Link 12:05 p.m. Aug 18, 2021, UTC-5

Have I ever told you how much I hate writing?
Link 3:34 p.m. Mar 12, 2023, UTC-4

Firefox uses `.columnNum`. Chome and Safari use `.column`. Why? It's just not standardized. No one knows what to do.
This is the issue with the web. There are no other issues. All bugs are browser compatibility bugs. If there was one browser, there would be no issues with Javascript. It is 2020 and the specification is just like, eh. Who cares. No one uses the web anyways.
Link 11:11 a.m. Nov 28, 2020, UTC-8

FRICK! I'm in violation of the GNU GPL! Gosh darn it!
Xapian-haystack is distrubuted under GPLv2 => I maintain and distribute a fork of xapian-haystack => GPL also contains a requirement that "You must cause the modified files to carry prominent notices stating that you changed the files and the date of any change." which I didn't do! Frick! I might be able to argue in court that I didn't modify the files myself, I only resolved merge conflicts between two already existing forks, but I don't think that would stand up. I would consider that a modification. Dang it!
Link 3:04 p.m. Aug 05, 2022, UTC-4

Pumping Death Cab for Cutie into my head.
Link 7:02 p.m. Jan 25, 2021, UTC-5

The key to understanding the Trolley Problem is that there's implicitly an antagonist who is responsible for constructing the hypothetical.
Link 9:25 a.m. Jan 27, 2022, UTC-5

What if you put barbecue sauce on a salad?
Link 6:42 p.m. Nov 11, 2020, UTC-5

Apparently I could install a tiling window manager on macOS and I am kind if tempted.
Link 1:13 a.m. Nov 05, 2020, UTC-5

Saw a fat gopher walking around outside today.
Link 11:24 a.m. Mar 26, 2023, UTC-4

This is the perfection of a new age.
Link 11:09 p.m. Dec 21, 2021, UTC-8

Okay then. Um. Hmmmm.
Link 5:56 p.m. Mar 14, 2023, UTC-4

Let's go!
Link 9:40 p.m. Jan 16, 2022, UTC-5

Link 1:13 p.m. Jan 25, 2022, UTC-5

The mere nature of popular culture makes referencing it unimpressive.
Link 10:26 a.m. Sep 11, 2020, UTC-4

Why don’t seagulls fly over bays?
Because then they’d be bagels.
Link 10:22 a.m. Jan 02, 2021, UTC-8

I don’t have a caffeine addiction.
Link 6:49 a.m. Jun 07, 2021, UTC-7

I've lost control. I'm just done. Out of it.
Link 10:48 a.m. May 03, 2022, UTC-4

Bad social media ideas with Matthias. Something like Tumblr, but you're only allowed to post original content.
Link 9:30 p.m. Mar 22, 2022, UTC-4

Shout out to multiplication for being communicative.
Link 2:00 p.m. Feb 12, 2021, UTC-5

Possibly my favorite Javascript feature is this:
```js function foo() { let x = 0; return { inc: function () { x++; }; get: function () { return x; } }; } const obj = foo(); obj.get(); // 0; obj.get(); // 1 ``` And this is obviously an ugly shim for OOP-style encapsulation that isn't needed. But this is just illustrative of the most common use for this feature. And this feature isn't something that I normally use, or that is good practice to use. But if you couldn't do this in a language, it would just feel underpowered. (This does require functions to be passable by value, which similarly I think it very powerful.) (You actually can do this in Python 3, with the `nonlocal` keyword, fun fact.)
Link 4:30 p.m. Feb 07, 2022, UTC-5

Wee woo we woo we doo wee dooo free wee leee doo foo boo wooo moo
Link 12:56 p.m. Mar 23, 2023, UTC-4

Why are there still more programming languages!!!
I understand conceptually that there are a lot of programming languages and that there are programming languages that I don't know about, but I'm still not mentally prepared to open a Github repository and find code written in Crystal.
Link 3:55 p.m. Jun 14, 2021, UTC-7

I don't know if this is a hot take but Oauth seems like a bad idea and I'd rather create a new email+password account for every website.
Link 3:27 p.m. Apr 27, 2022, UTC-4

Fun fact. `.childNodes` (sometimes) includes comments. You can read HTML comments from Javascript. They inherit the global `Comment`
Link 9:09 p.m. Apr 25, 2021, UTC-4

I'm. It's. Well. AHppy Tuesday I guess.
Link 12:00 a.m. Mar 29, 2022, UTC-4

I just hate how red the default calendar app is.
Link 8:39 a.m. Jan 10, 2023, UTC-5

Gemini needs the web.
Link 10:35 p.m. Dec 09, 2021, UTC-5

"but actually flowers"
Link 8:47 p.m. Jan 30, 2022, UTC-5

I looked at my TODO list and it has things to do. What is this.
Link 7:49 p.m. Jan 27, 2022, UTC-5

Why does it feel like 11:30 when it is only 8:30?
Link 8:26 p.m. Sep 21, 2020, UTC-4

Link 3:23 p.m. Jun 25, 2021, UTC-7

The person in the zoom chat addressing me by name to let me know I'm unmuted. Ah! Human interaction, how long it's been!
Link 5:04 p.m. Apr 30, 2021, UTC-4

Force quitting iTerm2 because it's 2021 and we still don't know how to make applications that don't hang.
Link 10:18 a.m. Aug 20, 2021, UTC-4

Right, so the Mars-quantum particles post:
I was watching a video (BobbyBroccoli's *America's Missing Collider*) and one of the thing that the author claims is that the particle physics community does/did a bad job with public outreach and education about quantum science, and he contrasted that to the job NASA does with space education. And my first reaction was "but Mars is a real, tangible, object that I can see, unlike quantum particles." But like. I've never seen Mars. I can't touch Mars. My knowledge of mars as a planet comes almost entirely from cartoon drawings in space exhibits funded by NASA. Quantum particles are a little harder to explain; it's physically impossible to take a picture of one, for instance, but you totally could come up with a standard representation of quantum particles and push to popularize it like we did with the clipart atom representation. And again, it is more difficult since we discovered these particles more recently than we discovered Mars or atoms, so maybe it will get better with time. Quantum particles exist inside of everything, right here in front of us, and people know they exist, but we can't name them, don't learn about them, and can't picture them. It's difficult to conceptualize something that small, but it's also difficult to conceptualize an object like the Earth, so large it looks flat, or something like Mars, so far away that it can't be seen with the naked eye. Quantum physicists definitely could do a better job communicating.
Link 11:14 a.m. May 12, 2022, UTC-5

Someone gave me a MidJourney beta invite, this is too much power, please, I'm going to end up buying a subscription.
Link 7:16 a.m. Jun 13, 2022, UTC-10

Since when does Servo support JS?
Link 12:20 p.m. Oct 12, 2021, UTC-4

Okay, let's just do everything.
Link 2:35 p.m. Apr 30, 2022, UTC-4

One of the interesting realizations about git is that deleting commits isn't really necessary. You can just reset your branch to before that
commit happened, and there's no way to reach it anymore. Git has a garbage-collection-like system that cleans up unreachable commits after 30 days. On the other hand, if you save the commit's SHA hash, then suddenly it is reachable, and you can resurrect it with cherry-pick, for example.
Link 2:11 p.m. Aug 24, 2022, UTC-4

Thinking about *Check, Please!*
Link 8:19 p.m. Jan 18, 2022, UTC-5

I have to induct children into the cult of functional programming.
Link 2:18 p.m. May 13, 2023, UTC-4

I don’t have anything to complain about.
Link 8:02 p.m. May 26, 2022, UTC-4

I don’t know how I feel about labels.
Link 7:16 a.m. Jan 17, 2023, UTC-5

I can’t believe the yield curve is inverted.
Link 1:01 p.m. May 08, 2023, UTC-4

Why does fricking Julia use IEEE floats?
All I want is arbitrary precision numbers and it feels like `bc` is the only language that supports them.
Link 11:10 a.m. Feb 22, 2022, UTC-5

Time to first paint literally doesn't matter if half the content on the screen are loading spinners.
Link 2:40 p.m. Jul 07, 2022, UTC-4

Still alive, somehow
Link 2:56 p.m. Jun 10, 2022, UTC-4

"unwin the underbracket. crown the underchampions."
Link 1:43 p.m. May 18, 2021, UTC-4

I want to go to the alternate universe where humans understand probability.
Link 7:47 p.m. Oct 05, 2022, UTC-4

I wish I had Thought deleting uh this was a python code example that was wrong sorry Python
Link 6:21 p.m. Feb 22, 2022, UTC-5

“alone” — inquiry => gemini://
“Oh, so good / yet not understood by many, if any, others / so one more shot / one more smoke / he waited”
Link 10:52 p.m. Oct 31, 2021, UTC-4

Computers should have like 5 words and 3 buttons on the screen at any given time.
Link 2:36 p.m. Apr 22, 2023, UTC-4

Okay let's run numbers. I think this is going to be most Thoughts for a season, since I was working at a computer for 8 hours a day.
Huh, only 619 for the season (plus this one and whatever I do in the next 3 days). Not a record. What was I on in winter 2021? 2022 - Fall: 619 2022 - Summer: 527 2022 - Spring: 456 2021 - Winter: 692 2021 - Fall: 386 2021 - Summer: 375 2021 - Spring: 317 2020 - Winter: 410 2020 - Fall: 584 We're up to 144k words across 4,366 Thoughts. Kinda fun.
Link 10:13 p.m. Nov 27, 2022, UTC-8

I'm using named blocks in JavaScript. It feels so wrong and yet so right.
Link 2:02 p.m. Aug 12, 2021, UTC-7

'I personally think any politician that cites religious motives is being sleazy'
Link 1:14 p.m. Oct 07, 2020, UTC-4

Art and science are both the same thing. They are both the attempt to discover truth.
Link 9:49 a.m. Jul 01, 2022, UTC-4

Instead of sending the email that I want to send before bed, the mail app on my phone froze when I pressed the send button.
I'm so tired.
Link 10:56 p.m. May 26, 2022, UTC-4

For a while I've wanted to do "asks" on this site, so you can sent me stuff, but I haven't figured out how I want to do it, until today!
ETA for actually implementing it is, uh, 3 months.
Link 8:26 p.m. Apr 28, 2023, UTC-4

Open source is good for open source developers. That doesn’t mean open source is the best for the software.
Link 10:06 a.m. Mar 25, 2021, UTC-4

Oh shoot someone remind me to post the reading of the about page or I’ll never get around to it.
Link 3:16 a.m. Dec 09, 2021, UTC-5

"What's bigger than Everything?"
-Only Connect - Series 10 - Episode 5
Link 1:11 p.m. Jan 23, 2022, UTC-5

I don’t even know what I’m hyped for I just know I’m hyped.
I think it’s because I’m currently pumping Jon Bellion directly into my ears.
Link 6:39 p.m. Sep 17, 2020, UTC-4

There’s a lot you don’t know about me.
Link 10:39 a.m. Oct 25, 2021, UTC-4

Moon big.
Link 10:26 p.m. Dec 08, 2021, UTC-5

I do not trust linters or auto-code formatters. `autopep8` is disgusting to me.
PEP8 is impossible to programmatically enforce. PEP8 is ambiguous. PEP8 defers to human judgment about what makes code look good. You CANNOT implement a tool that programmatically enforces PEP8. The fact that you think that you can, tells me that you fundamentally do not understand PEP8, fundamentally do not understand the concept of aesthetically pleasing code (which by definition subjective), and are either dumb or arrogant to try to implement it anyways. We've been through this already. There was linting tool called `pep8`. And they CHANGED THEIR NAME because THE CREATOR OF PYTHON asked them to because PEP8 is not programmatically enforceable. And it was causing confusing from people who looked at the tool called "pep8" and assumed that it would output things that were consistent with PEP8 (which is impossible because PEP8 is subjective). => Please rename this tool But now, years later, someone else comes along and they've figured it out! They've got an auto-code formatter that actually implements PEP8 correctly! And so they're going to call it autopep8! Despite the fact that it like, has open bugs, from years ago, where it syntactically changes the behavior of your program!, as is clearly required by PEP8. => I've blocked the creator of auto-pep-8 on Github. I have no interest in interacting with them. I have more respect for Black. I'm not opposed to the entire category. But the two paragraph introduction to Black does not mention aesthetics or PEP8 at all. Black's position is 'code should not be formatted by humans. Uniformity is more important than human judgment.' I do not agree with Black's position. I think that code should be beautiful. And I do not use a linter because I do not believe that it is possible for the linter to recognize beautiful code. Edit: The post was written under the assumption that autopep8 was a newer tool, which in fact it pre-dates the mentioned request to not call things pep8.
Link 6:48 p.m. Apr 20, 2022, UTC-4

There's a conflation between "modern" and "popular." People tend to say "modern JS" when they mean "popular JS."
Link 10:29 a.m. Sep 09, 2022, UTC-4

I haven't made a good decision in a couple of years.
Link 9:25 a.m. Sep 30, 2020, UTC-4

I know you all are anxiously awaiting episode 2 of my Minecraft Let's Play. I've edited almost 1 hour of footage. It's going to happen.
Link 11:41 p.m. Oct 27, 2020, UTC-4

I don't even write Haskell. I've used it once or twice. But in that short time it introduced me to so many features that I love and that
are so intuitive and useful that I feel like they should be in every programming language. `where`/`let` clauses that are expression-scoped! Guards! Pattern Matching in general! Implicit Currying/partial function application! The ability to create your own infix functions! And the ability to call native operators as not-infix, and pass them around as values! List comprehensions! Infinite Lists! Any of those could be added to any language. They don't require a strictly-typed, functional, language to use.
Link 8:46 a.m. Mar 19, 2022, UTC-4

I’m a pacifist because I desperately need other people to be pacifists towards me. My anxiety cannot handle the possibility that anything
that I do could cause someone else to lash out and hurt me. Do you want to guess if I’ve eaten dinner yet?
Link 6:11 p.m. Jul 27, 2022, UTC-4

I can't bring myself to do anything.
Link 5:41 p.m. Dec 26, 2021, UTC-8

I'm going insane .
Link 10:08 a.m. Aug 12, 2022, UTC-4

They should make spikeball but bigger. Like a trampoline and a volleyball.
Link 6:06 p.m. May 05, 2023, UTC-4

I really need to start doing markdown rendering on the server. I don't know why I decided doing it client-side was a good idea.
There just kind of aren't any good Python markdown libraries, and I don't want to break the formatting on existing posts.
Link 12:47 a.m. Feb 17, 2021, UTC-5

I just watched *Primer*. I think the XKCD describes it better than I could. Wow.
Link 10:35 p.m. Dec 09, 2021, UTC-5

I love browsing Hacker News by new. The front page tends to be the same topics, but New gets weird. Not least because of the "Ask HN" posts.
There are a lot of Ask HN posts made, most of which seem to take Hacker News as a divine bestower of knowledge. It's like Quora but a super specific demographic. Ask HN exists to function like Ask Reddit. But it gets used like StackOverflow or worse, /r/Relationship_advice. 'Ask HN: How to deal with join pain?' 'How to stop people from stealing my SD cards' 'Should I buy my 4 year old color blind glasses' A whole bunch of questions that technically fit because they're tech, but should really be Google searches. 'Where to buy cables?' 'What YouTubers make JS tutorials?' Ah. The internet.
Link 12:21 a.m. Jan 17, 2022, UTC-5

These pants are too skinny for my massive calves.
Link 11:15 a.m. Apr 16, 2023, UTC-4

This website still brings me joy to use.
Link 6:15 p.m. Oct 15, 2022, UTC-4

I do see exciting future, but they're big things and they're far away. I need something to motivate me now.
Link 9:57 p.m. May 06, 2021, UTC-4

I really need a fidget toy
Link 10:52 a.m. Jan 16, 2023, UTC-5

Claim: modern art grew in popularity when people started using art to decorate the walls of their houses.
Link 9:24 a.m. May 11, 2022, UTC-5

Help I’m up past my 10:30 bed time
Link 1:13 a.m. Jan 01, 2023, UTC-8

The whole 'what's easiest' thing is weird because by definition the easiest thing is to do nothing. But for some reason when I ask myself
'what's easiest' I tend to answer along the lines of 'just do something quickly and consider it over with.'
Link 9:41 a.m. May 26, 2022, UTC-4

It turns out that if you eat enough Skittles they start to taste bad.
Link 11:50 p.m. Oct 30, 2020, UTC-4

The funny thing about Sci hub (and other forms of piracy) is that I have access to those papers, or could pay for them. But Sci Hub is so
fricking easy. I could find my library portal and do a search for the author or a similar document, or I could throw the DOI into scihub and just *have it*. (I wrote this before the paper loaded, and it just doesn't exist now. Like that SciHub doesn't have that paper or isn't working. Heck you SciHub.)
Link 9:48 p.m. Dec 10, 2020, UTC-5

It’s difficult to see a pretty sunset if you sit inside when the sun is setting.
Link 11:22 a.m. Sep 29, 2020, UTC-4

I have escaped
Link 5:08 p.m. May 09, 2023, UTC-4

I am tired sleepy
Link 11:08 a.m. Sep 11, 2022, UTC-4

I am very easily overwhelmed.
This will need revisiting.
Link 1:56 p.m. Oct 02, 2021, UTC-4

A short explanation of the phrase "tomato party."
Basically, I don't like tomatoes. There are pretty much no foods which I enjoy which include tomatoes. So if a group of my friends had a party dedicated to wearing tomato themed costumes, and talking about how much they loved tomatoes, and, of course, eating a lot of tomato-based foods, I probably wouldn't go. This has never happened to me, but it feels like it with almost every social situation. It's just kind of a miserable hypothetical, but it's no one's fault, no one's to blame, nothing's gone wrong. I don't know. If I end up seeing a therapist for social anxiety, this will definitely come up.
Link 2:36 p.m. May 24, 2023, UTC-7

I regularly tell Siri "one second" like you would a person and every time it starts one second timer. Thanks.
Link 7:25 p.m. Oct 01, 2022, UTC-4

Freaked out by the number of beetle species again.
Link 8:29 p.m. Nov 20, 2021, UTC-5

Hello world
ah the pain in my stomach never ceases
Link 4:34 p.m. Jul 22, 2022, UTC-4

Okay the nuclear siren ambient noise actually isn't that bad. =>
Link 3:14 p.m. Sep 28, 2021, UTC-4

I want to talk about functional languages with someone. They're all so beautiful. HMU if you like Haskell/Elm.
Link 12:11 a.m. Nov 05, 2020, UTC-5

I've run multiple `find / -name` commands today, so that's a good indication of how things are going.
Link 5:37 p.m. Aug 11, 2021, UTC-7

"Twice and counting" is Just incredible. Just amazing. When I hear that a task is difficult, because it has never been done before, I think, but. "Twice and Counting" was the first. The first piece of poetry to flow from the thought of a can on a mat.
Link 12:04 a.m. Nov 11, 2020, UTC-5

When was I hurt so badly?
Link 10:02 a.m. Mar 15, 2023, UTC-4

The problem with defining insanity is that it implies a statistically significant deviation from the norm. This requires defining not just
the norm, but also the standard or acceptable deviation from it.
Link 4:51 a.m. May 11, 2021, UTC-4

"Hands Down" by Brandyn Burnette et al. is fricking good.
You'll be glad to know I consulted Merriam-Webster for the correct usage of `et al.` there.
Link 8:12 p.m. Dec 01, 2021, UTC-5

Considering adding an audio portion to this website.
Link 10:48 p.m. Apr 12, 2021, UTC-4

Impulse-building SerenityOS
Link 8:42 p.m. Oct 23, 2021, UTC-4

I think we overused "shy" for a while, but now we underutilize it.
Anyways maybe I don't have social anxiety, maybe I'm just shy.
Link 6:31 p.m. May 17, 2023, UTC-4

114 open tabs. This is near the most I'll have open before closing the window. There's no way I'm going to scroll up to tabs more than a
couple hours old. (I use Vivaldi, which has a vertical, scrolling, tab bar.)
Link 10:07 p.m. Mar 16, 2022, UTC-4

Will I ever come back here?
Link 3:53 p.m. Nov 10, 2022, UTC-5

Tuesday wednesday
happy butterflies. yellow submarine apple pie sheep baaroogah yes liminal catastrophe microphone eater subnautica hurancha ba doe deer pier fear tear we're lear mere acrobat
Link 7:50 p.m. Oct 24, 2022, UTC-4

Why do people take drugs? Is the world not perfectly exciting and perfectly boring? Does your body not wrap you up in feelings
which your mind can comprehend and understand but could never create? Does the light not dance along the walls in new ways, ways it never has before? Why must you pretend the light is brighter or newer or more exciting than it is? Is light not perfect and beautiful, and the essence of light and energy, without drugs. Do you need your mind to sleep, to rest? Why not a light sedative then, to help you sleep in your bed? Why do you wish for your mind to sleep while your lips are awake? Does the fear of the consequences of actions without thought not paralyze you?
Link 11:55 p.m. Sep 29, 2020, UTC-4

“Why don’t we do all our chip design in Minecraft?”
Link 7:16 p.m. Aug 26, 2021, UTC-4

I hate lithium ion batteries. When you put a lithium battery in a product your admitting that you’re designing it for 2 to 5 years,
the batteries just don’t last longer than that. I guess that’s acceptable a lot of the time, but think about the implication of that when it effects every device. I would buy an iPad if I could use it to take notes and have confidence that it would store those notes for the rest of my life, but I have to use paper. It’s weird that paper is better than digital for permanence, only because of the batteries.
Link 10:43 p.m. Jun 17, 2021, UTC-7

I think it's important for me to remember that sometimes I loathe pretty much everything and that feeling is not legitimate.
Link 10:39 p.m. Oct 24, 2022, UTC-4

Yellow bunny rabbits. Okay. Happy night time sleeping.
Link 9:57 p.m. Dec 24, 2022, UTC-8

My local Denny’s has stopped serving breakfast food. Sandwiches and sides only.
Link 6:03 p.m. Aug 27, 2021, UTC-4

What is the world but a conspiracy to keep me from sleep?
Link 8:15 a.m. Nov 05, 2021, UTC-4

I had so much I wanted to do today.
Link 3:33 a.m. Mar 06, 2021, UTC-5

I am mentally moving this project (this website) back into an artistic/creative mode.
Link 6:27 p.m. Oct 02, 2021, UTC-4

Ya'll are still sleeping on Make It and Fake It.
Link 9:32 a.m. Jul 04, 2021, UTC-7

I switched to VSCodium from VS Code and it didn't keep any of my settings.
I'm still mostly using Atom, but there are some things Atom doesn't do well, like in-line git diffs or remote file editing.
Link 2:47 p.m. Apr 07, 2022, UTC-4

**I wish I was a child again**
Link 2:48 p.m. Dec 14, 2020, UTC-5

JS has `==`, `===`, and ``. I thought that was bad. Lisp has `EQ`, `EQL`, `EQUAL`, `EQUALP`, `=`, `CHAR=`, etc for other types
Link 2:46 a.m. May 09, 2021, UTC-4

I have a similar relationship with PEP8 as most people have with their significant other.
Link 5:32 p.m. Oct 13, 2020, UTC-4

Node.js moment
Also these 3 htop screenshots are from 3 different servers. Also I don't understand what's going on, I don't think node.js is actually using that much memory. A screenshot of htop showing 20 `node main.js` processes, each using 11.3GB.
Link 9:47 p.m. Feb 23, 2022, UTC-5

Reading emails in Outlook doesn't mark them as unread; I don't know anymore.
Link 8:47 a.m. Jul 18, 2022, UTC-4