The best, bad, sequel titles: * Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo * 2 Fast 2 Furious * Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
I know what you're thinking. 'Matthias, it is a crime, to put what is undeniably the best sequel pun, "squeakquel" at third place.' But one of the factors that I considered heavily when rating was the ability to parody. And "The Squeakquel" only works as an Alvin and the Chipmunks title, whereas you can throw "Electric Boogaloo" after anything that ends in 2 and it is hilarious. Also I would like you know that there was a Breckinridge Jazz Hand named Wyatt Mason II and we called him 2 Wyatt 2 Mason.
Link 5:43 p.m. Jun 25, 2022, UTC-4

We have so much fricking more we can still do with computers. We're not going to slow down for the next 30 years at least.
I'm just thinking about like IDE/code-analysis features—we could totally have a button in the IDE that simulates running the code and generates all possible outputs. Like IntelliJ will point out if you can transform a boolean condition into a simpler equivalent form (like `if not (not a and not b)` -> `if (a or b)`, if I remember DeMorgan's). Why can't we do that with the entire program? And like, you hate IDE features like type checking—but mostly because they're bad. It seems like I get false positives from TypeScript type checking 30+% of the time and an acceptable false positive rate for a static code analysis tool IMO is close to 1%. But that's something we can bring down in the next decade.
Link 8:31 a.m. Jun 25, 2022, UTC-4

Once you go retina you really never can go back.
Link 8:42 p.m. Jun 24, 2022, UTC-4

The thing about pushing yourself hard is that it never feels like you're pushing yourself hard enough
Link 5:32 p.m. Jun 24, 2022, UTC-4

Apparently this means Firefox raced the cache and the network and it was quicker to transfer 3kb over the network than it was to read the
page from disk cache. That's iconic. This laptop has an SSD. I mean it's not a good SSD but it's an SSD. It read the other content (images+scripts) from the cache, so maybe since that took a little while, it was able to complete the download first. Still, the whole page is only 300kb. The server is in Utah. The internal SSD is literally 0% of the distance. It's quicker to roundtrip a couple packets to Utah than it is to read 300kb from the disk. Screenshot of the firefox network panel showing "3KB (raced)"
Link 4:40 p.m. Jun 24, 2022, UTC-4

The thing about React and even something like hotwire.js is that you run the risk of making your site *seem* slower, even if you've actually
improved time to first content paint. There's a certain advantage in using the browser's native loading mechanisms in that users think 'the browser is loading.' On the other hand, if you serve a static page from a CDN, the user very quickly gets to see your, branded, loading component, while dynamic content is loaded from the site. But this can mean that the user starts to associate your site with loading, regardless of the actual loading times.
Link 4:28 p.m. Jun 24, 2022, UTC-4

Oh! Ah! There's a "Format messages with markup" option in slack this is amazing.
Link 3:02 p.m. Jun 24, 2022, UTC-4

It is my opinion that one of the most comfortable positions possible is sitting on the floor with your back up against a wall and I will
never survive in polite company. I mean seriously, your legs are straight and not supporting your weight, you have something to lean back against. You can lean your head back, but it's not like you're in a recliner.
Link 2:50 p.m. Jun 24, 2022, UTC-4

This might be my new favorite Chromium bug. =>
First reported to Brackets in 2012 => adobe/brackets #2419 Most recently reported to VS Code 12 hours ago => vscode/issues #153061 Brackets, Atom, and VS Code blame Electron, Electron blames Chromium. Chromium blames macOS. => atom/atom #1669 => electron/electron #2617 I feel like there's a lesson here but I don't know what it is (besides from "complex software is bad"). Maybe "vertical integration is good"?
Link 10:23 a.m. Jun 24, 2022, UTC-4

I hate people and I’m convinced people hate me and I’m so lonely.
And I’m hungry
Link 12:29 a.m. Jun 24, 2022, UTC-4

BeReal is over this is such an L
Link 4:37 p.m. Jun 23, 2022, UTC-4

Link 4:00 p.m. Jun 23, 2022, UTC-4

*Low Blow*, HONEYMOAN, has 1,928,000 streams on Spotify and 7,800 on YouTube.
Link 11:16 a.m. Jun 23, 2022, UTC-4

I'm so absurdly screwed up
Link 10:06 a.m. Jun 23, 2022, UTC-4

```zsh my-accept-line () { zle accept-line if [ ${#${(z)BUFFER}} -eq 0 ]; then if [[ -e .git ]]; then echo
echo -n ${"$(git -c color.status=always status)"[0, -1]} fi fi } zle -N my-accept-line bindkey '^M' my-accept-line ```
Link 9:21 a.m. Jun 23, 2022, UTC-4

If you'd like to follow along with my 1,100+ song library, I've copied it into a public Apple Music playlist.
=> Everything by Matthias on Apple Music If you don't have Apple Music, just don't click that link. The Apple Music web interface does poorly with large playlists, and the songs that, by chance, ended up on the top are not, on the whole, reflective of my music taste.
Link 9:39 p.m. Jun 22, 2022, UTC-4

I have no social skills at all it is over.
Link 5:38 p.m. Jun 22, 2022, UTC-4

A Stackoverflow developer survey respondent is more likely to say yes to "Do you use SVN" (5.18%) than "Are you a woman" (5.17%)
Only the hardest hitting analysis on Thoughts Learnerpages
Link 3:51 p.m. Jun 22, 2022, UTC-4

I have no idea why VS Code is unhappy with me. I'm turning smart code completion back off, I take back what I said about wanting some types,
IDEs are dumb. Screenshot of JavaScript code. "constructor (props) { super(props);" and "super" has a black line through it.
Link 3:12 p.m. Jun 22, 2022, UTC-4

Infinity Drugs...
Link 12:05 p.m. Jun 22, 2022, UTC-4

I thought I'd never say it but I'm now working on a codebase that is too complex for me to keep it all in my head and I wish *shudders*
that we could just a little bit of TypeScript types on these objects.
Link 11:33 a.m. Jun 22, 2022, UTC-4

Every lodash function is available as its own npm module. This is iconic. =>
Link 9:25 a.m. Jun 22, 2022, UTC-4

Apparently my Apple Watch has 32GB of storage space?? Brb downloading my entire 1000+ song library onto wrist so that I can leave my phone
at home.
Link 11:32 p.m. Jun 21, 2022, UTC-4

Looking up React Helmet and it's made by the fricking NFL I can't
Link 10:55 p.m. Jun 21, 2022, UTC-4

Design is so hard. It's so hard.
Link 3:30 p.m. Jun 21, 2022, UTC-4

Growing up both of my parents worked for non-profits. It was humbling to know that, indirectly, almost everything we had came from donations
Link 1:10 p.m. Jun 21, 2022, UTC-4

"There's no such thing as stupid questions, only stupid people."
Link 11:25 a.m. Jun 21, 2022, UTC-4

Listening to The Nova Darlings again.
Link 7:19 a.m. Jun 21, 2022, UTC-4

The thing about making your book stressful is that at some point you’ve made it too stressful and I have no desire to continue reading it.
Link 7:18 a.m. Jun 21, 2022, UTC-4

“Learning how to program is hard but most people can do it. There are two requirements, really: emotional regulation and patience.”
Link 2:35 p.m. Jun 20, 2022, UTC-4

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much
more valuable than they?” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:26‬ ‭NIV‬‬ Lewis talks about living in the present in *The Screwtape Letters*, something that is hard for me. I can feel what Lewis means, what the Holy Spirit is leading me to—not a sort of “do whatever you feel like right now” but “do what you know you need to do right now and trust that it will work out for you.” I know that sounds easy, but my perfectionism makes it difficult. Perfectionism is useful when making decisions but after the decision has been made you just need to roll with it. This sort of perfectionist rejection of perfectionism ties directly to the idea of “doing whatever is easiest.”
Link 11:38 p.m. Jun 18, 2022, UTC-7

I feel four emotions strongly. First of course, loneliness or longing, then pride, purposelessness, and one that is more difficult to
describe but which I would normally call the desire for perfection or frustration with imperfection.
Link 5:53 p.m. Jun 18, 2022, UTC-7

“People want an authority to tell them how to value things, but they choose this authority not based on facts or results.”
Link 10:31 p.m. Jun 17, 2022, UTC-7

You know what. I’m. I’m scared I’m not weird enough.
Link 10:04 p.m. Jun 17, 2022, UTC-7

Have you ever been more?
Link 2:48 p.m. Jun 17, 2022, UTC-7

I would sooner shut down a website than include a full-page cookie popup.
Link 10:29 a.m. Jun 16, 2022, UTC-10

“Neuewest Is For The People”
Link 10:54 p.m. Jun 15, 2022, UTC-10

Clive really argues that two people who f and then get married because they don't want to desecrate that sacred bond, even if they don't
really like each other, have a more solid relationship than two people who get married because they've fallen in love. Remind me to edit with source/quote once I'm back near my copy of *The Screwtape Letters* Edit (Jun 16, 9:05 a.m.): For background *The Screwtape Letters* are an imagined collection of letters from one demon to another, so when it says "thanks to us" Lewis means "thanks to the work of the devil" and when it says "the Enemy" it means "the Christian God" > The Enemy described a married couple as "one flesh." He did not say "a happily married couple" or "a couple who married because they were in love," but you can make the humans ignore that. … > The truth is that whenever a man lies with a woman, there, whether they like it or not, a transcendental relationship is set up between them which must be eternally enjoyed or eternally endured. … > Humans can be made to infer the false belief that the blend of affection, fear, and desire which they call "being in love" is the only thing that makes marriage either happy or holy. This error is easy to produce because "being in love" does very often, in western Europe, precede marriages which are made in obedience to the Enemy's designs. … > humans...can be deterred from seeking marriage as a solution because they do not find themselves "in love" and thanks to us the idea of marrying for any other purpose seems low and cynical. Yes, they think that. They regard the intention of loyalty to a partnership for mutual help, for the preservation of chastity, and for the transmission of life, as something lower than a storm of emotion. -p 82-84 I think what's going on here is that Lewis is using a definition of "being in love" which today would be closer to "love at first sight." I don't think Lewis is saying that you shouldn't love your wife/husband. (Notice how he always quotes "being in love," I think to make it clear this isn't real love.) Rather, I think he's defining "being in love" as the inherently childish, transitory, "storm of emotion" which exists only at the beginning of a relationship. And he further argues that basing a relationship on *that* feeling is a recipe for disaster. At another point, he describes how a new couple might be spontaneously moved to do things for one another which would be unreasonable and unsustainable for the entirety of a marriage. But I just can't stop laughing at 'there's nothing wrong with getting married for the "preservation of chastity."'
Link 10:38 p.m. Jun 15, 2022, UTC-10

Been watching *The Umbrella Academy.* It's intense.
Link 10:33 p.m. Jun 15, 2022, UTC-10

The greatest advancement humanity has made since 1954 was realizing that Turing’s death was a tragedy.
Edit (10:32 pm): => Turing invented and then solved computer science.
Link 12:07 p.m. Jun 15, 2022, UTC-10

Yeah having a Moment
Everyone on Reddit hates me because I don’t support abolishing the church and everyone in the church hates me because I mostly enjoy using Reddit. Of course that’s not true. Of course not everyone hates me. I know that. But normally it’s like there’s a big voice in my head that makes sense and sometimes the small voice says or suggests things that clearly aren’t true and the big voice is like, no. But sometimes the big voice is saying that everyone hates me and the small voice is like, “obviously that’s not true” Anyways I ate sometime, took some deep breaths, and walked around, and I’m feeling better.
Link 10:36 a.m. Jun 15, 2022, UTC-10

I have like these depressive Moments. It’s really hard to remember that they’re temporary, not normal, and I just need to ignore them as
much as possible. Downvoted to -4 the other day for commenting on Reddit that telling kids about the existing of heaven and hell didn’t constitute child abuse.
Link 10:00 a.m. Jun 15, 2022, UTC-10

“Don’t hesitate to medicate”
Link 5:26 p.m. Jun 14, 2022, UTC-10

I love white rap so much omg
Link 8:46 p.m. Jun 13, 2022, UTC-10

A lot of my strict adherence to a moral code—I don’t lie, I don’t cheat, I don’t drink, etc. is motivated by ego more than morals.
Link 9:25 a.m. Jun 13, 2022, UTC-10

I say I want to be at peace, but I don’t. I’m restless. I crave novelty. You could make some complex argument about novelty being from the
devil, but by necessity it is different and the only reason to want something different is if you are unsatisfied with what you have; and so, a desire for novelty and unsatisfaction go hand in hand. (From the plane a couple days ago)
Link 9:16 a.m. Jun 13, 2022, UTC-10

Someone gave me a MidJourney beta invite, this is too much power, please, I'm going to end up buying a subscription.
Link 7:16 a.m. Jun 13, 2022, UTC-10

I’m postponing the migration of Tweets onto this website. I realized there’s no real point and so I’m not going to motivate myself to finish
the annoying parts of the code. That is to say, I’m going to work on this website when I feel like it, and not for any other reason.
Link 7:19 p.m. Jun 12, 2022, UTC-10

Just watched a Love Death and Robots episode about how the 0.1% are going to escape the climate disaster by flying to Mars and leave
everyone else to die, and then at the end of the episode they drop a QR code for their NFT What timeline are we even in.
Link 3:24 p.m. Jun 12, 2022, UTC-10

Add “Ocean Man” to the list of songs that are better than they have any right to be.
Link 9:58 a.m. Jun 12, 2022, UTC-10

Oooh, I could RIIR (Rewrite it in Rails) at the same time...
Link 6:31 a.m. Jun 12, 2022, UTC-10

The more I work on the Tweet migration, the more tempted I am to just refactor Thoughts on here entirely to support some sort of threading.
Link 6:28 a.m. Jun 12, 2022, UTC-10

Thinking a lot recently about one of the best sermons I’ve heard, in which the pastor took a bike wheel, and said ‘God is the hub, and we
are the spokes. The closer we get to God, the closer we get to each other, and the closer we get to each other, the closer we get to God.’ (One of the things that made it memorable is that it was about 5 minutes and was delivered through pointing at pieces of paper and the wheel—no talking.) Willard in *The Devine Conspiracy* argues something similar—that being a Christian means surrendering your own will and joining God’s “kingdom” (here defined as the sphere of God’s influence, where God’s will is carried out) and that teaming up with God in this way is the most effective way of aligning your will with others.
Link 6:33 p.m. Jun 11, 2022, UTC-10

Link 11:09 a.m. Jun 11, 2022, UTC-10

I think the thing that makes Tumblr so fun is that people can just keep adding posts until there’s a funny punchline.
Link 3:59 p.m. Jun 10, 2022, UTC-4

Still alive, somehow
Link 2:56 p.m. Jun 10, 2022, UTC-4

Programming is a kind of fantasy land, in that it is a world distinct from out world, with its own set of rules.
Link 11:11 a.m. Jun 10, 2022, UTC-4

“I miss people. The human interaction. Seeing the emotion in their face.”
Link 9:10 a.m. Jun 10, 2022, UTC-4

This is normal. This is a normal website. This is a normal website with normal thoughts. Filled with the normal thoughts of a normal person.
That's me, a normal person, with normal thoughts. God is good. I am something else. The small pain of finite meaning in the face of the infinite truth of everything. Insanity. Freedom. I can do whatever I want. I have complete control. complete and perfect control over myself. Right? Surrender.
Link 9:06 a.m. Jun 10, 2022, UTC-4

9 square is a hell of a drug.
Link 9:50 p.m. Jun 09, 2022, UTC-4

Wait is Waze a pun on “ways”?‽‽
Link 6:34 p.m. Jun 09, 2022, UTC-4

I wonder if I get kankersores because I talk to myself too much.
Link 6:12 p.m. Jun 09, 2022, UTC-4

Safari doesn't support regex look-behinds; the website I'm trying to use doesn't work; RIP, F, L, ratio
Link 5:22 p.m. Jun 09, 2022, UTC-4

Safari's devtools are so buggy. It's a shame, they're so good.
I mean maybe it's not possible for anyone but Chrome to make a web browser anymore.
Link 5:13 p.m. Jun 09, 2022, UTC-4

I'm going to be an old man using the Atom One theme. It's just so good. Especially Light is better than almost any other light theme.
I'm really excited for Catppuccin Latte to get ported places, because it seems pretty cool. But it's also hard to get sufficient contrast with those colors.
Link 3:12 p.m. Jun 09, 2022, UTC-4

Nice one!
Couriway voice optional
Link 2:40 p.m. Jun 09, 2022, UTC-4

"Our software might have bugs, but at least I'm spending my time on the important parts of the job: custom slack emoji"
Link 2:16 p.m. Jun 09, 2022, UTC-4

JavaScript is a functional language if you're not a coward.
Link 10:49 a.m. Jun 09, 2022, UTC-4

The keyboard-only people are trying to use the keyboard for everything to save time moving their hand to the mouse, but like, have you tried
moving the mouse closer to the keyboard. Save a bunch of time that way.
Link 9:11 a.m. Jun 09, 2022, UTC-4

I'm so hungry this is pain and only pain.
Link 6:06 p.m. Jun 08, 2022, UTC-4

I am so fricking tempted to rewrite this site with Rails 7 and hotwire.
Link 5:26 p.m. Jun 08, 2022, UTC-4

I’ve posted 3 HN comments today and none of them have any votes, they all hate me.
Link 5:12 p.m. Jun 08, 2022, UTC-4

My brain is somewhere else right now
Link 5:10 p.m. Jun 08, 2022, UTC-4

I'm employing a sophisticated debugging technique known as 'running the code and seeing what happens.'
Link 4:34 p.m. Jun 08, 2022, UTC-4

GOATed fonts? Helvetica, Times New Roman, Avenir. Is Avenir just me?
Link 4:10 p.m. Jun 08, 2022, UTC-4

Can't fricking wait for the Catppuccin iTerm and VS Code themes to update with a light theme.
Hm. It occurs to me I could update them myself. Hm.
Link 1:49 p.m. Jun 08, 2022, UTC-4

The comments in this codebase are driving me insane.
Link 11:16 a.m. Jun 08, 2022, UTC-4

I'm unfortunately not an infinite number of people. I want to be an infinite number of people but I'm only a finite number of people.
Link 10:12 a.m. Jun 08, 2022, UTC-4

Lodash has practically created their own dialect of JS.
I don't even know This Thought brought to you by `_.isNil`
Link 10:05 a.m. Jun 08, 2022, UTC-4

"The first, is that God is better than the world's best thing. God is better than the best thing that the world has to offer."
-How Great, Chance the Rapper
Link 11:15 p.m. Jun 07, 2022, UTC-4

I just feel so sick to my stomach, so lonely. I have a headache every night. I'm too tired to do anything that I want to do.
I don't know, it could be worse. It has been worse. I just. uh.
Link 10:40 p.m. Jun 07, 2022, UTC-4

Gosh frick
Link 2:09 p.m. Jun 07, 2022, UTC-4

I am a genius, an intellectual mastermind.
Link 11:53 a.m. Jun 07, 2022, UTC-4

“I think what we’ll remember most about BeReal is that we were so desperate to find a decent place to connect online that we were willing
to play by even the silliest rules of engagement. For the moment, it’s been pretty nice. I can’t wait until we ruin it for everybody else.” Hot dang 😭
Link 11:15 a.m. Jun 07, 2022, UTC-4

Two types of people in a Discord channel called #crimes, "I do not leave home without my carry pistol" libertarian and
"most police should be completely unarmed" liberal. They may disagree on gun policy but are willing to put that aside to insult the police.
Link 10:00 a.m. Jun 07, 2022, UTC-4

Siri reads the BeReal notification as "bareal" (as if it's one word).
Link 3:17 p.m. Jun 06, 2022, UTC-4

Link 1:17 p.m. Jun 06, 2022, UTC-4

Honestly I kind of miss TypeScript. I never thought I'd say it. I'm sure if I actually had to use Typescript I wouldn't be happy about it.
Link 11:33 a.m. Jun 06, 2022, UTC-4

Moving Tweets over here has stalled since many Tweets have pictures associated with them. (I posted pictures more frequently on Twitter I
think.) So I need to write code to download those from Twitter. And of course some Tweets or threads (I wrote a neat bit of code to unroll Twitter threads into a single Thought) have multiple pictures, and I have no idea what to do about that (this site only supports one piece of media per Thought).
Link 10:59 p.m. Jun 05, 2022, UTC-4

I love the "Most replayed" that shows up from people skipping over the ad break
A screenshot of a Youtube bar showing "Most Replayed" with sparkles right around the end of the ad chapter of the video.
Link 7:50 p.m. Jun 05, 2022, UTC-4

Pop quiz: You're a python programer. You have a web request that is one line with the Python standard library. No, what are you doing? Stop
pip installing requests. There's no reason to use requests. It's not. Ahhhhh Banging my head into the wall. requests is like jQuery for Python programmers. They just can't live without it and it looks exactly the same to me.
Link 3:25 p.m. Jun 05, 2022, UTC-4

I have over 900,000 pixels in my web browser that can control and it shows me one (1) Tweet.
Link 3:13 p.m. Jun 05, 2022, UTC-4

I'm working on migrating my old tweets into a backlog on this website. Wow. Re-reading is wild because I agree with most/all of them but had
forgotten most/all of them. As opposed to Thoughts, which I reread periodically frequently enough that I remember (or at least am not surprised at) most of them.
Link 1:39 p.m. Jun 05, 2022, UTC-4

Need to stop trimming white space from the front and end of posts here, I don’t know why I thought that was a good idea.
Link 10:13 p.m. Jun 04, 2022, UTC-4

I should make more art.
A salamander sitting on a rock by the beach. A submarine and a police car with a hat.
Link 10:06 p.m. Jun 04, 2022, UTC-4

I just want to know everything.
Link 6:52 p.m. Jun 04, 2022, UTC-4

Something about Python requiring whitespace and my belief in the subjective nature of beauty in code and PEP8 and Black and Ruby.
Link 3:57 p.m. Jun 04, 2022, UTC-4

One of the things about being "good" (read: experienced) at programming is that I tend to favor debugging techniques that leave as little
room for error as possible. If I have a line of code that doesn't work, my style generally is not to look at it or think about it or even "rubber-duck" at this point. I tend to jump immediately to assuming nothing and either wildly printing variables or binary-searching between the present and a previous working state.
Link 3:18 p.m. Jun 04, 2022, UTC-4

People complain about JS's date support but I have a date in the form "Sun Jun 07 06:57:25 2020" and Python just won't handle it.
Only ISO dates in Python I guess. Going to have to like call out to JS or something I don't know. Edit: nevermind I missed `strptime`
Link 12:48 p.m. Jun 04, 2022, UTC-4

I feel bad for the nvm maintainer. Because he's strongly opinionated that nvm should be written in bash. And I respect his opinion, but he's
wrong. And he has to deal with people coming in and telling him all the time that he should rewrite nvm in literally any language other than bash. And he has to explain to people that he actually really enjoys maintaining a 4,000+ line, single file, terribly slow, shell script.
Link 11:59 a.m. Jun 04, 2022, UTC-4

I'm serious I don't know how to turn this off. I disabled the Python VS code extension. I still have syntax highlighting somehow and that's
all I really need.
Link 10:27 a.m. Jun 04, 2022, UTC-4

In what world is this a helpful debugging experience????? I'm trying to type a print statement! Suggestions are disabled! Inline details are
disabled! Code verification is Disabled! A screenshot of VS Code showing python code. I've typed `prin`. VS code has covered half of the screen with a list of functions that start with `prin` and also a box describing the type and arguments of the `print` function. Also, the line and the line above it are underlined red.
Link 10:18 a.m. Jun 04, 2022, UTC-4

I am sick and tired of scrolling through VS Code settings trying to turn off popup ads (or "auto complete suggestions" as they call them)
Link 10:13 a.m. Jun 04, 2022, UTC-4

Stackoverflow does the thing where you lose karma yourself for downvoting someone, and I have to ask myself, ‘is it worth it to downvote
this jQuery user?’ And the answer is yes.
Link 4:46 p.m. Jun 03, 2022, UTC-4

It makes me feel sad because I feel like it's a reflection on my character. I don't regret my actions. Regret is not something that I frequently experience. In short, I feel resigned to it. I feel alone, both because I feel they don't want me, and because I know that my friends will be having fun without me and because I don't have another life setup, as much as I pretend that I do. I'm scared. I don't know if I can do it. "And, the trouble is, we don't know who we are instead."
Link 1:23 p.m. Jun 03, 2022, UTC-4

“But Justo wasn’t crazy. He was just unwilling to submit to what most people considered normal.”
And “He didn’t believe in perfection. How could he? Perfection was God. Unattainable. Perfection was really only the mask of ambition, and Justo wasn’t driven by ambition.”
Link 12:46 p.m. Jun 03, 2022, UTC-4

Word dump
ah frick these are words from inside my mind boy i do not have the sanity to create the things that I want to never be destroyed on this earth or in the heavens beyond our comprehenious in time sheep yelow words flow from my mind like they've never had a chance to escape before and this is the opening of the floodgates that destroys a city and a town and the world and everyone behind thier own minds is light oh
Link 3:31 p.m. Jun 02, 2022, UTC-4

I just touched the bottom of my mouth for the first time in a very long time. I was surprised at how soft it is.
Link 3:29 p.m. Jun 02, 2022, UTC-4

I need to remember to repeat myself. A lot.
Link 9:08 a.m. Jun 02, 2022, UTC-4

"How do good men become a part of a regime? They don't believe in resistance."
-The Resistance, Josh Garrels
Link 9:08 a.m. Jun 02, 2022, UTC-4

Still not over Sterris, what an iconic character.
Link 11:38 a.m. Jun 01, 2022, UTC-4

I have iTerm set to unlimited scrollback and I'm just running this process for days without closing it. I'm going to see at what point iTerm
gives up on storing scrollback but I'm currently at 29,000+ lines with no issues.
Link 10:08 a.m. Jun 01, 2022, UTC-4

People assume that since Gemini doesn't have a lot of users it's free game to suggest things, and they don't understand that the protocol is
finished, people are using it, there is no intention to attract users, and there is no path to make breaking changes. And the Gemini mailing list is called rude but I guarantee you if you go on the mailing list for any other project which is done and is in maintenance mode and suggest adding features the reply is going to be "no" in about that many words.
Link 9:41 a.m. Jun 01, 2022, UTC-4

People criticize Gemini based off of how well it fixes their problems with the web. And it's like impossible to describe to them that Gemini
was designed to fix Solderpunk's problems with Gopher. If you want to fix your problems with the web, make your own protocol. This HN user is like 'Gemini does nothing to fix the problems with embedding LaTeX on the web!' And I'm like. No. It doesn't. Did you expect it to? Sorry?
Link 9:12 a.m. Jun 01, 2022, UTC-4

Happy summer
Link 7:33 a.m. Jun 01, 2022, UTC-4