Why isn’t angsty, emo Christian music a thing.
Link 9:51 p.m. Jan 13, 2023, UTC-5

I'm subbed to the beekeeping subreddit, and it's very intense listening to them discuss the coming winter. Trying to make sure the bees have
enough food stored up and winterizing the hive
Link 12:24 a.m. Nov 21, 2020, UTC-5

Last night I started thinking about Russel's teapot again and I think I utterly confused myself. What's the point of the thought experiment?
Something about how God doesn't exist because we can't prove Him to exist with science. But I thought the teapot thing was supposed to be an atheist position. But it only serves to prove that there are questions that science can't answer. I don't know, I don't get it.
Link 4:18 p.m. May 06, 2021, UTC-4

Is creating good?
Link 1:13 p.m. Aug 16, 2021, UTC-7

Can't get over the fact that the Jazz Hands looked at a player named "Zee Phantom" and went, yep, ze/zir pronouns.
Link 12:17 p.m. Feb 03, 2022, UTC-5

Okay I sleep now
Link 12:55 a.m. Oct 29, 2021, UTC-4

I had a form I needed to fill out that I didn’t want to fill out, so stayed awake until now. Yeah. The form is done and I will now sleep.
Link 4:52 a.m. May 11, 2021, UTC-4

The problem is that the less time I spend on social interaction the more of a "thing" it becomes and the more it stresses me out.
Link 8:38 p.m. Aug 05, 2022, UTC-4

My Twitter data log has every time I've logged into Twitter and the IP address. Edit: Not accesses, logins, I think
Link 12:52 a.m. Oct 15, 2021, UTC-4

I don’t know what I was thinking last night. Don’t read into it.
Link 8:42 a.m. Jan 05, 2021, UTC-8

Rails developers on their way to make as many network requests as possible.
Link 11:05 a.m. Oct 20, 2022, UTC-4

I cannot comprehend how it is possible to sell Tumblr, which was bought for $1000 million dollars, for $3 million dollars.
Link 12:15 a.m. Oct 29, 2020, UTC-4

Okay here's a spicy hot take:
The 40+ hour workweek worked fine decades ago because women largely didn't have jobs. Thanks to feminism and capitalism, there's now an expectation that both parents work full-time, which is not sustainable. The recent push for work-from-home is a result of this shift. (I recognize that this is a simplification almost to absurdum. I may, to quote the About page, "immediately discard [this theory] as clearly worthless.")
Link 11:39 p.m. Nov 23, 2021, UTC-5

I can take pills easily without water.
Link 12:20 a.m. May 05, 2021, UTC-4

Yeah the certificate I'm using isn't technically right. And this gets into subjective stuff I think. I'm using an expired certificate for, which I should be using a self-signed certificate for localhost. And again, they're equally secure but openssl is aborting because the cert is expired.
Link 11:39 p.m. Sep 21, 2022, UTC-4

This house has so much fricking stuff in it.
Link 11:30 p.m. Jun 11, 2021, UTC-7

I can't do it I'm not a real person
Link 3:07 p.m. Oct 30, 2020, UTC-4

Poetry attempts to capture That emotion which surrounds us. It tries to describe. It tries to portray. The world and ourselves. The world.
Words in a loop like a lasso attempt to capture leaves. The words describe ourselves, Evoke emotion unbounded And feeling and meaning. Pain and joy alike Poetry is words given power, words brought to life.
Link 3:36 p.m. Jan 13, 2022, UTC-5

I’m scared of platforms that can shadow-ban me.
Link 10:31 a.m. Jun 22, 2021, UTC-7

I guess the React way of solving the item-deleting or resetable-counter challenges is by saying "the parent can't declaratively effect the
state of the child, period." If the parent needs to even "hint" at the state, then it needs to control the state, and you should lift state up. And furthermore, component organization is for grouping state and rendering, not for logic organization. If you have logic that needs to be shared, you should refactor it into a hook that can be shared. This is annoying because it splits what feels like a parent and a child component into a component ("Counter"), a component ("CounterButton"), a component ("ResetableCounter"), and a hook ("useCounter"). That is, you re-use logic through hooks, and you re-use rendering through state-less components, and there's not a good way to re-use logic and rendering at the same time (without also re-using state). Just to reiterate, I wish there was a way to re-use rendering and logic at the same time, while delegating control of state to the parent.
Link 1:05 p.m. Sep 20, 2022, UTC-4

tenpo pini la mi sona ala e ni: toki pona li musi
Link 8:50 p.m. Feb 05, 2022, UTC-5

It's a Caravan Palace kind of day.
Link 4:27 p.m. Nov 03, 2022, UTC-4

“Welcome to the list of things you will not miss. Backed up by the most novel research In not missing things entirely”
-Empty, the game
Link 9:18 a.m. Nov 20, 2020, UTC-5

There are a number of concerns that haunt the mind of one such as myself.
Link 2:44 p.m. Jan 11, 2021, UTC-8

BRB changing my name to Plornishmaroontigoonter
Link 5:38 p.m. Jan 10, 2021, UTC-8

I would have just, not opened the forbidden book. Like RIV to you but I’m different.
Link 8:39 a.m. Mar 18, 2022, UTC-4

> He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new! Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true:"
> “It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the thirsty I will give water without cost from the spring of the water of life."
Link 11:43 p.m. May 06, 2023, UTC-4

"I might be wrong"
Link 10:18 a.m. Sep 10, 2020, UTC-4

Have I ever told you I’m addicted to my phone.
Link 10:44 a.m. Sep 28, 2022, UTC-4

"Joe" has grown on me so much. Now that I understand the lyrics they’re super relatable
The Trick has also grown on me, but I still don't like the effect on the vocals.
Link 11:40 p.m. Mar 30, 2021, UTC-4

VoiceOver is so bad on this website. I can't figure out how to fix it. I'm so uuhhgggaashhh
Link 5:59 p.m. Apr 12, 2022, UTC-4

Re-read the second *Fablehaven* book today. Vanessa is an iconic character.
Link 11:53 p.m. Dec 29, 2021, UTC-8

2024: Democrat 2028: Democrat 2032: Republican 2036: Democrat 2040: Republican 2041: War
Welcome to, Matthias makes unsubstantiated long term predictions about the future. 2041 seems pretty soon, but that's the way the elections shake out. I feel like it might be closer to 2040: 3rd party, 2044: Republican, 2048: Democrat, 2052: Republican, 2053: War. But that's way too long. Also unclear if it will be a civil war or a world war. I don't think it will last very long. In the case of a world war, 6 years, civil war could be 2 years though.
Link 7:38 p.m. Dec 06, 2021, UTC-5

I ate 6 muffins in the last <24 hours
Link 3:50 p.m. Feb 08, 2021, UTC-5

I find it helps me to think, "what would I do/what should I do" if I had an infinite amount of time.
Link 9:05 a.m. Oct 21, 2022, UTC-4

Ladies, KWC rejected me. :( This is why I don't make the first move.
Link 8:19 p.m. Oct 10, 2020, UTC-4

I haven’t even started yet.
Link 10:49 a.m. Jun 30, 2021, UTC-7

One of the big meme subreddits should ban memes with words. (Specifically, Ascii characters.)
Link 6:38 p.m. Oct 15, 2022, UTC-4

Today was a day.
Link 11:23 p.m. Apr 18, 2023, UTC-4

Watching myself age is going to be fascinating. I think it will be very different from a lot of people.
Link 9:46 a.m. Mar 27, 2023, UTC-4

"Nothing in my life so far would have prepared me for the fact that I would be willfully choosing to move to .NET,
but it's 2020, and nothing matters anymore."
Link 9:46 a.m. Nov 03, 2020, UTC-5

Is cocaine a drug?
Link 12:46 p.m. Nov 21, 2021, UTC-5

You know what, I should consume some more content!
Link 4:23 p.m. Nov 05, 2022, UTC-4

I will buy $F when they change their logo to a sans serif font.
Link 11:26 p.m. Feb 22, 2021, UTC-5

“I’m not narcissistic, I’m just high off the music, and I don’t wanna miss it, but I wouldn’t stop you.”
-AJR, No Grass Today
Link 10:39 p.m. Mar 12, 2023, UTC-4

It makes me feel sad because I feel like it's a reflection on my character. I don't regret my actions. Regret is not something that I frequently experience. In short, I feel resigned to it. I feel alone, both because I feel they don't want me, and because I know that my friends will be having fun without me and because I don't have another life setup, as much as I pretend that I do. I'm scared. I don't know if I can do it. "And, the trouble is, we don't know who we are instead."
Link 1:23 p.m. Jun 03, 2022, UTC-4

Somehow I just learned that Josh Wardle of Wordle is /u/powerlanguage, the Reddit admin in charge of the original 2017 /r/place (edit:
and like a bunch of other stuff at Reddit). Something about the internet being small or there being a social elite.
Link 12:02 p.m. Apr 05, 2022, UTC-4

I've been underwater (metaphorically) like all day.
Link 2:54 p.m. Jan 09, 2023, UTC-5

Why has no one implemented ed25519 in Haskell?
Link 9:18 p.m. Dec 18, 2020, UTC-5

Tumblr monetization update: it’s working, I just bought Tumblr merch.
Link 6:16 p.m. Mar 29, 2023, UTC-4

The only good thing to come out of The Eric Andre Show is the "We'll Be Right Back" clip.
Link 9:31 a.m. Apr 25, 2022, UTC-4

What was beautiful about 2016 me_irl was that it was self referential, but wouldn’t reference the outside world.
This what a lot of surrealists miss. I want art that disassociates with reality, but associates with itself—creating its own reality.
Link 11:40 p.m. Jan 06, 2021, UTC-8

*Wait a minute!* Toki Pona is just Lisp without the parentheses.
Link 11:10 p.m. Jan 07, 2022, UTC-8

I'm still alive.
Link 9:13 a.m. May 05, 2023, UTC-4

I love the idea of sinks. Input and output for water, for a variety of purposes. All in one place.
Link 6:45 p.m. Jul 18, 2021, UTC-7

I just want to shout-out modern food preservation techniques. I sometimes eat food that's weeks after its expiration date.
Link 7:17 p.m. Apr 15, 2022, UTC-4

aaaha crippling social anxiety
There are problems that I can't solve alone, that I'm afraid to mention to other people. And I just write off solving them, which is really frustrating. I don't want to be a complainer, I don't want to cause problems. But I notice things that are wrong that no one else seems to notice or care about and I like are we just all ignoring this? elephant in the room, the sentry docs install instructions don't make any sense. And I point that out and get gaslit into thinking that they do work. The lightbulb in my room burned out and I hate talking to people and that's not really a problem I can solve without talking to people. But moreover, it's my problem, I can just live with less light in my room. No one else is bothered by that, but if I mentioned it to them I would be complaining, right, I would be making it their problem. And I don't want to do that. I want to curl up into a little ball and not exist.
Link 10:01 a.m. Sep 03, 2022, UTC-4

Help I recorded 5 hours of footage that needs to be edited into 20 minutes.
Link 12:20 a.m. Oct 22, 2020, UTC-4

I'm done.
We're done.
Link 10:21 p.m. Jun 17, 2021, UTC-7

Oh my word I've consumed so much content that I can't enjoy consuming anymore but I can't stop.
Reading an /r/WritingPrompts thread that alludes to fricking Roko's Basilisk. And I'm cursed in that I know what that is. And I know that Elon Musk and Grimes met because of it. And I can't take this. My mind is a network of ideas and all I do is run this O(n^2) operation to look for links between them and it gets harder and harder. But I'm also more and more likely to find links which makes it so much more satisfying. I'm addicted.
Link 7:11 p.m. Dec 08, 2021, UTC-5

I have a cardinality of 1.
Link 10:47 a.m. Oct 01, 2020, UTC-4

Insanity verbosity Vacuous reason The dance of the spades around the threads at the end of time. Misunderstood delusions.
Passion unconstrained. Nefarious fears. Preventative barriers around the future. Beauty.
Link 10:00 p.m. Dec 30, 2022, UTC-8

So I started this website because I got addicted to the dopamine hit associated with someone liking my Tweets, right.
Well, the lack of exposure hasn't made me any better at handling it. I started a one-off Instagram account, and I just got 2 followers, and my heart is racing.
Link 9:35 p.m. Oct 11, 2021, UTC-4

Language without lambdas or functions, only a set of standard library functions that allow chaining and composing.
Link 2:00 p.m. Mar 07, 2022, UTC-5

This is the end of an age. I want my life to mean something. Not to other people, but to myself. I want to have meaning. But I don't want a small meaning. I want an infinite meaning. I want the world in the palms of my hands. Or at least to be a finger of the hands that hold the universe. Every moment has meaning. Would it really be worth it, to save a world if I couldn't remember it? Would I go home? "Do you fear being shaken by the shoulders like an etch-a-sketch. Being mugged for your memories? I do. They are my first most prized possession." I want my memories to be valuable. I want to see the stars. "Do you feel it in your bones?" Not 'what do I want'. I want everything. I want infinity. I want infinite perfect worlds with infinite perfect things and infinite perfect people. But who do I want to be? Do I want to be a god? Do I want to be more? Anything I create will be less than me. And I am imperfect. I want to be perfect. I want to spectate. I want to fly. I want to be Matthias. I want to be weird to be memorable. I want people to remember me. But who do I want to be. I want to know. I want to know what I am doing. I want to have confidence that I am right. Not to fly, but to fight. For a cause. For the right cause. I am nothing without other people. "He just needed saving from himself." I want to be powerful.
Link 3:33 p.m. Jan 11, 2022, UTC-5

Some random music recommendations: Danger! Fire songs below the fold
"Monday," Imagine Dragons "Blur," Imagine Dragons "Charlie Vouchers," Wilderness Survival "Turn the Lights Off," Tally Hall "Pager," Lyn Lapid "Ana Ng," They Might Be Giants
Link 4:31 p.m. Mar 12, 2023, UTC-4

I’m allergic to carrots.
Link 6:42 p.m. Jun 14, 2021, UTC-7

I've commented before on how great the Vötgil episode [0] of Conlang Critic is [1]. But Misali doesn't let it go and keeps bringing it up as
a bad example in other episodes of Conlang Critic. Episode 4 [2] they roast this 1980s feminist for not being inclusive of non-binary people and then finish the episode with 'but that's not as bad as Vötgil which has no redeeming qualities.' Also BöpGil [3] is a bop please listen to it. [0]: See [1] [1]: [2]: I'm too lazy to actually find links, look it up or something. [3]:
Link 10:59 p.m. Nov 14, 2021, UTC-5

The key is understanding.
Link 12:09 p.m. Mar 08, 2023, UTC-5

Do these people not include data in their code? I'm constantly looking for ways to abstract data out of code. Having a global constant with
data that the rest of the program acts upon is a super common pattern in my code. But apparently, the system programming program never do that. Or I mean maybe they just do it in n lines and don't complain.
Link 11:09 p.m. Mar 14, 2022, UTC-4

Me: carbonated water hurts my mouth. My friend who loves drinking sparkling water: There are some people who are aroused by pain.
I mean, that’s what they tried to say, what they actually said was “you could say some people are eroti-siced,” and then we all died laughing.
Link 6:53 p.m. Oct 03, 2020, UTC-4

From the person who brought you "Thoughts" and "Super Thoughts", get ready for "Ideas"
I wish I was joking. I love thinking.
Link 10:35 p.m. Aug 20, 2022, UTC-4

"If I had the gift of prophecy, and if I understood all of God’s secret plans and possessed all knowledge, and if I had such faith that
I could move mountains, but didn’t love others, I would be nothing." 1 Corinthians 13:2 (New Living Translation, changing it up a little bit)
Link 7:48 p.m. Oct 30, 2022, UTC-4

Abby Ampersand is a fricking quality name.
Link 8:06 p.m. Nov 01, 2021, UTC-4

I just lost the game
Link 10:42 a.m. Jan 10, 2023, UTC-5

Fear makes people do some wack things.
Link 10:37 p.m. May 14, 2021, UTC-4

I wonder if Trader Joe's sells anti-itch cream.
Link 10:43 a.m. Aug 16, 2022, UTC-4

Dreams about death and corporate fraud.
Link 7:13 a.m. Apr 28, 2023, UTC-4

"And so we never did much and so we never did wrong" -I'm the One, Wilderness Survival
Link 12:54 p.m. Oct 09, 2020, UTC-4

What makes the terminal appealing?
1. Dark themed 2. Assumed to not be maximized—content is constrained to a short horizontal line length. 3. Predictable content displaying mechanisms. 4. Displayed content is non-interactive
Link 9:23 p.m. Nov 06, 2020, UTC-5

Stay sleepy my friends.
Link 5:15 p.m. Apr 05, 2023, UTC-4

The problem with any adaptation of the Count of Monte Cristo's character is that you end up making him more sane.
He's honestly a Joker-level character sometimes. > “Then," continued Chateau-Renaud, "since you have an establishment, a steward, and a hotel in the Champs Elysees, you only want a mistress.” > “I have something better than that," said Monte Cristo; "I have a slave. You procure your mistresses from the opera, the Vaudeville, or the Varietes; I purchased mine at Constantinople; it cost me more, but I have nothing to fear.” > “But you forget," replied Debray, laughing, "that we are Franks by name and franks by nature, as King Charles said, and that the moment she puts her foot in France your slave becomes free.” > “Who will tell her?” > “The first person who sees her.” > “She only speaks Romaic.” And it's these interactions that end up getting cut in any abridged version or adaptation. Because honestly what the hell. Although if I remember correctly, I think later the Count tells his slave that she's free, and she chooses to stay with him, and the Count admits that he views her like a daughter and isn't sleeping with her and she speaks French and the Count is actually making 4D chess moves that no one else (including me) understands.
Link 4:44 p.m. Nov 06, 2021, UTC-4

Joehill's pronouns are
Link 8:54 a.m. Dec 09, 2022, UTC-8

I'm sorry, Atom is too buggy, I can't take it, we're moving to VS Code. I love everyone who has ever worked on Atom <3
Link 8:45 p.m. Apr 12, 2022, UTC-4

I only use sophisticated forms of social media. I'm currently browsing a Tiktok blog on Tumblr
Link 10:20 p.m. Nov 22, 2020, UTC-8

“Partial upgrades are unsupported.”
Link 10:26 a.m. Sep 17, 2020, UTC-4

I can't do this. I want to switch to a remote branch. I don't know how. I'm dumb and alkwndajkdba nw;dkljadna wb
Link 2:19 p.m. Jul 06, 2021, UTC-7

I feel like GEB would be extremely cringy, like unbearably awkward, if you were smarter than Hofstadter. Luckily, none of us mere mortals
have to worry about that.
Link 10:44 p.m. Dec 02, 2021, UTC-5

Example number 83 of Gemini not actually being simple is that it supports the entire URI RFC, so you have to implement fricking url
paramater parsing. Like.
Link 9:33 p.m. Jul 05, 2021, UTC-7

"came" / "profane" is so fricking good, one of the only good examples of slant rhyme.
Link 1:12 p.m. Jul 21, 2022, UTC-4

“If you could transit between the web and gemini space seamlessly, gemini capsules would become little more than curiously retro-looking
web sites.”
Link 6:34 p.m. Mar 16, 2022, UTC-4

This website plays with boundaries. But it does not try to break or surpass boundaries, because then they wouldn't be there to play with.
Link 12:20 a.m. Feb 01, 2022, UTC-5

“You do not delight in sacrifice, or I would bring it; you do not take pleasure in burnt offerings. My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit;
a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭51:16-17‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Link 11:47 p.m. Jul 09, 2022, UTC-4

I have finished *Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency*.
Reading it in the middle of reading the *Poignant Guide* was perhaps a mistake. I remember a character living on the fourth level of a quadruple level bed (because of the flooding) which I believe was from the later book but I can’t imagine how it would fit into either. The plot of the book, that is to say, everything except for Dirk’s character, is different from the TV show. But they both do things with the plot line that are unmatched except by each other. So in that sense I commend the show writers.
Link 10:12 p.m. May 21, 2022, UTC-4

I should write a manifesto. For my life.
I tried but it would be very long. Without explaining, much less justifying, it would look something like: I think therefore I am; there is a God; God is good; Truth is absolute; Truth is infinitely fractal; human perception is inherently finite; pragmatic analysis must be used; logic is useful, but inherently limited; people are good; people are inherently flawed; independence is good; creation is good; etc.
Link 11:38 p.m. Mar 02, 2022, UTC-5

I would rather have a hard problem and someone passionate about solving it than an easy problem.
Link 5:05 p.m. Nov 12, 2022, UTC-5

Has any social media every been profitable? I guess Facebook/Instagram? But man, I'm never investing in a social media, I do not want to be
playing that game. Looks like Twitter could challenge Tumblr for the position of least-profitable social media.
Link 11:16 p.m. Nov 02, 2022, UTC-4

After my last Thought, I immediately went to bed. So I guess my sleep schedule looks like this now.
Link 3:14 a.m. Jan 12, 2022, UTC-5

Sometimes you don't feel like doing anything because you're actually just mentally done and you can't do anything. But other times:
* You're thirsty, hungry, hot, or cold * You're tired and should actually sleep * You're making the problem more difficult than it needs to be * You have the energy to be doing something, just not the thing you're trying to do (e.g. sometimes I have the energy to fold laundry and sometimes I have the energy to write code, but they're different types of energy so I rarely have both at the same time) It's important to realize that in none of these cases, including the one where you're mentally dead, is the solution to push through it and work anyways. It's also important to note that doom-scrolling actively prevents you from noticing other issues.
Link 4:06 p.m. May 26, 2023, UTC-7

One of these days, I’m going to understand MAKEFILEs
Link 6:27 p.m. Sep 27, 2020, UTC-4

I am never doing ads. We're not doing it. Ads are giving up the art of development in favor of monetization.
Specifically putting someone else's image, that they have designed, inside of your content that you have designed, seems dumb. They end up competing and it hurts both. Sponsored content, where you're designing some aspect of your content (for someone else in exchange for money), make more sense.
Link 1:12 p.m. Oct 07, 2020, UTC-4

Hmm should probably stand up and get some work done.
Link 11:45 a.m. Apr 25, 2023, UTC-4

13:49 <h9ro> yes, and then they're like "ship it" 13:49 <h9ro> i mean "train it"
Link 1:50 p.m. Nov 30, 2020, UTC-5

I really like daylight savings time and I’m unhappy that we might get rid of it. It’s so interesting and fun.
Link 7:28 p.m. Mar 17, 2022, UTC-4

I hate timezones
Link 10:06 a.m. Aug 17, 2021, UTC-7

"u have no idea how much i would love to default to Linux... 1) i cant use any of the major antivirus software on linux."
Link 2:41 p.m. Dec 07, 2020, UTC-5

We're not done. We're doing this forever.
Link 3:04 p.m. May 01, 2023, UTC-4

"You're never going to be able to make something safe. You can increase the margin of safety. And as long as you're holding to that, and you
don't suffer the illusion that you have made something safe, then you stay in that mental state that allows you to deal with contingencies, cause they're going to happen." -Adam Savage
Link 3:57 p.m. Oct 24, 2021, UTC-4

Just subscribed to a mailing list. AAaahhh!!!
Link 3:19 p.m. Aug 23, 2021, UTC-4

Wait let me try a word dump fump liump insanity brains and frycooks and sheep flying through the air at amillion miles an hour. Tuesday is
today and yesterdaya dn rails lines and fear and conjestion.
Link 1:49 p.m. Feb 01, 2022, UTC-5

Kills you by hitting you on the head with a gun. This is a statement about how unintentional causes of harm.
Link 3:08 p.m. Mar 20, 2023, UTC-4

I've been thinking for a while that a Lindsey Stirling + AJR collab would be amazing but I didn't know there's a mashup on AJR's Soundcloud.
=> "I'm Ready/Take Flight Mashup" Lindsey Stirling and Ryan are both iconic editors so having both of them on a song is overkill. And indeed, this sounds like Ryan just remixed Sterling into I'm Ready, with the violin as background. But it's still incredible, like ah!, Ryan with the up-tempo violin is great. Edit (:17): I should make explicit that I'm working under the assumption that it was edited by Ryan based on the fact that it shows up on AJR's official Soundcloud.
Link 4:03 p.m. Jul 12, 2022, UTC-4

I just learned that "Istanbul (not Constantinople)" isn't originally a They Might Be Giants song, it's actually from 1953. I cannot process
Link 12:07 a.m. Jan 10, 2021, UTC-8

I'm sorry I'm still not over Double Life
Some Scarlet Pearl animatics: One of those says 'I love double-life Pearl a normal amount' and like yes. This is the only appropriate response to Pearl's character. => => => 'There are two green names, and there are eight of us. What do you say? What do say we go...' "I think we gotta call Cleo." *silence* *silence* => I love that scene so much because Etho and I are on exactly the same page. I love Cleo.
Link 11:03 p.m. Oct 03, 2022, UTC-4

Had some thoughts on the airplane earlier. Probably won’t post them.
Link 6:15 p.m. Feb 28, 2022, UTC-5

“I miss people. The human interaction. Seeing the emotion in their face.”
Link 9:10 a.m. Jun 10, 2022, UTC-4

I’m actually pretty good at socializing it’s just tiring and stressful.
Maybe I need to exercise to give my body an opportunity to get my heart rate up outside of social interactions.
Link 8:27 a.m. Nov 10, 2022, UTC-5

Feature creep fails to convey the need.
Link 5:49 p.m. Jan 16, 2022, UTC-5

My timestamps are completely screwed up somehow. It's 8:27am. My last post last night should have been 11:30pm. My one test post worked.
Link 8:28 a.m. Sep 07, 2020, UTC-4

Me and my rapidly declining sanity would like to thank you, for coming to my website.
Link 9:31 a.m. Sep 08, 2020, UTC-4

“Automation is key”
Link 7:22 p.m. Jan 09, 2023, UTC-5

"I’m in central park right now for unknown reasons"
Link 8:35 a.m. Nov 09, 2020, UTC-5

My internet tonight is garbage. 0.83Mbps down. A socket error occurred during the upload test.
Link 10:48 p.m. Oct 10, 2022, UTC-4

Maybe I should stop looking inwards and spend more time looking outwards.
Link 12:21 p.m. May 26, 2023, UTC-7

Maybe I should give on my dreams of doing something and focus on learning and thinking, the things that I'm actually good at.
Link 1:49 p.m. Oct 01, 2022, UTC-4

Oh my word my brain.
Link 1:23 p.m. May 05, 2023, UTC-4

I might grow to love screwing with things with `git rebase` and `git cherry-pick`
Link 5:13 p.m. Jul 11, 2022, UTC-4

I should learn how to type.
Link 8:51 a.m. Jul 01, 2022, UTC-4

Feature creep turns things that are boring into things that are bad.
For an example, let's say Mark is working as an engineer adding a smart assistant to a microwave. Mark has been effected by the disease of feature creep. (Whether Mark uses his own product, or is passionate about microwaves, or particularly cares about his job doesn't matter.) When most people see a normal microwave ("base" microwave), they're bored by it. They've seen it before. When Mark sees a base microwave in his friend's house, because he's been effected by feature creep, he thinks "this microwave is bad because it doesn't have a voice assistant." I'm being very particular with my wording. It's possible that Mark uses and loves his voice assistant microwave. But it's possible he doesn't. It's possible that he would be legitimately inconvenienced by the lack of a voice assistant. But the "feature creep" disease doesn't care about practicality. It effects the way Mark thinks about his friend's microwave, which Mark has never used. It's not about liking features or missing them. You can be a smart-home enthusiast, of the opinion that all microwaves are best with voice assistants. But if you don't spend all your time around voice assistant microwaves, like Mark does, you can walk into your friend's house, and see a base microwave and not think anything of it. Feature creep isn't about wanting more features. That's the other point. Mark doesn't want a camera or a TV or a laser projector in his microwave. Feature creep doesn't make you want more features. Mark isn't dumb. Mark knows that not everyone has a smart microwave. He still calls a base microwave a "normal" microwave. It's not that the goalposts have moved. But a voice assistant microwave is not impressive to Mark anymore. And a base microwave is actively unimpressive. Like, a golfer who starts passionately playing golf, practicing every day, and getting better, still knows that par is the standard, and knows that they're getting better. The first time they get better than par, they get a certain rush from it. The 100th time they get under par, they still know that they've a good job, but they don't feel the same way. It's not an addiction either. Addictions cause you to suffer withdrawal or negative effects. Feature creep doesn't have negative mental effects, not really. It's just desensitizing you to existing features.
Link 6:49 p.m. Jan 16, 2022, UTC-5

Someone in #gemini on Libera IRC is informing me that the creator of Gemini's Gemini server isn't in compliance with Gemini.
I'm like, 'I'm having issues' And they're like, oh yeah, 'that gemini server is noncompliant' Like, okay. I'm suddenly in way over my head.
Link 3:01 p.m. Jul 06, 2021, UTC-7

“That’s what a hamburger’s all about.”
Link 1:29 p.m. Apr 14, 2023, UTC-4

Ah, the passage of time.
Link 12:01 a.m. Nov 12, 2021, UTC-5

I had a bunch of thoughts earlier when I was in church and driving but I couldn't post them then and I don't feel like posting them now.
Link 1:28 p.m. Feb 13, 2022, UTC-5

“I can give you the Barrel, influence you’ve never dreamed of. Whatever you want.” “Bring my brother back from the dead”
Link 10:08 a.m. Jun 03, 2023, UTC-7

Help my system 2 has locked me in my closet.
Link 4:45 p.m. May 09, 2023, UTC-4

I take it back, you can still create an awful website without ads.
A screenshot of a full screen popup inviting me to join Consumer Report's mailing list for "weekly tips to help you stay safe, save money and more!"
Link 4:21 p.m. Jan 02, 2022, UTC-8

Ready to end homophobia so I can start making fun of gay people.
"Homosexuality is a mental illness," — insulting, unfunny, get blocked. Whatever the hell this is: — funniest thing I've seen all week. I'm dying laughing.
Link 11:57 a.m. Feb 06, 2021, UTC-5

To suggest that the God of love could ever hate His creation is blasphemy at best.
Link 5:39 p.m. Sep 17, 2020, UTC-4

Maybe it's impossible to make 2-dimensional software for our human brains.
Link 7:34 p.m. Aug 31, 2022, UTC-4

I'm the type of person who saves my receipts to add them to the growing pile of receipts on my desk.
Link 2:01 p.m. Apr 02, 2022, UTC-4

Updated self-diagnosis: I'm allergic to nuts and I have tonsillitis.
Link 2:35 p.m. Dec 01, 2022, UTC-8

How many levels of iconic would it be if I started an extension for Rigby?
Link 11:30 p.m. Jun 05, 2021, UTC-7

I only have 7 Khan Academy accounts
Link 2:02 p.m. Aug 14, 2021, UTC-7

Thinking about overdosing on Loratadine
That's allergy medicine, I think if I overdosed on it I'd just fall asleep.
Link 10:27 a.m. Apr 27, 2021, UTC-4

“All our troubles gone, like when we were young, take me back to where we all began”
-Infinity, AJR
Link 8:59 p.m. Mar 30, 2021, UTC-4

‘The Lord generously gave his grace to me, along with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.’ 1 Timothy 1:14
Link 12:43 a.m. Dec 02, 2020, UTC-5

"The first, is that God is better than the world's best thing. God is better than the best thing that the world has to offer."
-How Great, Chance the Rapper
Link 11:15 p.m. Jun 07, 2022, UTC-4

Perhaps no one else warns about the dangers of Universalism because no one except me has embraced it.
When I say Universalism, I mean attempting to bifurcate the word into things that are true and untrue, in the philosophical sense, but also in a more practical sense. I think about things that are "popular" or "unpopular" or "known" or "unknown" or "good" or "bad" or "meaningful" or "meaningless," by some objective, universal criteria. Like, maybe the formula for determining whether someone is a good person is lenient. But it's hard. Because I want to be a "good" person in some un-arguable way. And I really want my life to be "meaningful" in some objective sense.
Link 11:23 p.m. Dec 02, 2021, UTC-5

I think it's interesting to keep in mind that any project can be acquired by big corporate at any time. Keybase, NPM, Audacity, etc.
Link 9:45 p.m. Oct 11, 2021, UTC-4

Had like a 300 word change-log here but Viv crashed and I lost it so you just have to guess what I changed.
I'll give you a hint, I reduced the main page file size to 6% of what it was.
Link 6:01 p.m. May 01, 2021, UTC-4

Blorbo Tumblr is on like 4 levels of irony.
Link 7:13 a.m. Jan 12, 2022, UTC-5

All of my clean clothes are on my bed, so I will have to sleep on the floor.
Link 12:11 a.m. Feb 21, 2022, UTC-5

“I would call that an armed mugging rather than an armed robbery. Armed robbery is like when someone robs a business or house.”
Link 7:22 p.m. Oct 26, 2020, UTC-4

I watched the piece of art that is *Frankenstein Island* (1981) last night. Highly recommend.
I mean, it was bad. Really bad. But I’m pretty happy with it—it wasn’t as bad as I expected. It was like a high school play. Zero production value, zero acting skills, but somehow entertaining. It was like one of my Minecraft videos, but with less talking.
Link 10:30 a.m. Nov 01, 2020, UTC-5

I keep mixing up Scala and Scheme. Different programming languages.
Link 9:10 a.m. Sep 20, 2021, UTC-4

Hoping Dracula daily prepares everyone for my Count of Monte Cristo adaptation.
Link 10:25 p.m. May 15, 2022, UTC-5

I'm so hungry this is pain and only pain.
Link 6:06 p.m. Jun 08, 2022, UTC-4

What the Long Now Foundation, and a lot of archivists, miss, is that hardware just can’t survive that long.
I bet the Long Now Foundation’s clock fails in my lifetime lolol. But more directly, there’s no battery with more than a 30 year shelf life, unused. You can’t design a computer that lasts that long. The key, then, is that batteries are replaceable. I suspect that modular hardware and software is more maintainable and longer lasting than hardware designed to be long-lasting. Or at least, if you want to optimize for long time scales, you should optimize for repairability. The issue of course, that you need people interested in repairing your stuff. But if people don’t care, then that’s not exactly a fault of the technology.
Link 10:31 a.m. Sep 01, 2021, UTC-4

My AirPods resurfaced after however long they’ve been missing for.
Link 7:31 p.m. Jun 05, 2023, UTC-7

Link 2:19 p.m. Mar 12, 2023, UTC-4

"You forget that I am the train fiend." -Mina Harker
I'm glad we have representation of transportation nerds in Dracula.
Link 9:49 a.m. Oct 28, 2022, UTC-4

I don’t think there are any real people
Link 3:43 p.m. Jan 08, 2021, UTC-8

Man, I wish I had muffins right now.
I mean, they're in the oven, but I want them now.
Link 9:48 p.m. May 07, 2021, UTC-4

I absolutely love how terminal/shell users convince themselves that the shell is better than GUIs.
I'm not even saying that it's not, but they make it sound like the terminal was invented more recently than GUIs as a way to address the failures of graphical interfaces. Which is like objectively not true. > In very complex and specific situations, the request becomes too difficult to express using a mouse or pointing device. It is just these kinds of requests that are easily solved using a command shell. > For example, what if you want to list every Word file on your hard drive, larger than 100 kilobytes in size, and which hasn’t been looked at in over six months? That is a good candidate list for deletion, when you go to clean up your hard drive. But have you ever tried asking your computer for such a list? There is no way to do it! At least, not without using a command shell. Oh really? A screenshot of Finder's advanced search, with filters for "Kind, Word document," "last opened date is before 5/1/2022," and "File Size is greater than 100 KB"
Link 9:39 a.m. Nov 01, 2022, UTC-4

The more you say the less you say.
Link 2:38 p.m. Oct 27, 2021, UTC-4

Adding "Gemini Server" to my resume.
Link 6:02 p.m. Dec 27, 2021, UTC-8

Every time I `apt-get upgrade` and there’s even a minor Python version bump I have to recompile mod_wsgi from source. Agahagahahah
Link 1:11 p.m. Jan 09, 2021, UTC-8

I am declaring TLS Day over!
All my maintained sites are now using TLS. I have several sites that I need to go back and update with TLS as well as other things, but that will have to wait.
Link 3:31 p.m. Dec 23, 2020, UTC-5

I had a dream that I was climbing up a ladder on the outside of the Empire State Building, but I got scared about 2/3rds of the way up, and
went back down. Is this a metaphor?
Link 1:56 p.m. Oct 20, 2022, UTC-4

Maybe throwing money at my problems will make them go away
Link 11:26 a.m. Nov 10, 2022, UTC-5

"I find it important to specify the browser as well...So right now I'm running 'Firefox/TeX/Gnome/GNU/systemd/Linux'"
Link 9:13 a.m. Jun 12, 2021, UTC-7

I didn't realize Coast Modern's Electric Feel was a cover of a MGMT song. I think I prefer Coast's.
Link 11:30 a.m. Jun 06, 2023, UTC-7

I am back to sitting on the floor. I looked at Jupiter, which is very far away. If my trigonometry was better I would have a more insightful
comment here about how it is cool that my eyes can focus on Jupiter, which is nearly infinitely far away (relative to the distance between my eyes). I suspect that this is a significant or at least meaningful trigonometric observation. I wondered if the fact that Jupiter is in the southern part of the sky implies that the South Pole is closer to Jupiter than the North Pole. Although if Jupiter were equidistant from the two poles (which it approximately is, since the Earth and everything is in the same plane), then it may appear in the Southern Hemisphere of the Sky as a result of me being in the Northern Hemisphere. I wonder if the person that told me that was Jupiter the other night is correct?
Link 8:04 p.m. Oct 24, 2022, UTC-4

*Why?* Is Thu? The *only* language to come up with single-instantiated types?
Oh, you know, Java has that syntax sugar for defining callback functions that technically creates a single-instantiated class with an over-ridden method that is called as the callback. That's exactly what I want. (Hm, maybe OOP was a bad idea altogether and we should switch on the type of all arguments *cough* multiple dispatch *cough*) Edit (2023): Other languages call this a singleton-type.
Link 7:17 p.m. Aug 28, 2021, UTC-4

The person down the hall vacuuming at 11pm lololol
Link 11:10 p.m. Oct 25, 2020, UTC-4

It's weird that I'm at the point in my life where I need to start closing off options.
Up until now, my options at any given moment have pretty much only increased. But the number of options is kind of overwhelming, so to start making efficient decisions, I need to make some decisions now and not worry about them later.
Link 6:31 p.m. Nov 17, 2022, UTC-5

I have an addition to thinking in new ways. An addiction not to novelty of thought, but to novelty of thinking.
Link 1:22 p.m. Jul 21, 2022, UTC-4

Oh my word, version control system for a music library.
Freak that's sexy. Get rid of a personal library and liked songs and playlists and just have collections of songs (call them "lists"). And they're public and they have owners but other people can create requests to add or remove songs, and back it by git. *biting my lip*
Link 10:58 a.m. Aug 17, 2022, UTC-4

*And we're back!*
Bit of downtime there, I got frustrated. I tried to move the login page to HTTP Basic auth, and it worked locally, but on the server didn't authenticate me, without any error messages. So I took the website down for a bit out of frustration. I've reverted to a working state. ``` Why the fricking hell is logging with Apache so fricking bad! So me the fricking error log!? What the frick? 18:33 Sorry for the downtime. I'm not smart enough to make a website I guess. Sorry. 18:33 AAADAHWDUAHDAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHAHAHHHHHHHH 21:18 If you have an endpoint that returns 401 Unauthorized and a Basic Auth prompt, Firefox doesn't log it in the network console. 21:24 "You need a plot. What you wanna witness with this life you got?" 11:14 ```
Link 11:24 a.m. Jan 06, 2022, UTC-8

I'm unfortunately not an infinite number of people. I want to be an infinite number of people but I'm only a finite number of people.
Link 10:12 a.m. Jun 08, 2022, UTC-4

I don’t want to be strong, I want to be powerful. I don’t want to coerce people, I want them to listen to me.
Link 10:11 p.m. Jun 01, 2023, UTC-7

e.e. cummins’s ghost possessed someone to write SCP-3999. It is so beautiful.
Link 1:29 a.m. Apr 20, 2021, UTC-4

People in IRC are just unfathomably based. It has the same short-character-limit problem as Twitter, but since there's no mechanism for
popularity on IRC it doesn't self-destruct in the same way. Anyways: [on the topic of rapid software development pace] "you move faster when you go downhill"
Link 8:56 p.m. Nov 27, 2022, UTC-8

"This is the end of desktop applications. There’s nowhere but JavaScript."
Link 1:23 p.m. Sep 11, 2021, UTC-4

The thing I hate about modern JS is how verbose it is. Code should not be getting more verbose as time goes on. (cw: vent post)
I read to read from standard input. Let's do some code golfing here. Implement echo (so take from standard input, print the same thing to standard output) in Deno. ``` const d = new TextDecoder();for await (const c of Deno.stdin.readable)console.log(d.decode(c)) ``` This is like Java. I don't think you can get it shorter than that, because the interface that Deno exposes for dealing with Stdin is an async iterator of chunks. And I've previously discussed on here, the only thing you can do with async iterators is a `for await` loop. Now I'm extremely smart, and I know a lot about Javascript. Obviously, I'm exaggerating. You can also read [Symbol.asyncIterator] but that is not easier. I just don't get it. IF YOU'RE DESIGNING A PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE, AND YOUR `bytes` OBJECT, DOESN'T HAVE A `.toString()` PROPERTY THAT DEFAULTS TO UTF-8, WHAT ARE YOU DOING. `.toString` exists for a reason. SIC, THIS IS ACTUALLY JAVA, PLEASE CREATE A NEW INSTANCE OF `TextDecoder`. Next thing you know, Deno's going to introduce `DenoString` which you can't concat with `+` you have to instantiate a new instance of `StringBuilder`. I'm just tired. I just want to write some code in a language that I know. I just want standard input as a string. But no. Deno isn't a high level language. I have pre-allocate a buffer of a known size in order to read that many bytes from standard input. What do I do if I don't know what a byte is? Like am I just screwed. I learn what Unicode encoding was after I had been programming for seven years. There's a message 8/12/2021 where I read about UTF-8 for the first time. `man echo` doesn't explain what encoding it outputs in. Like I just. Is this hell?
Link 8:57 p.m. Jan 06, 2023, UTC-8

Family Dollar might be my new favorite store.
Link 1:47 p.m. Sep 26, 2020, UTC-4

It's possible TFC just has no fricking idea how big HermitCraft is. Like IRL he could just not know.
Link 5:40 p.m. Oct 26, 2021, UTC-4

I just love undocumented DSLs. Absolutely amazing. Nothing better. Just invent your own syntax, claim that the abstraction is not leaky,
don't describe what you're doing anywhere. Aghghahhh
Link 9:12 a.m. Jun 27, 2022, UTC-4

It's not that I'm ignoring you, it's just I'm not paying attention to you right now.
Link 3:54 p.m. Jan 17, 2022, UTC-5

I used to be so cool.
Link 6:15 p.m. Oct 15, 2022, UTC-4

I want to punch the person who wrote the Translator's Note for the abridged version of *The Count of Monte Cristo* so badly.
Background info, TLDR, there's a "standard abridged version" of The Count and it sucks. =>
"The prevailing taste for brevity has made the spacious days of the stately three-volume novel seem very remote indeed. A distinct prejudice against length now exists: a feeling that there is a necessary antithesis between quantity and quality. One of the results is that those delightfully interminable romances which beguiled the nights and days of our ancestors in so pleasant a fashion are now given no more than a passing nod of recognition. Unfortunate as this is, one has to admit it with as much philosophy as may be available for the purpose. Life then had broader margins, and both opportunity and inclination are now lacking for such extensive indulgence in the printed page. This, then, is felt to be sufficient apology for the present abridgement of one of the world’s masterpieces. It has been the object of the editor to provide the modern reader with a good translation and a moderately condensed version of Dumas’ narrative. This, while omitting, of necessity, some of the beauties of the original, has conserved the essentials of the story and condensed the incidents within what will be, from our point of view, more reasonable proportions. So the reader will miss no material part of that entertainment which the author, after his more leisurely fashion, intended him to enjoy."
Link 12:09 p.m. Jan 02, 2022, UTC-8

Is now a good time to start a weekend project?
Link 6:57 p.m. Nov 15, 2020, UTC-5

Really kind of surprised Apple Music 1 is still on
Link 9:42 p.m. Mar 28, 2022, UTC-4

How is it Thursday already. I feel like it's Monday. Yesterday I felt like it was the weekend.
Link 4:17 p.m. May 04, 2023, UTC-4

Bill Wurtz gives me the same energy as XKCD's Beret Guy.
A screenshot of wrutz's questions, "3.18.21 10:56pm currently trying to discover who am I and what my place is in this world, any tips?
you could build a canoe"
Link 1:20 a.m. Mar 20, 2021, UTC-4

The weird thing about “people like talking about themselves” is that I don’t like talking about myself. I don’t like sharing etc. But I’m
capable of talking about myself, whereas I’m not capable of talking about football or cars or country music or your girlfriend or any of the other things that you might want to talk about. So if you’re interested in my life and I can talk about it, than that’s what we talk about. On the other end of the spectrum, there are things I want to talk about, like programming or *The Count of Monte Cristo* that you’re not interested in, or that I’m not capable of talking normally about, on account of my caring to much.
Link 7:41 p.m. Dec 10, 2022, UTC-8

I'm a big fan of continuous deployment. If you have code available, it should be the same code running in production.
Link 12:24 p.m. Feb 08, 2022, UTC-5

I will say I really prefer `function funcName () {` over `const funcName = () => {`
Link 3:09 p.m. Jul 06, 2022, UTC-4

I don't like plot devices (things that effect the plot) without effecting the conflict. In my opinion, describing the plot also implies
describing the conflict and its eventual resolution. But sometimes you end up with what I'm calling "horizontal plot," where you have plot elements that effect the character and effect the story, but don't effect the conflict.
Link 8:31 a.m. Oct 23, 2022, UTC-4

You wouldn’t set it in literally our world, you’d set it in a semaphore-punk world, where communication technology stopped developing past
the invention of the semaphore, so that you could include the telegraph monologue mostly as is.
Link 10:35 p.m. Jun 27, 2022, UTC-4

I'm so. Running into Django bugs.
Edit: not a Django bug, just Django being weird
Link 9:54 a.m. Oct 22, 2022, UTC-4

Got eaten by zombies last night :( rip
Link 6:58 p.m. Apr 02, 2023, UTC-4

I'm posting this from macOS recovery mode. It could be fun to use Safari in recovery mode as a minimalistic OS.
Althought it seems less performant, not more. And there are some rough edges. Something something simplicity inside a complex system.
Link 10:44 a.m. Nov 09, 2021, UTC-8

One of the reasons I’m not very motivated to do write poetry is that I don’t think my emotions or experiences are universal. I’m not under
any delusions that I could write poetry to describe my emotions or that if I did, you would want to read it. On the other hand, I think that my conception of how software should be designed is universal and that’s one of the reasons why I’m motivated to write software.
Link 6:52 p.m. Nov 03, 2022, UTC-4

Someone remind me to make the post about mars and quantum particles
Link 7:19 p.m. May 11, 2022, UTC-5

Maybe I just want to be a horse girl.
Link 11:56 p.m. Dec 06, 2021, UTC-5

Okay, so the problem was that w3m wants to edit textareas in an external editor, but it couldn't find vi.
This was throwing an error to stderr, but I can't see that when I'm inside of w3m. What's dumb is that my $EDITOR was set to neovim, since I don't have vi installed, but w3m ignored that. (You might be able to argue that you need vi to be Unix complient, but Linux isn't Unix compliant, so I don't think that's what's going on.) Anyways, apologies for the spelling errors, this was written inside Neovim from w3m.
Link 11:42 a.m. Apr 01, 2022, UTC-4

I haven’t had a single thought since 7. That’s actually true though, no thoughts. I uhh played some Minecraft.
Link 11:42 p.m. Sep 08, 2020, UTC-4

The most effective questions explain the asker's current dubious understanding.
Link 1:32 p.m. Apr 10, 2022, UTC-4

I just don’t like fighting people. I don’t want to have to carve out my own space in the world, I want people to move out of my way.
Link 5:26 p.m. Jul 17, 2022, UTC-4

How do you explore the vast world that is humanity?
Link 7:01 p.m. Jan 08, 2022, UTC-8

*The members of /r/AntiWork are surprised to learn that the subreddit is communist.*
So I've said before that Reddit is a left wing cult. I retract that statement. My new theory is that the vast majority of Reddit users are moderate/centrist, but lack the critical thinking skills to realize that there are members pushing an incredibly left-wing agenda. "I checked out the sub a few times, and I didn't realize that it was supposed to be anti-work (against work) [I thought it was just people talking about] bad bosses, bad companies to work for, and advice for people that are facing conflict" (+389) You joined /r/AntiWork, and didn't realize it was about the abolition of work? They're not exactly subtlety about it. The description of the subreddit is "A subreddit for those who want to end work." The sidebar links to /r/Anarchy. And they get publicity, they get a radical leftist on TV making communist talking points, and suddenly, the subreddit backtracks? Why? This goes back to me taking everything literally. If you say you want to abolish work, I'm honestly surprised that you have a job at all. Next you're going to be telling me that Tumblr user @death2america doesn't want to abolish the United States.
Link 1:49 p.m. Jan 27, 2022, UTC-5

Yeah so Safari doesn't properly* calculate the width of the content of inline-block `pre`s if that content includes other inline elements.
*I haven't read the spec to know what is proper, but Safari doesn't do what I want, and Chrome and Firefox do. So my solution is to not inline-block code blocks on here and OJSE. Which might look bad on desktop. But I don't know what to do aside from asking you to use Gemini.
Link 3:12 p.m. Jul 27, 2021, UTC-7

“Married on a Hill” is a really fricking good song.
Link 10:47 p.m. Mar 21, 2022, UTC-4

"If you're new and you haven't subscribed, make sure you subscribe. And If you're not new and you've already subscribed, don't forget to
unsubscribe." -Gamerboy80
Link 1:17 p.m. Jan 26, 2021, UTC-5

The thing to understand is that Christians are still salty about scientists switching to "CE" and "BCE."
I kind of want to delete the next paragraph, since it's just me ranting, but that's the point of this website. I okay I literally have watched one video from that one YouTube channel, and it was about how dumb it was that our year system was based on a religious event, and they somehow stretched it into a long video and proposed moving the 0 year back like 20,000, and still can't tell if they were making a serious argument or if they were just ranting and I was supposed to enjoy them complaining about the 0-date being where it is. Anyways I have never watched another YouTube video from them, and I don't feel like I'm missing out.
Link 8:58 p.m. May 06, 2023, UTC-4

Added a search page at /search. Still needs some polishing.
Link 11:50 p.m. Dec 22, 2021, UTC-8

Maybe DRY was a mistake and the secret to good programming is just to explicitly iterate all of the expected behaviors.
Edit (:47): This might just be prolog
Link 3:36 p.m. Sep 30, 2022, UTC-4

I imagine that if I didn't have a soul I would look much like Conway's game of life.
Link 11:36 p.m. Oct 27, 2020, UTC-4

I want to watch Polar Express
Link 10:29 p.m. May 06, 2021, UTC-4

Why are words so hard
Link 10:06 a.m. Jul 11, 2022, UTC-4

I feel like I get more perfectionistic the more tired I get. Like most people get tired and stop caring, but I get tired and lose my ability
to look past things.
Link 11:26 p.m. Sep 12, 2021, UTC-4

Maybe if I send enough emails I can be perfect.
Link 11:13 a.m. May 14, 2022, UTC-5

Compiling Firefox from source, ran out of disk space.
Link 11:26 a.m. Oct 01, 2022, UTC-4

You know what. I’m. I’m scared I’m not weird enough.
Link 10:04 p.m. Jun 17, 2022, UTC-7

Link 12:12 p.m. Dec 09, 2022, UTC-8

Man there are a lot of thoughts on this website! I know that was the point but it's starting to scare me.
Link 3:52 p.m. Jul 01, 2022, UTC-4

Oooh so this is a bit cursed but what if you had a language that compiled to JS but had a Zig-like approach to compile time.
Link 11:43 a.m. Oct 18, 2022, UTC-4

Thinking about the Count of Monte Cristo again.
There's just so much that happens in the book! Like we see Villefort, but then we also see his wife and daughter and baby and father and grandfather and it's incredible.
Link 11:50 a.m. Sep 17, 2022, UTC-4

It's nice to have this as a kind of journal. For now, I can mostly keep everything in here in my head—there are certain Thoughts that still
echo in my head incessantly, even after I've posted them. But eventually, in the future, I won't be able to remember, and then I'll have this record. I might shift tone slightly, being more factual, instead of cosplaying as an immaterial being like I normally do on here. It also lead to me adding an option to post privately, something that I've avoided, since the whole point of sharing is kind of lost if it's not public. But if this is for, not an audience, but myself in the future, then private Thoughts is a good idea.
Link 7:19 p.m. Dec 31, 2021, UTC-8

“God is better than the very best thing that the world has to offer”
-How Great, Chance the Rapper
Link 9:38 p.m. Mar 27, 2021, UTC-4

The absolutely cursed thing about this lisp interpreter is that I defer to JS for like everything, so it e.g. has JS's truthy rules.
Link 2:48 p.m. Dec 31, 2022, UTC-8

HALF ALIVE DROPPING MUSIC TODAY!!!!!! HYPE!!!! AJR and half alive in the same week is too much, I'm dead
Link 12:38 a.m. Mar 31, 2021, UTC-4

I am literally never punished.
Link 8:45 p.m. Apr 13, 2023, UTC-4

One of the things about being a perfectionist is that I'm bad at giving up. I just kind of float in this limbo where I say I'm trying to do
something but making no progress on it.
Link 4:24 p.m. Aug 14, 2022, UTC-4

One of the fun things about Dracula Daily is seeing just how different people's reading comprehension is. There are things that I miss that
other people pick up and things that are obvious to me that other people misinterpret. I didn't even know what a cormorant was.
Link 10:43 a.m. Aug 30, 2022, UTC-4

"The Energy Never Dies"
Link 5:27 p.m. Dec 01, 2021, UTC-5

Happy Tuesday.
Link 12:12 p.m. Sep 10, 2022, UTC-4

`strings helloWorld | grep flag` I am elite hax0r
My 1337-speak is bad sorry
Link 10:11 a.m. Jun 23, 2021, UTC-7

I think I'm going to try out Orion browser again. They've been cranking away on bug fixes.
Link 10:28 a.m. Nov 30, 2022, UTC-8

"That's either very cool or very scary depending on your point of view."
Link 1:30 a.m. May 09, 2021, UTC-4

How hard is it? Just be better. com'on
Link 2:44 a.m. Oct 12, 2020, UTC-4

Here it is, in all its beauty. "Info: An Introduction" from the GNU emacs manual.
Link 3:11 p.m. Nov 12, 2022, UTC-5

If the world was a simulation, and one person was the main character and knew the world was a simulation, who would it be?
Link 6:54 p.m. Nov 28, 2020, UTC-8

Didn't eat dinner again today. This is a problem.
Link 11:18 p.m. Mar 04, 2022, UTC-5

At least it’s not hot outside.
Link 10:18 a.m. Apr 28, 2023, UTC-4

I was bored so I laid down and fell asleep, just out of boredom and I just woke up ~10 minutes ago and my eye is watering and my nostril is
running and I don’t know what I did to my sinuses Edit a minute later to add I’m not congested, my throat feels fine, I don’t have other symptoms of illness.
Link 8:27 p.m. Mar 29, 2022, UTC-4

Apparently Windows just doesn't include flag emojis. Suck it windows users. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Link 8:59 a.m. Apr 06, 2022, UTC-4

A scrapped draft from a project I'm working on
It is difficult to discuss functional programming in the context of JS and Lisp, since neither are purely functional or purely imperative. (Assembly is purely imperative) Normal JavaScript code consists of a list of statements. This is called "imperative programming," since your program consists of a list of commands. [doSomething(); \n doSomethingElse(); \n rect(200, 200, 50, 50); \n // etc] In imperative programing, you have functions, but functions are often just more lists of commands. ``` var drawDog = function () { ellipse(); drawSomething(); } drawDog(); ``` Functional programming is a programming style that focuses on function's ability to take input and return a value. This is a lot closer to a mathematician's idea of a function. So rather than describing a list of commands, you define a series of functions that manipulate their inputs and return new outputs. In functional programming, you try to avoid writing functions that "mutate global state." Basically, a function's only job should be returning a calculated value. An example of mutating global state would be changing the appearance of the canvas, or changing the value of a variable which was declared outside the function. These are, of course, things that you do in Javascript all the time.
Link 11:11 a.m. May 24, 2023, UTC-7

Feeling really good this morning. Sun is shining, I got a solid night of sleep.
Link 7:28 a.m. Apr 20, 2023, UTC-4

I've been using Atom for the past couple weeks. I just opened IntelliJ. It's so painful
The package is called `python-decouple` and is listed in the requirements.txt as such. IntelliJ can't seem to fathom that. A screenshot of an IntelliJ hover-over popup, saying "No package listed in requirements.txt providing decouple" on the line `from decouple import config`.
Link 6:18 p.m. Oct 03, 2021, UTC-4

I’m a recreational novelty miner.
Link 2:53 p.m. Apr 24, 2023, UTC-4

I just don’t understand how people are ‘figuring out’ that KA moderation is bad now. I figured out that KA moderation was bad c. 2015.
Link 1:59 p.m. Sep 16, 2020, UTC-4

Sometimes HN is so good and so proud of citing primary sources, and other times @foone's summary of something someone said on Tumblr makes
it on the front page for some reason?
Link 5:33 p.m. Dec 26, 2021, UTC-8

Mutual respect.
Link 8:01 p.m. Jan 27, 2022, UTC-5

I fricking love this website.
Link 11:30 p.m. Apr 03, 2021, UTC-4

“The Grupo Bimbo family of baking companies”
Link 10:15 a.m. Apr 10, 2022, UTC-4

Welcome back to Twitter, Luke. I missed you, but now that you're back, I'll probably mute you.
Link 11:04 a.m. Feb 28, 2021, UTC-5

Spent all of today trying to support wss instead of ws. Ah.
Link 5:40 p.m. Jul 23, 2022, UTC-4

"Passion is hard when you're going downhill."
Link 8:57 p.m. Mar 31, 2022, UTC-4

Watched *Glass Onion* tonight. I don't understand the difference between Hydrogen gas and solid fuel hydrogen but I feel confident saying
that the writers for that movie did not either.
Link 11:32 p.m. Jan 06, 2023, UTC-8

OMG 2's day.
Link 8:48 a.m. May 16, 2023, UTC-4

I can't believe Biden is president. What is this?
Link 9:15 p.m. Dec 06, 2021, UTC-5

Matthias’s programming language of the day is APL and its dialects like K, J, and Q.
It aims for very concise syntax, and while it might at first glance be mistaken for a code-golf-language, that is not why it was invented. The creator just wanted to remove all fluff, in order to create a language that more accurately reflected thought. It’s an array-oriented language, which, uh. Let’s move on. It makes use of special symbols to denote operations, so you can use as few characters as possible. It also means you never have to worry about your variable names conflicting with the standard library. It also means you have to configure a special keyboard layout and install a font before you can begin. It has been criticized as being unfriendly to beginners. However, I have been assured that this is only because it is different, and that if we had all learned APL as a first programming language, we would find it perfectly intuitive. Here’s an example program which implements the Chinese Remainder Theorem. ```apl crt←{m|⍵+.×⍺(⊣×⊢|∘⊃{0=⍵:1 0 ⋄ (⍵∇⍵|⍺)+.×0 1,⍪1,-⌊⍺÷⍵})¨⍨⍺÷⍨m←×/⍺} ⍝ From APL Cart ``` More on APL, whether you want to laugh at it or learn it: =>
Link 9:34 a.m. Aug 07, 2021, UTC-4

Do you know what day it is? It’s Croc Friday!
Link 7:55 a.m. Jul 15, 2022, UTC-4

I saw a Tumblr post last night that was like ‘Does Kitchen Sink by Twenty One Pilots count as rap’ and I’m still laughing.
That’s what prompted the posts last night.
Link 1:12 p.m. Jan 14, 2021, UTC-8

'Through Jesus, everyone who believes is freed from everything from which you could not be freed by the law of Moses'
-Acts 13:39, paraphrased
Link 10:23 a.m. Feb 20, 2022, UTC-5

There was a meeting at the Trader Joe’s headquarters where someone was like, “okay, what foods can we put everything-bagel seasoning on”
Link 2:46 p.m. Mar 11, 2023, UTC-5

Kind of can't believe I'm just unironically jamming to breakcore. Something about having chaotic music playing helps keep me from being
overwhelmed by what I'm looking at. Like it puts my mind in the mindset of "we have to focus!" keeps my mind from wandering.
Link 11:47 a.m. Jun 30, 2022, UTC-4

Link 11:07 p.m. Apr 20, 2023, UTC-4

How do I know if I’m a real person?
Link 12:03 p.m. May 07, 2021, UTC-4

Like, I know you don’t want me here. I don’t want to be here either. I just don’t know where else to go.
Link 11:59 a.m. Sep 09, 2020, UTC-4

"Naughty Programmer's Madness"
Link 12:11 a.m. Feb 16, 2022, UTC-5

Considering doing something drastic, like moving this website entirely to Gemini or getting my hair cut.
Link 10:15 p.m. Jul 16, 2021, UTC-7

"The Referer header is missing an R, due to an original misspelling in the spec." The web is so broken.
Link 4:01 p.m. Oct 12, 2020, UTC-4

“Data ≠ information”
Link 8:26 p.m. Sep 23, 2020, UTC-4

I love Etho so much but he can be so dumb sometimes.
Link 5:25 p.m. Mar 24, 2023, UTC-4

I say I want to be at peace, but I don’t. I’m restless. I crave novelty. You could make some complex argument about novelty being from the
devil, but by necessity it is different and the only reason to want something different is if you are unsatisfied with what you have; and so, a desire for novelty and unsatisfaction go hand in hand. (From the plane a couple days ago)
Link 9:16 a.m. Jun 13, 2022, UTC-10

Much in the same way that a fish writhes, I writhe in time.
Link 2:39 p.m. Dec 26, 2020, UTC-5

I am inside the jaws of the lion.
Link 5:52 p.m. Dec 12, 2021, UTC-5

Nate Ruess just does whatever the frick he wants.
Link 5:10 a.m. Jan 12, 2022, UTC-5

Creating software (or even hardware) that works is one thing. But to create anything that is "ergonomic, natural, intuitive, and user
friendly" is hard. Really hard. And like, that's the criteria. For whether your software actually gets used.
Link 5:26 p.m. Dec 14, 2021, UTC-5

It is difficult for me to describe how painful it is for me to work with a modern web stack.
It feels like I'm playing operation, like the debug tools just aren't there yet and I'm poking blindly into a beast. There are so many layers on top of normal JavaScript to create errors, because I don't understand them.
Link 9:41 p.m. Oct 11, 2020, UTC-4

How do you write at all?
Link 1:35 p.m. Feb 01, 2022, UTC-5

Can someone explain to my why Unpkg exists?
Is there a *single* features it has that JSDelivr doesn't? Is it more ethical? Easier to use? I don't get it. Unpkg was founded 4 years after JSDelivr. How do you look at JSDelivr and say, I *need* to do that in black and white, and then get end up with 50 billion requests a month? ??? ?
Link 9:41 p.m. Sep 30, 2020, UTC-4

Tumblr monetization strategy update: you can now blaze other people’s posts.
Link 12:44 p.m. Apr 20, 2023, UTC-4

I'm so burnt out on web development it's like not even funny.
Link 8:21 p.m. Mar 29, 2023, UTC-4

Oh my word I just fricking love words.
Link 1:13 p.m. Dec 08, 2021, UTC-5

Like, Tumblr will have a bad take, but since there are actual words there, people can take the time to explain it. Someone on Twitter will
have a bad take and that's it. No explanation. So then it lives in my head rent free until I can figure out what the hell the person's reasoning is. This is one of my problems. Giving me an unfounded statement is like 8x worse than explaining yourself to me. I can handle not agreeing, but I cannot find closure in someone that I don't understand. I can't reject something until I understand it.
Link 5:31 p.m. Jan 06, 2021, UTC-8

Apparently I have the instagram account @Matthias_4910. Just logged in for the first time in years.
Link 10:44 a.m. Oct 07, 2020, UTC-4

I can't believe Aidabaida and Blaze have deleted their KA accounts. I miss them. They were active on KA the same time as me. Makes me sad.
So much history gone. So much art taken out of the world.
Link 10:12 p.m. Oct 10, 2020, UTC-4

You gotta give credit to ElyBeatmaker. He is really good at what he does.
Link 8:53 p.m. Oct 10, 2021, UTC-4

I am seriously thinking about spending hundreds of dollars on a freelancer through UpWork, but they've been emailing me once a month for the
last 3 years with no way to unsubscribe. So I have to block all emails from them. Email is the most important form of communication and sending spam emails is unacceptable in my mind.
Link 12:02 p.m. Jan 10, 2023, UTC-5

I've checked back in on Twitter once or twice. Man, it's pretty fricking bad.
Over here, no one can hear me scream1!!!!!!
Link 11:52 p.m. Jan 20, 2021, UTC-5

There are all these ideas that not only exist only in my head but also only exist when I am thinking about them. Scary.
Link 11:39 p.m. Apr 30, 2021, UTC-4

On macOS CMake just kind of ignores the PATH and uses the c compiler that ships with Xcode unless you explicitly tell it not to. Lame.
Link 3:07 p.m. Mar 17, 2023, UTC-4

On a wide monitor, this page is super off-center. Hm. Might need to move that.
Link 12:34 p.m. Dec 19, 2021, UTC-8

A grainy image of the body of a woman wearing a dress. She has shoulders and a left arm, but no head or legs. The background is a bright sea and a cloud-covered sky.
Link 3:27 p.m. Apr 12, 2023, UTC-4

Tailscale is sending 46,000+ packets/second to Luther for no good reason.
Link 6:15 a.m. May 23, 2022, UTC-4

I'm a feminist, but like an 8th wave feminist with beliefs that I just made up.
Link 8:27 a.m. Aug 22, 2022, UTC-4

Merry Christmas!
Link 12:03 a.m. Jan 01, 2022, UTC-8

Watched the Veritasium video on Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem. He spent a lot of time on Turning completeness and the halting problem,
which I don't think was really necessary. That question is well discussed without reference to Gödel's theorem. Gödel's theorem is a big deal even without Turning. *Just watch the video:* For readers who aren't familiar with either, it might not be immediately obvious that I have to compare this to *Gödel, Escher, Bach*. But they both deal with extremely similar topics. Muller (the Veritasium guy), cites quite a few sources, but doesn't mention G.E.B. This surprises me. I once said that G.E.B. "dares to venture closer to insanity than any other work of reason." The Veritasium video provides a very sane explanation of the ideas involved. In some ways, this doesn't do them justice. There's a certain irony in logically explaining a theorem that bounds logic, and Hofstadter plays with that irony. Muller doesn't. I figured out that I'm pronouncing Gödel wrong. With the German ö, it's "gurdle," not "go-DELL." In some ways I'm tempted to dismiss Veritasium in the same way that I would dismiss a high-level explanation of a technical topic in mainstream media, (imagine a news anchor trying to explain a computer issue). Veritasium goes to a similar depth at times, hand-waving concepts. But that's not really fair, because the news anchor really only has a high-level understanding. Veritasium's saving grace is that if you look closer, everything they say is correct. Veritasium will cut to B-role of equations floating on the screen, like a news channel, but Veritasium uses the correct equations for the topic, even if they don't explain them. Overall, I highly recommend watching the video, especially if you haven't read G.E.B. Unfortunately, watching the video won't grant you access to the exclusive club of arrogant people who have read G.E.B. (I think there definitely is a way to make a video on Gödel's theorem that communicates the same surreal, metaphysical air. It's probably a good thing that Veritasium didn't make that video.) Like, Veritasium takes the "math" that you know, and says, 'hey this isn't perfect.' Hofstadter creates this new system from nothing, which is obviously imperfect, and then proves that it is the same as the mathematics that you know. So they explain some of the same material, but Veritasium doesn't give you the same paradigm shift. Hofstadter would be ticked off at me right now, because I'm pretending like his book is about Gödel's theorem, when that's only a part of it. He also deals with a *ton* of other issues!
Link 9:03 p.m. Jun 10, 2021, UTC-7

I can’t believe we only made it to GRIBFILE 1.5. It should have been an era.
Link 10:56 p.m. Nov 10, 2020, UTC-5

Technology is pretty much a fantasy fandom.
Link 6:06 p.m. Nov 13, 2022, UTC-5

WSL is going to kill Linux on the desktop. The future that we're *very rapidly* headed towards is Linux running natively in servers and as a
subsystem for development on Windows, which allows you to develop software targeting those servers, but it's recognized as a platform in its own right. It's possible I'm wrong and WSL users are brand new Linux users, and the same number of people, or more, will use Linux as a desktop natively. But I'm very concerned about the possibility of a majority of Linux users being WSL users, in which case Microsoft would have a lot of influence over the direction the Linux project goes.
Link 11:44 p.m. Apr 11, 2022, UTC-4

"I urge you, in view of God’s mercy: offer your body as a living sacrifice. This is your true and proper worship."
- Romans 12:1, paraphrased
Link 11:53 p.m. Dec 21, 2021, UTC-8

Just finished *Code Name Verity*, which I had previously read half of and given up on. It gets better in the second half, so it could
scrape 4 stars. Probably 3 though. Very good as far as books go, just not my style.
Link 4:56 p.m. Dec 18, 2021, UTC-8

I’m trying not to think about Blaseball ending.
I think the thing that strikes me so much is that I don’t never if it ever reached its potential. Online community is so beautiful and so shallow.
Link 8:38 p.m. Jun 03, 2023, UTC-7

Getting in arguments with people on the internet.
Link 9:00 a.m. Feb 15, 2022, UTC-5

I feel like I can't complain between C is not any better. Like, the "solution" is to define everything ahead of time and take pointers.
Link 11:05 p.m. Mar 14, 2022, UTC-4

I realized my default problem solving mode doesn't take into account difficulty, like at all. I've been repeating to myself for the last 2
days, "what's the easiest way of doing this" because otherwise I ask, "what's the best way of doing this" and that frequently involves doing way more work than is necessary.
Link 9:58 a.m. May 08, 2022, UTC-4

There are relatively few people who want to lead.
Link 8:22 p.m. Sep 28, 2020, UTC-4

Link 12:51 p.m. Dec 28, 2022, UTC-8

About to start using a new open-source code editor, Open Edit, based on the Halogen framework.
It includes a ba&sh shell!
Link 4:25 p.m. Jun 25, 2021, UTC-7

I do not like `wasm-pack`. It sounds so cool but I cannot understand what it does. It adds an insane amount of code to do nothing
Link 12:51 a.m. Oct 12, 2020, UTC-4

Link 8:37 a.m. Apr 29, 2023, UTC-4

The iOS 14 Siri loading animation was fricking stolen from the Health app period tracking symbol. I’m dying.
Link 5:03 p.m. Sep 20, 2020, UTC-4

Motivated myself to get out of bed in order to edit my Apache config. I might be a masochist.
Link 9:37 a.m. Aug 20, 2021, UTC-4

I was totally joking when I said this was a LISP dialect, I didn't know that Julia has real macros. No reference to s-expressions yet…
Link 12:27 p.m. Aug 31, 2021, UTC-4

Despite the fact that I frequently comment that I feel like a young child,
I am in fact glad that I no longer have to worry about constraining to their arbitrary and immature social pressures.
Link 12:46 p.m. Sep 17, 2020, UTC-4

I say this site is done but like there are still 27 things on my TODO list. It’s just that none of them are very important
Link 1:14 p.m. May 22, 2022, UTC-4

I found another person who likes Wilderness Survival. It's too late, they're mainstream, time to jump ship.
Link 4:18 p.m. Dec 19, 2020, UTC-5

*This Light*
"Common space continued to dissolve into private property, and our attention was pulled towards the monetized distraction of streaming content in solitude."
Link 2:47 p.m. Nov 22, 2021, UTC-5

If Steve Jobs were still alive, he’d make a car with windows that don’t roll down and I would buy it.
Link 5:29 p.m. Oct 07, 2022, UTC-4

Please read all of this website: Please. It's such a fricking trip.
Link 9:41 p.m. May 25, 2021, UTC-7

Link 2:02 p.m. Oct 05, 2021, UTC-4

I don't know if I'm going to make it.
This really is a 4pm on a Friday thought isn't it.
Link 4:11 p.m. Oct 21, 2022, UTC-4

Lodash has practically created their own dialect of JS.
I don't even know This Thought brought to you by `_.isNil`
Link 10:05 a.m. Jun 08, 2022, UTC-4

When were the TypeScript developers like "let's just keep all the types for all the packages in one repository"?
Link 10:57 p.m. May 02, 2021, UTC-4

Link 3:43 p.m. Jul 25, 2022, UTC-4

They should invent elevator rides that are like 20 minutes long.
Link 8:00 p.m. Jan 17, 2023, UTC-5

`"welcome to the user general tab update trained and activated labs check permission mining tour"`
Link 1:49 p.m. Oct 26, 2022, UTC-4

The Barnes and Noble employee who commented, 'Oh my word, that's my favorite book' when I bought *Good Omens*.
Link 5:58 p.m. Jan 07, 2021, UTC-8

I’m so bored I’m going to bed. I need to figure out how to write, or develop a hobby that isn’t code.
Link 9:57 p.m. Jul 12, 2022, UTC-4

I hate in object oriented programming when you have objects responsible for doing things. Objects should represent things that exist
What is a "Serializer"? A "Factory", a "Generator"? Deno's "TextDecoder". Screw you. Those should be functions.
Link 5:52 p.m. Jun 04, 2023, UTC-7

Working on a theory that I'm addicted to novelty.
Link 9:06 a.m. Apr 12, 2022, UTC-4

Considering rewriting this website in Rails after reading =>
Javascript has this terrible burden. It has to be everything to everyone. It can't have a design philosophy that is 'do whatever makes me the happiest' because it has to be backwards compatible with Internet Explorer 4. I love JS. But I don't enjoy writing it anymore. Okay, that's not true, I still love writing JS. But it's not a well designed language. It has a lot of pitfalls. The ecosystem is a mess. There's a lot of incredibly ugly JS that has been written. Ruby embodies JS's flexibly, the syntax sugar, the blending of paradigms from every other language in a way that is both flexible and familiar. It gives you multiple options in a way that isn't confusing but is natural and freeing. Python's just there. It's boring. In a way I think it tries to be. It doesn't focus on performance or doing anything differently or letting you do everything. It just lets you write code. And that's powerful. But sometimes when I'm writing code I feel like I'm writing poetry. (Every time I write Haskell.) And Ruby gives me that feeling a lot more than Python. I will say the Ruby people use these DSLs and I hate DSLs. I do want to be able read someone else's code without trying to figure out if they've overloaded `*` to mean "throw a cabbage".
Link 4:35 p.m. May 31, 2022, UTC-4

"However, some immensely lazy people can't even be bothered to type these."
-ZSH compinstall
Link 6:44 p.m. Jul 17, 2021, UTC-7

Sueueguejwvbwuevebje eh
Link 11:19 p.m. Oct 31, 2020, UTC-4

All these "open-source" programs with like 18 terms for distribution. Public domain your code, or leave.
Public domain or all rights reserved. Nothing in between.
Link 4:06 p.m. Dec 12, 2020, UTC-5

Okay I’ve snapped can someone please tell me what 👉🏻👈🏻 is supposed to mean? I’ve never seen someone do that IRL
Link 11:10 p.m. Nov 29, 2020, UTC-5

Cat with shirt is the cutest thing I've ever seen
Link 11:14 p.m. Oct 18, 2020, UTC-4

What's the point even of deleting old files if my computer doesn't play the satisfying *crinkle-whoosh* noise.
Link 11:21 p.m. Feb 14, 2021, UTC-5

"The following item(s) will be renewed."
A screenshot of large red text reading "The following item(s) will be renewed. Would you like to proceed?" then buttons "YES NO" etc
Link 8:17 p.m. May 09, 2021, UTC-4

This is your reminder to listen to unmarketable music
Link 8:47 a.m. Jun 29, 2022, UTC-4

I love steam so much. Truly one of God’s greatest creations.
Link 9:43 p.m. Mar 17, 2023, UTC-4

Has anyone done Programming Language Critic? The show that gets facts wrong about your favorite programming language?
Looks like there are a couple of surprisingly high quality Youtube channels doing esolang reviews. But that's surprisingly high quality given their low popularity, not like, actually good and definitely not at the level of jan Misali.
Link 11:21 p.m. Oct 13, 2021, UTC-4

Re: lightweight editors. I think I need something that I can run in the terminal, in iTerm2, so that I can use it over SSH.
Counterpoint, you can use emacs client in a GUI over SSH (or so I understand). I just don't trust any program except for iTerm2 to do any sort of terminal emulation. hmmmm Mac-emacs does a lot of very nice stuff, a lot of things that I say I want, like beautiful native menus, etc. But I don't trust it in the way that I trust emacs and iTerm. Hmm. I think we need to work on getting both working more or less in parallel because I don't have enough information right now. The things that are going to screw me up are absolutely small, dumb, things that aren't going to be documented or prioritized by anyone, so I really have to do my own evaluation.
Link 11:41 a.m. Nov 17, 2022, UTC-5

To day was not a real day
Link 10:48 p.m. Dec 08, 2022, UTC-8

I've looked at this picture like 14 times and every time I start laughing.
The text "MCYTBLR AU FEST / DISCORD OPEN" over an aesthetic picture of a gothic? arched walkway.
Link 2:00 p.m. May 15, 2023, UTC-4

What am I supposed to do? I just. I mean obviously I shouldn't have ended up in this situation but like. ughghh
Link 11:37 p.m. Apr 17, 2023, UTC-4

"I thought I had the ADHD, but that's a real thing, and I'm just lazy"
-Three-Thirty, AJR
Link 12:59 p.m. Apr 14, 2021, UTC-4

One of the biggest lies I tell myself is that I enjoy empty spaces.
Link 10:28 a.m. Oct 13, 2021, UTC-4

Sublime's syntax highlighting is fine because it's designed to be resilient against malformed documents. But wow, there are a lot of cases
that it doesn't handle perfectly. Tree-sitter based grammars are 100% the way to go. Home-baked syntax highlighting and spell check are the biggest drawback to Sublime for me. And they exist, so they check the box, but they're not good. I'm trying to decide whether I should buy a Sublime license or keep hopping.
Link 9:31 p.m. Apr 01, 2023, UTC-4

Link 3:40 p.m. May 25, 2023, UTC-7

What the hell are the Brave fanboys drinking? Brave doesn't have any features that Vivaldi doesn't, but the Brave fanboys will not stop
telling me how great Brave is for its innovative amazing adblocker and it's ability to use Chrome extensions and its built in adblocker and its adblocker.
Link 3:04 p.m. Feb 17, 2021, UTC-5

“The alphabet, they say, was invented only once. Bread is invented every time, anew. It’s life itself. And life is not for sale.”
Link 7:09 p.m. Aug 27, 2021, UTC-4

Oh my word I have a bad headache I hate this
Link 6:07 p.m. Feb 09, 2022, UTC-5

“Do you walk in the shadow of men who sold their lives to a dream?”
-Glitter & Gold, Barnes Courtney
Link 5:58 p.m. Jul 22, 2021, UTC-7

Also somehow I never noticed that there’s an AJR song called “3 O’Clock Things” and one called “3AM”.
Link 9:27 p.m. May 04, 2023, UTC-4

The only downside to ChatGTP is that you have to force yourself to take everything with a grain of salt.
Like, normally my system one is pretty good at creating a "reliability score" based on how sketchy the website is, the number of votes the answer has, the grammar and overall quality of the explanation. And with ChatGTP I can't do that. It filters everything through itself, so my system one gives everything that comes out of ChatGTP a pretty high score (since it uses easy to understand and well written sentences). But the information it outputs is wrong like 10% of the times, so my system 2 has to factor in this unreliability itself.
Link 3:59 p.m. Jan 03, 2023, UTC-8

I'm an infinite number of people and none of them are who you want me to be.
Link 12:07 p.m. Apr 20, 2022, UTC-4

"we never talk about [our high IQ] and even refused to become members of the MENSA"
Link 4:24 p.m. May 12, 2021, UTC-4

Like, if you locked our views on technology, (which generally is that more technology=better), and didn't allow society's view on technology
to change, and didn't allow the engineers working on the technology to significantly change their approach, what does technology look like in 100, 1000 years? How does the smart assistant in my microwave communicate to the smart assistant in my toaster oven? How big is my iPhone L (pronounced "50" of course)? Is there a subscription service that lets me order ballpoint pens?
Link 11:08 p.m. Mar 20, 2022, UTC-4

When I was a kid we had to read the docs to find out about new functions. Now there are popup ads ("autocomplete suggestions") in all the
text editors advertising useless functions to me when I'm trying to have a peaceful coding experience.
Link 8:56 a.m. Nov 28, 2022, UTC-8

After a couple of hours of hacking, I now have 'duplicate-line' working the way I want it to. => /?show=a6e6f170-4d9a-4a47-85ae-03d6b808801e
There was a second issue which I didn't notice at first: copying deselected (deactivated the mark, to use Emacs terminology). To fix both issues needs 50 lines of (ugly) elisp. I'll share my config at some point.
Link 8:28 a.m. Nov 21, 2022, UTC-8

I am a vessel of the Lord. And His name is on my forehead should He allow it to be.
Link 12:50 a.m. Nov 09, 2020, UTC-5

I still can't believe the portal-building meta changed in like the last month. We've been running this game for 10 years.
Link 9:18 a.m. Aug 14, 2022, UTC-4

HackerNews, 2011!
A screenshot of HN comments.
> bobx11: I'm in an office adjacent to you - nice job on BSA. ;)
> toddynho: nice! let's grab a coffee or beer or something one day, I'd love to hear more about what you are doing with shoot me an email ( or just swing by and knock on the BSA door.
Link 8:07 p.m. Sep 20, 2021, UTC-4

The other reason I stopped asking questions is because an increasing portion of my questions were about other people and their actions. And
people don't like being questioned.
Link 4:10 p.m. Nov 17, 2022, UTC-5

Might start believing in Santa again idk
Link 12:20 p.m. Dec 26, 2020, UTC-5

“The time’s always right to fix what’s wrong”
-What’s Wrong, half•alive
Link 10:41 a.m. Jun 30, 2021, UTC-7

A normal night, I would be going to sleep right now. But to night the stress is just starting to kick in and it won't be over until after 1.
Link 10:08 p.m. Apr 01, 2023, UTC-4

The C preprocessor will replace `??<` with `{`, in case you don't have a `{` key.
Okay, the C standard requires it. It looks like GCC and Clang actually don't do trigraph replacement unless you request that they follow e.g. `-std=c17`
Link 6:18 p.m. Jan 30, 2022, UTC-5

How much does it matter.
Link 3:30 p.m. Sep 27, 2022, UTC-4

I think fungi are neat and we should allocate a large portion of the U.S. military budget to studying them.
I have said previously, that I would not be willing to work for the U.S. military in any capacity. I would make an exception if they paid me to study fungi.
Link 4:23 p.m. May 14, 2021, UTC-4

Why do I have things to do that don’t involve lying in bed?
Link 8:51 p.m. Dec 04, 2020, UTC-5

People will describe something as "fiction," and it's like a story about normal people. When I say fiction, I mean fantasy. Please.
Link 10:43 a.m. Feb 19, 2021, UTC-5

"It was never enough. He just needed saving from himself."
-Cautionary Tales, Jon Bellion
Link 4:26 p.m. Dec 07, 2020, UTC-5

“Flash Flash,” Cosmo Speedway is a certified good song.
Link 9:37 a.m. Jul 28, 2022, UTC-4

ES claims to not have aliases, but will do a lookup for variables of the form "fn-CMD" when CMD is run, and replace them if they exist.
So aliases look like: ``` fn-l = "ls" ``` I think they did this so that functions could be syntax sugar for as follows: ``` fn l { ls $* } # Is the same as fn-l @ { ls $* } ``` Where `@ { … }` is already the syntax for a lambda. Still seems pretty bad.
Link 5:21 p.m. Feb 23, 2022, UTC-5

I'm such a perfectionist. I sometimes say, if it's worth doing it's worth doing better than anyone else. But even that isn't enough to
satisfy me. This website is one of the things I'm proud of, that brings my joy to use. But even with this, I have a 25 item to-do list, 3 posts with errors that need editing, and 7 grammar mistakes on the About page. (25 item todo list doesn't sound like a lot, but start thinking about it. How many bugs or missing features can you name for this site? I can name 25.) This is a cry for help.
Link 11:22 p.m. Oct 04, 2021, UTC-4

The whole house has the sweet aroma of burnt bread. Probably because I burnt my sandwich.
Link 11:27 p.m. Oct 25, 2020, UTC-4

Considering having a Lorde phase.
Link 6:40 p.m. Feb 25, 2021, UTC-5

Team Snapchat left me unread. :/
Link 9:42 p.m. Sep 22, 2020, UTC-4

Still can’t get over the fact that Tumblr was sold for 3 million dollars.
Link 5:20 p.m. Jul 22, 2021, UTC-7

It is difficult to understand the mood that I am in.
Link 9:41 p.m. Jan 18, 2022, UTC-5

Good morning.
Link 5:48 p.m. Feb 21, 2022, UTC-5

I wish there was like a pay-per-post option for online news sites. Because paywalling your content doesn't make sense when I've clicked a
single link from Reddit or Hacker News. I want to read that one article, not sign up for a re-occurring monthly subscription. The issue is that in order to do this, you also have to offer me a good user experience. You can't open a full-screen popup after I've scrolled half-way down the page. It needs to be more pleasant than reading the site with ads (because ads are the other option for monetizing drive-by users.) The thing news companies need to recognize is that they can't do content curation anymore. Like, the music industry did an amazing job in letting Apple sell individual songs for the iPod. We're skipping that for some reason, and trying to jump straight from "buying physical collections" (records, or newspapers) to fragmented subscription marketplaces. Apple Music/Spotify works because a, both platforms have all music, and b, people already know what artists/songs they want to listen to. The news industry right now looks like if the free tier was Pandora with ads, and every record label has their own subscription service. Unfortunately, this is also how streaming video platforms look right now. So I don't have a lot of hope that news will figure out how to fix it.
Link 11:11 p.m. Dec 05, 2021, UTC-5

**My 2020 Music Roundup!***
I did but that measures total play time so it under-represents bands that I learned about in the middle of the year. And those bands are the bands I think of as defining the year. So here we go, Matthias’s top 5 bands of 2020: 1. AJR 2. Jon Bellion 3. Saint Motel 4. half•alive 5. The Regrettes Last year I posted 15 bands. I listed to a similar amount of music this year, this list is just trimmed because there were only a few artists that defined this year. Some of the ones from last year feel stale now.
Link 4:37 p.m. Dec 19, 2020, UTC-5

Running 100m in 30º weather might not be the best way to stave off an anxiety attack, but it works. My heart is now angry at me for
different reasons.
Link 8:10 p.m. Feb 17, 2022, UTC-5

Link 3:06 p.m. Jul 29, 2021, UTC-7

Oh frick shoot, I remembered why I wasn't using Micro :( No JSX highlighting.
JSX highlighting is very important to me since I write JSX, but even more importantly, it's a litmus test for "do you actually have syntax highlighting as a feature or did you just get syntax highlighting working for a couple of languages." And micro has a regular-expression based syntax highlighting system that works as a proof of concept but is very immature.
Link 7:07 p.m. Nov 05, 2022, UTC-4

I realize that my plans of dedicating my life to streaming Cyberpunk 2077 are problematic for a couple of reasons:
I don't own Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpunk 2077 isn't publicly available I don't know if I own hardware that is capable of running Cyberpunk 2077 However! I do own Minecraft, so I for the time being I will be dedicating my life to playing that.
Link 2:24 p.m. Dec 08, 2020, UTC-5

“My grandma managed to set up Signal and contact me on it without anyone explaining it to her, which if you knew her then you'd know how
much of a real technical achievement that was. That's an absolute win for privacy. Granted she did it accidentally because she thought Signal was replacing Facebook Messenger, but a win is a win.” => gemini:// Modded Bear - Re: Signal
Link 12:33 p.m. Jul 10, 2022, UTC-4

“You’re acting like I’m an anarco-libertarian and I’m not”
Link 6:46 p.m. Sep 02, 2022, UTC-4

Gritty, modern, adaptation of *The Count of Monte Cristo* where a black man has been unjustly convicted. Ah!
Link 10:27 p.m. Jun 27, 2022, UTC-4

I didn't realize how few PRs I've actually made to open source projects on Github. I probably need to do that more often.
Link 8:34 a.m. Aug 11, 2022, UTC-4

"Is it in our nature to want to sacrifice ourselves to the wringer in order to win?"
There is a beauty in 'stop worrying and love the bomb' that is not pure, but a combination of a number of human instincts. I do not yet fully understand it.
Link 2:18 a.m. Oct 18, 2020, UTC-4

Processing is still something else. Writing p5 is kinda fun.
Link 2:44 p.m. Jan 17, 2022, UTC-5

Aahhah *squeals* I love The Count of Monte Cristo too much.
There was a post about Inigo Montoya, and as he's fighting the 6-fingered man, he offers him money and power, and Inigo says "I want my father back" before stabbing him. From the comments on the post, > you know because this is a happy book (film) that Inigo will get his revenge, but will he get justice? Will he get absolution? Will he get catharsis? Those are the things we don't know and that line sells it more than any of the previous scenes. And this is The Count. The Count is such a powerful, almost perfect, person, that he's going to get what he wants. It's cheesy how smart and strong and rich and powerful The Count is. The Count has everything that everyone else wants, but he doesn't want it! The Count is rich, and he knows it, and he knows that it doesn't matter. The Count wants the last 20 years of his father's life back. (Dante's father starved to death shortly before Dante would have been able to re-unite to him, because Dante wasn't there to provide for him.) That's why The Count works as a character despite being cheesy and overpowered, is because he's having to settle for revenge.
Link 6:35 p.m. May 27, 2023, UTC-7

You've heard of Grib, now get ready for Skrunk
Link 7:06 a.m. Nov 06, 2022, UTC-5

Posting this one from Arch Linux. With my own keyboard. That's right ladies, we're back in business.
Link 5:12 p.m. Nov 09, 2021, UTC-5

"At the day of judgment, the men of Nineveh will stand and condemn this generation, because they repented at only the sign of Jonah, and
something greater than Jonah is here." -Matthew 12:41
Link 12:08 p.m. Sep 04, 2022, UTC-4

Wow it really is a Tuesday
Link 2:02 p.m. Nov 19, 2022, UTC-5

Good morning.
Link 9:45 a.m. Dec 20, 2021, UTC-8

Did things use to be better? Did the web used to have fewer bugs? Am I just hypersensitive?
I'm typing this from Firefox. But like nothing fixes the fact that my screen is physically broken. I feel like I'm surrounded on all sides by pain and bugs.
Link 7:06 p.m. Dec 16, 2021, UTC-8

Tried a MoonPie. Tastes like they haven’t changed the recipe since 1917. I couldn’t force myself to finish it.
Link 12:15 p.m. Apr 29, 2022, UTC-4

Yeah so with Cloudflare Warp on Youtube can't load ads, it's weird.
Link 10:37 p.m. Sep 19, 2022, UTC-4

Emacs is just inherently limited by the fact that it was originally developed for in-terminal use. The fact that the cursor can't leave the
screen, you can't have buttons for find-and-replace options, etc. (Like if you want to toggle case-sensitive find and replace, there might be a keyboard shortcut for it. Otherwise you have to leave the current search, and open the command pallet (M-x) and issue the command for case-sensitve find and replace.)
Link 3:43 p.m. Jan 09, 2023, UTC-5

Imagine a piece of pizza but the crust is on one of the sides instead of the top.
Link 5:52 p.m. Dec 31, 2020, UTC-8

“I found out / your like, the real Matthias / wow”
Link 11:53 a.m. Jan 09, 2022, UTC-8

Gödel's threat model accounted for being poisoned by everyone except his wife.
Link 1:22 p.m. Oct 26, 2022, UTC-4

Throwback to that time in 2018 when I went through a limerick phrase.
Link 2:51 p.m. Jan 18, 2022, UTC-5

Why don’t we slow down and make software that works?
Link 4:07 p.m. Jan 07, 2022, UTC-8

People tend to judge artistic mediums on objective grounds. The medium does matter, because an interesting medium attracts or inspires
artists. But that's a subjective quality. One medium is not better than another. The best medium is the most interesting one, and once that medium become boring, it's no longer good, only because it is the same as it used to be.
Link 3:00 p.m. Sep 18, 2021, UTC-4

So I did like nothing productive tonight. According to Matthias's theory of productivity (revised, 2022), I've saved up all that
productivity for a super productive morning tomorrow. Let's see about that.
Link 9:51 p.m. Jan 17, 2023, UTC-5

I finally found a good, relatively concise, example of why I can't handle GEB.
So he's talking about similarities between the number-pairing used in Gödel's Theorem and the base-pairing used in DNA. If you don't remember, A (adenine) pairs with thymine (T), and guanine (G) pairs with cytosine (C), as described by F. Crick. And at the end of the list where he talks about the conceptual similarities between numbers and DNA sequences, he points out that G (Gödel) pairs with C (Crick), and A (Arithmetization, a step in Gödel's proof) pairs with T (Translation, the step in interpretation of DNA). And I'm like, what the hell. Is this a coincidence? Why point this out? Is this a joke, a pun? Did Hofstadter attribute the discovery of molecular biology to Crick, (as opposed to either of Crick's co-Nobel winners) for this joke? When Hofstadter coined the term "Arithmetization" 200 pages ago did he intentionally make it start with an A for this line? (Because the answer has to be yes, right?) And there are bits like this throughout the entire book, every couple of pages, where Hofstadter just does an intellectual backflip because he can. He creates a map of the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology and he calls it the "Central Dogmap." He's like: "strand" backwards is DNA RTS, which could stand for "DNA rapid transit service" which is basically what RNA is. But it's the "Arithmetization" that really gets me. Because he literally coined that term half a book ago.
Link 12:08 a.m. Nov 30, 2021, UTC-5

Microwave oven with a front disguised as a etch-a-sketch
Link 12:50 a.m. Dec 21, 2020, UTC-5

Why do I do web development? Why do I do this to myself?
Link 1:22 p.m. Nov 25, 2020, UTC-8

If you take a break in the middle of the hill, you start to roll back down.
Link 3:23 p.m. Nov 27, 2020, UTC-8

`exa` is noticeably slower than `ls` to me. Is that weird?
Oh it's because I'm passing `--git` so it has to go out to git which is not instant. exa is no slower than a `git status`.
Link 11:39 a.m. Sep 27, 2022, UTC-4

I'm having a normal one.
Link 11:12 a.m. Jan 10, 2023, UTC-5

Some of the early color-schemes for this site were fricking wild.
Like, this was the original color scheme during my first dev sprint ``` --background-color: #2E2A39; --text-color: #E3D096; --accent-color: #53929B; ```
Link 1:37 p.m. Jan 01, 2022, UTC-8

The last days of childhood
Link 12:48 a.m. Oct 20, 2021, UTC-4

"once the torch of ethno-nationalism has been lit, it is impossible to know in which direction the wind will take the fire."
Link 1:19 p.m. Oct 28, 2020, UTC-4

I really just say things on this website don't I
Link 5:06 a.m. Jan 12, 2022, UTC-5

[[_the sky splits_]]
--the earth folds around--. The trees waver, and the windows shake. the wind flows through a deserted landscape. heaps of discarded, once loved, still lovable, fabrics, covering only each other and the ground. Great unscalable mounds, stretching east and west. The ground rumbles. The discarded bread crust to your right quivers and rocks. Blue lightening zags across the purple sky, cutting it down the middle. In the distance, the wind carries plastic trash in swirls through the air. You notice, in front of you, a person kneeling on the ground. They're staring into the distance. Their eyes are blue, but unfocused. The wind whips their dirty-blond hair, but they don't care. hug care love hold please let me help you The wind stops. The sky turns blue. The rubbish that was in turmoil grows still. tears The trees stand strong. Their roots are deep. They tower over all, unshakable and unmoving.
Link 1:21 p.m. Apr 17, 2023, UTC-4

I found my new favorite Minecraft Youtuber.
He uses TTS because he doesn't speak English. He has some of the highest quality editing I've ever seen. He puts 100s of hours into every video. He plans on finishing his current base project in 2035. He uses copyrighted music because he doesn't want to monetize his channel. He's playing on like 1.9 for some reason? I think he's going to use bugs specific to that version before updating, but I don't know. His Youtube name is 50 underscores. He has <20k subs. =>
Link 3:51 p.m. Jan 10, 2023, UTC-5

In high school, I would make myself get up and drive to school and be there by 7:15, even if my first class wasn't until the afternoon. And
people would ask me, "Matthias, why do you get here so early." And would reply to the effect of "because otherwise I would always be late." And I was right. Routine really was the only thing keeping me on the tracks.
Link 12:20 a.m. Dec 15, 2021, UTC-5

It's so easy to over-complicate Apache config files.
2 ways to do HTTP to HTTPs upgrades ```apache RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{SERVER_NAME} =* [OR] RewriteCond %{SERVER_NAME} RewriteRule ^ https://%{SERVER_NAME}%{REQUEST_URI} [END,NE,R=perman RewriteRule ^{REQUEST_URI} [END,NE,R=perm ``` Or ``` Redirect permanent / "" ``` I don't even know what I was doing. Edit (Sep 13, 2022): These two snippets definitely aren't equivalent and I don't recommend using either of them without understanding them.
Link 8:34 p.m. Sep 01, 2021, UTC-4

Just for the record I don't like Twitch emotes. I would like Twitch so much more if it didn't have emotes.
Link 5:37 p.m. Sep 11, 2022, UTC-4

"Live where you stay forever"
Link 11:43 p.m. Nov 29, 2021, UTC-5

Hooottt taaakkkee: Google fonts is baaadaaddd. The fonts on there are bad.
Helvetica is life. lololol
Link 9:54 p.m. Nov 17, 2020, UTC-5

Wrote a script to automate re-building mod_wsgi from source because its python bindings break every time I update system python.
Link 6:55 p.m. Jun 05, 2021, UTC-7

Somehow just noticed Ruby doesn't have first class functions.
It's actually really interesting because the language is designed in such a way that it doesn't feel crippling. You have a lot of options (passing procs or lambdas or blocks or a symbol representing the method), but you can't pass a method to a method.
Link 3:04 p.m. Aug 30, 2022, UTC-4

It is March.
Also I just woke up and I’m not sure why I was asleep or what I should now be doing. Perhaps making waffles?
Link 9:41 p.m. Mar 03, 2022, UTC-5

Mad respect to the people at SIBR but they have nothing on the Minecraft technical community.
Link 7:25 a.m. May 01, 2023, UTC-4

My toxic trait is that I’m meaner to people the more I like them.
This obviously isn’t generally true. But there are times when I generally respect someone and so when they do something I think is dumb I tell them that straight. But since I’m bad at giving compliments it might come off as just being mean. Whereas if I just don’t like someone I go full smile-and-nod.
Link 2:15 p.m. Dec 06, 2022, UTC-8

Got rid of 4 pairs of sunglasses today.
Link 5:03 p.m. Aug 14, 2021, UTC-7

Infinite anxiety.
Link 4:56 p.m. Mar 18, 2022, UTC-4

"I'm like the best at being the worst."
Link 9:27 p.m. Apr 29, 2021, UTC-4

I still check Rigby.
Link 12:47 a.m. Jul 25, 2021, UTC-7

The straights are not okay. I am not okay.
Link 12:26 p.m. Jan 03, 2021, UTC-8

I think people's desire for fame and their desire for rights or fair treatment, stem from a common desire, that of respect or dignity.
Link 11:43 p.m. Nov 30, 2020, UTC-5

All I want to do is play Minecraft, you know?
Link 3:56 p.m. Feb 10, 2022, UTC-5

My problem is that someone mentioned Kant's *Critique of Pure Reason* like a week ago and now I have a tab open with a PDF of it.
I do not know when, if ever, I will close the tab.
Link 10:17 a.m. Apr 11, 2022, UTC-4

I have a nasty bruise on the bottom of my foot. I don’t remember where it came from and it mostly isn’t bothering me, but man. It looks like
it needs to be amputated.
Link 5:53 p.m. May 18, 2023, UTC-4

Bill Wurtz's Questions is honestly one of the most beautiful websites on the internet, in my opinion.
Link 9:34 p.m. Nov 22, 2021, UTC-5

Oh, Skypack is a thing. Add it to the list…
Link 11:08 a.m. Oct 20, 2021, UTC-4

Good morning.
Link 8:45 a.m. Apr 27, 2023, UTC-4

Link 1:14 p.m. Sep 26, 2020, UTC-4

I've had a breakthrough! There is not a memory leak. Rather, starting astronomical theater just takes 11GB of RAM.
After 0 requests it takes 10.8 GB, while constantly serving requests (while true; … openssl s_client … done) it sits at 11.1GB, and afterwards, it stays at 11.1GB. And! This is on a different computer, still Linux, but with node.js 18. Also, in case it wasn't clear, this computer also doesn't have 11GB of RAM, and the OS is just overpromising.
Link 8:25 a.m. Sep 24, 2022, UTC-4

Mixed feelings about eye contact
Link 10:28 a.m. Jun 19, 2021, UTC-7

Oh my word. Oh my fricking word. I was just casually browsing the Swift source code, as you do, struggling.
=> I see the test data `"I cannot weave"`. Some of you know where this is going, but I did not. I am easily distracted. So I think to myself, 'that's a new test string, it has a nice ring to it.' So I put it into Google. It is a line from a poem by Sappho. Now, if this was a SIBR project or something I would be completely unsurprised. But I lost it: this Apple employe (presumably) is just casually writing very official test cases for this programming language and can't resist letting me know, two years later, that she's gay.
Link 3:52 p.m. Sep 24, 2021, UTC-4

Something a little more than everything.
Link 6:16 p.m. Dec 06, 2022, UTC-8

It's shocking to me how lightweight Debian seems to be, considering that that's not one of the projects stated goals at all.
Link 10:52 a.m. Sep 27, 2021, UTC-4

Would be really fun to do an installation of fruit on a canvas, inspired by Magritte’s *Common Sense*
Link 5:42 p.m. Dec 10, 2022, UTC-8

It’s just me and my Snackin Waffles against the world.
Link 7:58 p.m. Sep 08, 2021, UTC-4

“I beg you to interact with reality.”
Link 5:32 p.m. Oct 09, 2022, UTC-4

I’m so lonely.
Link 1:08 a.m. Feb 22, 2022, UTC-5

I’m just a big confused boy
Link 10:14 a.m. Jan 15, 2021, UTC-8

I can't decide if `.bind` is the most beautiful thing ever or if it's cursed.
Link 9:50 p.m. Oct 01, 2022, UTC-4

Would you rather there be aliens, or would you rather that we be alone in the universe?
The question is not, “do you think there are aliens?” As for me, I don’t really care one way or the other. I already treat most people like they are aliens, completely different from me. So aliens wouldn’t be any more scary. And if I knew we were alone in the universe I don’t think I would feel any more alone than I do now. A little bit of angst before bed for you
Link 10:57 p.m. May 25, 2022, UTC-4

In addition to people, I also hate objects.
Link 8:20 p.m. Oct 14, 2021, UTC-4

I have literally never regretted not using Oh My Zsh. Vanilla ZSH for me.
Link 11:53 p.m. May 05, 2021, UTC-4

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Pt. 3 can’t come too soon.
Link 10:22 p.m. Oct 28, 2020, UTC-4

Just remembered that the GRIBFILEs existed. Man. What drugs was Ethan on?
I'm still waiting for Ethan to fulfill his duty, and give us GRIBFILE 2.
Link 10:36 a.m. May 24, 2021, UTC-7

The art of looking at nothing.
Link 1:12 p.m. Aug 12, 2021, UTC-7

Quizlet has 500 employees and they can't make a website that loads.
Link 7:00 p.m. Dec 16, 2021, UTC-8

One of the things that makes social media so interesting to me is that we are *so close* to feature parity.
We should, by all accounts, be at feature parity. And yet, we're not.
Link 11:02 p.m. Nov 10, 2020, UTC-5

I finished my re-read of the fourth Five Kingdoms. (I think this was my 3rd time through it, I reread it right after I read it the first
time.) It looks like I won’t be able to read the 5th book before tomorrow, unfortunately.
Link 7:06 p.m. Jan 08, 2022, UTC-8

The Italian shadow government that controls me has instructed me to now do things.
Link 5:48 p.m. Feb 21, 2022, UTC-5

I'm like, "oh shoot, Emacs doesn't have tabs," but no, you just M-x global-tab-line-mode.
They do look ugly though :grimacing:
Link 9:45 p.m. Nov 19, 2022, UTC-5

Cloudflare's R2 seems super exciting because it's super cheap, but like, I don't even know what I would do with unlimited download.
Link 12:10 a.m. Sep 30, 2021, UTC-4

Somehow all these songs ended up in my music library that aren't bangers and I don't know how it happened.
Link 3:47 p.m. Aug 10, 2022, UTC-4

1. All actions have some good and some bad 2. God is good and good is God 3. Heaven's standard is not "good enough," it's perfection (God is a God of justice and this is just) 4. God loves you despite of, and not because of, your actions 5. If you accept Jesus's sacrifice, you are accepted into heaven on his merit, and not your own
Link 9:56 a.m. Nov 03, 2022, UTC-4

It's been 400 years and "The Flea" is still so funny to me. What a meme of a poem.
Link 3:18 p.m. Jan 18, 2022, UTC-5

Jon Bois has single-handedly made Google Earth one of the greatest mediums.
Link 12:08 p.m. Dec 09, 2021, UTC-5

"These are still Hermitcraft episodes, despite them being temporarily marooned on [the Empires SMP server]"
Link 5:03 p.m. Oct 30, 2022, UTC-4

"No, you're good"
Link 3:37 p.m. Feb 17, 2022, UTC-5

Quick time check, it's 5:11pm.
Link 5:11 p.m. Sep 07, 2020, UTC-4

'I gotta go so much bigger so everybody's proud of me.'
Link 2:28 p.m. Oct 24, 2022, UTC-4

I honestly cannot tell if Rex spent a lot of time on Tumblr in 2008 or if he’s never used Tumblr.
Link 7:16 p.m. Dec 20, 2021, UTC-8

I think I'm being unreasonable, just because my criteria are things that I've made up. Like I want to do stuff on the server-side, which
makes caching hard (I can't have a totally static site on Cloudflare Pages). But that's just because I decided I wanted to limit my JS usage as much as possible.
Link 2:29 p.m. Sep 17, 2022, UTC-4

Me in both #vim and #emacs on LibraChat lol
Link 8:32 a.m. Nov 21, 2022, UTC-8

I wish there was a nice way to express "there exists an object such that y is true, and that object also has x true"
Let's say y is a database property and x is something that needs to be calculated. Solving this at a database level isn't super interesting, but solving it at a language level is. I guess what I'm describing is literally just `?.` in JS and `&.` in Ruby. `ObjectSearcher.get(id: 5)?.isCool()`. Without that though (e.g. ES5 JS), you need to do: ```js var obj = ObjectSearcher.get(5); if (obj) { return obj.isCool(); }else { return false; } ``` `ObjectSearcher.get(5) && ObjectSearcher.get(5).isCool()` works of course, but runs the search twice, which is not ideal. With the walrus operator in Python it looks like `(obj := ObjectSearcher.get(5)) && obj.isCool()`. Not awful. What if you need to invert `isCool`? (`(obj := ObjectSearcher.get(5)) && not obj.isCool()` in Python.) In think in JS you're back to having an imperative `if`, if you don't want to define a variable. The only think that I don't like about defining a variable in an expression is that it is then available later, and evaluating expressions shouldn't have side effects. You know what this calls for, right? Actual optionals. Unfortunately I don't remember how Haskell Monads or Rust optionals work off the top of my head, so if you'll pardon the pseudocode, ``` ObjectSearcher.get(5).some(obj => !obj.isCool()).none(_ => false) ```
Link 4:41 p.m. Oct 11, 2022, UTC-4

I'm frozen. Paralyzed. I must understand the entire system to interact with any part of it.
Link 5:34 p.m. Dec 26, 2021, UTC-8

Is freedom a good thing?
Link 12:39 a.m. Nov 23, 2021, UTC-5

"Pointers are far too slow."
Link 7:33 p.m. Dec 09, 2021, UTC-5

I want friends but don’t want to talk to people. I just want to listen to them. It’s a struggle.
Link 6:03 p.m. Jan 14, 2022, UTC-5

Please give me a “slow start” guide. I have no idea what’s going on but I want to learn.
Link 12:23 p.m. Oct 29, 2021, UTC-4

Java fans are coping by telling me "java is not dead" as if I said it was. I said it sucks.
Link 1:21 p.m. Apr 19, 2023, UTC-4

Man I want Rewatch to exist so bad.
Link 8:55 a.m. Mar 28, 2023, UTC-4

I don't remember the last time anything that I tried to do was easy.
Link 3:22 p.m. Jan 25, 2021, UTC-5

Well. I’m here.
Link 9:40 a.m. Apr 24, 2023, UTC-4

Songs that are way better than they have any right to be: “Mike Townsend (is a disappointment)”
Link 12:48 p.m. Mar 04, 2021, UTC-5

Grant Sanderson uses Julia. Languages to learn as soon as possible!
Link 7:59 a.m. Dec 13, 2020, UTC-5

Good morning. Reddit is so radically left-wing, it’s kind of shocking to me. It’s kind of a cult.
Link 12:21 a.m. Sep 28, 2021, UTC-4

Okay so we're still running.
Link 7:00 p.m. Apr 10, 2023, UTC-4

Going to invent a proprietary markup language for this website.
Link 11:28 a.m. Jun 21, 2021, UTC-7

I knocked my Homepod off my dresser yesterday and I haven't bothered putting it back; it's just playing music while laying on the floor.
Link 9:16 a.m. Apr 01, 2023, UTC-4

Let's go faster. No slower. No sleep.
Link 1:14 p.m. Apr 11, 2023, UTC-4

Commenters on Hacker News defending W3Schools. Look at this =>
I quote: > No NOT use eval() > Executing JavaScript from a string is an BIG security risk. > With eval(), malicious code can run inside your application without permission. > With eval(), third-party code can see the scope of your application, whitch can lead to possible attacks. Okay; so, I try to avoid mocking English-second-language speakers on here, it's one of my off-limits topics. And I don't know the context of the person who wrote that. But read that excerpt again out loud. Yeah. And this is published content acting as an authority on the subject. I expect better from this page than from a random person or internet comment. The MDN's page is a little long-winded, I'll admit. There are some phrases in the middle of the MDN's description that could be misleading. But there's so much more useful information in there. Performance, comparisons to `JSON.parse` and `new Function`, the behavior when `eval` is given a non-string object. Etc. Like, I don't know how to respond to people on HN that are just wrong. > [W3Schools is] criticized by the vocal newbies who are chasing the newest and shiniest. Really? Then why is there an open letter from 2011 saying that "their faulty information is a detriment to the web"? => Which has since been rescinded because W3School has improved on the addressed issues. => (They went from not mentioning that eval could be harmful to "No NOT use eval()".) I don't get it.
Link 11:45 p.m. Dec 13, 2021, UTC-5

Some more great artists that have come up on my Coast Modern station include Sir Sly, Frank Ocean, Grouplove, COIN
Link 5:06 p.m. Sep 24, 2022, UTC-4

Is layout information semantic or cosmetic?
Link 2:03 p.m. Nov 02, 2022, UTC-4

I am actually the most powerful person in the country.
Link 2:05 p.m. Sep 21, 2020, UTC-4

Couldn’t settle on just one theme, so we have dark and light theme support!! Now just have to host.
Link 3:06 p.m. Sep 06, 2020, UTC-4

I'm just trying to understand what's going on
Link 9:41 p.m. Sep 07, 2021, UTC-4

This is a faster horse
Link 10:58 a.m. Jun 30, 2021, UTC-7

Good morning.
Link 9:02 a.m. Jul 22, 2022, UTC-4

"I'm not so sure that limiting colors is such a great idea."
Link 8:17 a.m. Nov 16, 2020, UTC-5

“Unit vectors are for whims”
Link 7:19 p.m. Oct 28, 2020, UTC-4

AWS scares me. Too big, too powerful, looming over my small websites.
Link 7:00 p.m. Nov 10, 2020, UTC-5

“They’re people who are convinced that they are too special for rules, and too smart for education. They don’t regard themselves as inhabiting the world the way other people do; they’re secret royalty, detached from society’s expectations and unfailingly outraged when faced with normal consequences for bad decisions. Society, and especially economics, is a logic puzzle where you just have to find the right set of loopholes to win the game. Rules are made to be slipped past, never stopping to consider why someone might have made those rules to start with.”
Link 3:09 a.m. May 09, 2021, UTC-4

Have I ever told you I hate DSLs?
Link 4:46 p.m. Aug 25, 2022, UTC-4

Good morning.
> Be me > wake up > go to work > create merge conflicts > resolve merge conflicts incorrectly > open PR to merge two branches > don't actually write any code > no one notices > 1000s of commits attributed to me > they're all merge commits > go home > best employee
Link 9:45 a.m. Sep 23, 2022, UTC-4

"Hey Mami" is such a Sylvan Esso sound. I don't know anyone else with that sound.
Link 2:38 p.m. Sep 01, 2022, UTC-4

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as "dinosaurs", are in fact, "terrestrial dinosaurs" or as I’ve recently
Link 2:07 p.m. Nov 04, 2022, UTC-4

Link 2:45 p.m. May 26, 2022, UTC-4

Thinking about how to re-organize my website.
There are a couple of approaches here: * A blog, doesn't need explaining. I want to highlight that it is fundamentally chronological. * A book, describing me or the things I've done or whatever. Rather than a log with distinct entries, this format is conceptually a single document (even if it's split across multiple pages or chapters), intended to be read start to finish. * A dictionary of opinions. The idea here is that for any topic, I can write ~500 words describing what it is, or my views on it. So I could create a "dictionary" where each entry is a topic that links to my post about it. It wouldn't be chronological, like a blog, and someone reading it could jump directly to a topic that they're interested it. It would be a collection of individual documents that could stand alone, unlike option 2 (which views the entire site as a single document). What I really don't want to do is create a personal knowledge base, or a personal wiki. And my concern is that that's basically what I described in #3. There are a couple of reasons I don't want to create a personal knowledge base. Mainly, I think that it purports to contain a representation of the things that I know. And I think it does a bad job at that, because my mind and even my knowledge is a lot more fluid and fuzzy than can be expressed in a collection of pages. Similarly, since I can't transcribe literally everything in my head, I'm afraid it would end up being wide but shallow. It wouldn't be better source for any topic than a primary source, and it wouldn't be good representation of my mind. The difference between a PKB and the ideal dictionary of opinions that I tried to describe above, is that in the latter I'm giving you "an opinion on X," not "what do I know about X" or "what is my conception of X." The latter 2 questions are very hard to answer with words. My last problem with a PKB is that it purports that my thoughts or my conception of a thing doesn't change if I'm not thinking about it. That's kind of a weird argument to make, and it's not fixed by other options. But just because I thought something once, doesn't mean I can't change as a person and hold a different view in the future. What this means is that every entry in a PKB is inherently ephemeral, even if I don't revisit the topic. Like if I wrote a post about Khan Academy a couple of years ago, it would be very different in some ways from if I wrote one today. But I'm not going to write one today, because KA isn't something that I think about that much anymore. I'm not sure what the solution to this is, aside from the obvious ones of dating everything and/or auto-removing things past a certain date. Neither of which seem very in the spirit of a PKB. What I'm leaning towards is a listing of ~10 projects on the projects page where I can describe cool work that I've done, and ~10 opinions on an Opinions or Views page where I can post a small number of active "blog posts." But once I add a new one, old ones would get rotated out of the listing, archived, and hidden. And then I can also set up an RSS feed for changes to that page if I want to. By inherently limiting scope, it would let me make sure that the active pages are up-to-date, and also avoid the illusion of attempting to wholly describe me as a person. If I didn't have this page, I would be in favor of writing couple-sentence blog posts, as is common in Geminispace. But if I'm going to write something for I want it to be higher quality, and if it's going to be higher quality, I don't want it to go out of date (where at all possible).
Link 11:19 p.m. Jul 26, 2022, UTC-4

A figure stands in a doorway, hands on the frame on either side. Behind them, light streams out into the darkness. They lean forward, a bit
farther than they meant to. They start to fall forward, and have to move their hands to grasp the air in order to regain their balance.
Link 11:12 p.m. May 02, 2021, UTC-4

They do not understand that I am in charge.
Link 6:34 p.m. Jun 13, 2021, UTC-7

I guess everyone else knew that, but for some reason I don’t normally think of emotion as a way to influence people.
Link 9:48 p.m. Mar 20, 2023, UTC-4

I would very much like to unicycle but the weather won’t let me.
Link 1:00 a.m. Jan 17, 2021, UTC-8

Learning Toki Pona vocabulary is annoying because all the words are so similar. I understand the desire to keep the phonology limited. But
why not make some of the words longer? I can’t remember ilo because I keep confusing it with ijo. Why not make one of them ilokupa or something? I’ve never been great with languages or rote memorization. Toki Pona’s 140 words is better than some things but is still difficult.
Link 3:31 p.m. Nov 05, 2022, UTC-4

You don't need bullet points if you have block-end-spacing. I don't know why we (I) decided we didn't need block-end-spacing.
Link 9:28 a.m. Nov 05, 2022, UTC-4

I'm going to mute the colors of the dark mode, make it a slightly more dark and less yellow. Hex colors below. Let me if you have thoughts
```css --background-color: #23252E; --text-color: #b3b9c1; --accent-color: #9a9168; ```
Link 8:08 p.m. Oct 23, 2020, UTC-4

Humanity still underestimates the unreasonable efficiency of the binary search.
Link 8:33 p.m. Jul 28, 2021, UTC-7

stressed unstressed stressed unstressed stressed
Link 3:10 p.m. May 08, 2023, UTC-4

Just heard "Stressed Out" being played in public. Timer resets
Link 2:04 p.m. Apr 12, 2021, UTC-4

Considering adding an option for people to send me anonymous messages on here, a la Tumblr asks or Bill Wurtz Questions.
Link 1:13 p.m. Oct 07, 2020, UTC-4

9 square is a hell of a drug.
Link 9:50 p.m. Jun 09, 2022, UTC-4

YOYOOO Bobby's on Nebula!!
Link 7:53 p.m. Apr 21, 2023, UTC-4

I think I finally kind of get the philosophy behind "move fast and break things." I think in order to do it well you have to have
"zero-friction bug-fixes." I guess what I'm imaging is a tangentially related idea that I'm going to call "zero friction bug fixes, low friction development." And the idea goes, "how do we ship software with less bugs?" Well, a lot of people do test-driven development or they push for better CI testing or integration testing or use a strictly typed language. But those things add friction to the development process, and they're not perfect. You're still going to have bugs. So at think at some point you have to optimize for fixing things. This is the fail-fast model. Just swallow your pride and fix the issue as quickly as possible. I'm coming to terms with the fact that it's impossible to make perfect software. Your users, as an arbitrary-complex analog conglomerate, have a set of needs and desires that are impossible to meet.
Link 1:28 p.m. Oct 14, 2022, UTC-4

I’m holding out for an AI girlfriend.
Link 8:41 p.m. Jan 03, 2021, UTC-8

I know this isn’t a conventional thought, but I think we need, and will have, a major population boom in the next 20 years. Maybe.
Link 6:33 p.m. Apr 28, 2023, UTC-4

◯ circle website ◯
Link 8:44 p.m. May 05, 2023, UTC-4

Django has built-in Pagination. Which I didn't know, but I'm glad I didn't use, since it's very different from what I have here.
Link 1:21 p.m. Jan 01, 2022, UTC-8

I want someone to slap me
Link 11:44 p.m. Feb 09, 2022, UTC-5

"Always leave them wanting more."
Link 11:21 a.m. Nov 14, 2022, UTC-5

A little bit of bullying is good, actually.
Link 1:55 p.m. Oct 12, 2022, UTC-4

Apple putting ads in default apps is absolutely disgusting and if they think that I won’t switch to Linux they’re wrong.
I think Jason Snell said it best when he said, ‘Apple products are supposed to be premium products. If I can imagine paying more money for an ad free experience, then what am I buying in the first place?’ And I do not like ads. The thing that I love about macOS and iOS is that there’s a great set of default apps. If I have to scour the App Store to buy a subscription to a weather app and a maps apps and a stocks app that don’t have ads, why am I using the platform in the first place? And the crazy thing is that I have so much good will towards Apple. I have so much brand loyalty. My family has an Apple One subscription. I trust Apple to give me the best experience possible. I would still buy Apple products if they were 150% current prices. But for Apple to *intentionally, objectively, make the user experience worse* feels like a slap in the face.
Link 7:22 a.m. Nov 08, 2022, UTC-5

Add “Ocean Man” to the list of songs that are better than they have any right to be.
Link 9:58 a.m. Jun 12, 2022, UTC-10

I’m glad that we’re finally figuring out that drinking fountains are not a primary transmitter of COVID and can be turned on.
Link 4:13 p.m. Aug 08, 2021, UTC-4

I just don't think AI is going to get much better. Like GTP-3 was/is a huge breakthrough and it will effect things, but you can't make bets
on AI as a concept or a category with the assumption that it's going to get better.
Link 10:37 a.m. May 04, 2023, UTC-4

Is there a way to copy data from Rails to JS at build time?
Link 11:39 a.m. Oct 18, 2022, UTC-4

Apparently, WILLOW is Willow Smith, Will Smith's daughter, and made "Whip My Hair" back when she was 10. Doesn't change the fact that
"Transparent Soul" fricking slaps.
Link 5:20 a.m. Jan 12, 2022, UTC-5

OKO is definitely weirder than Neotheater, which is a good thing, AJR music is supposed to be weird.
Link 12:19 p.m. Mar 26, 2021, UTC-4

Why is poetry dead?
Link 2:57 p.m. Nov 05, 2021, UTC-4

Is there something to say?
Link 8:14 p.m. Oct 23, 2021, UTC-4

I feel taller here because of the higher elevation. It means Earth's gravity is weaker. It means I have more space.
Link 8:32 p.m. May 22, 2021, UTC-7

Good morning.
Link 9:55 p.m. May 19, 2023, UTC-4

Remembered I can watch TikToks to forget about the loneliness.
Link 10:43 p.m. Jun 29, 2022, UTC-4

I may in fact be a myth
Link 12:00 a.m. Sep 29, 2020, UTC-4

I still cannot believe Ethan made an `abstract class Extension`.
Link 1:49 p.m. Oct 12, 2022, UTC-4

I'm just now learning that Java uses the *compiletime* type of a variable in order to do field lookups.
Link 9:04 a.m. Apr 16, 2022, UTC-4

The Lord has given me another day.
Link 12:24 p.m. Nov 02, 2020, UTC-5

Now that I have editing on here, it's weird because I have to make a bunch of decisions about what gets edited and what doesn't.
Let's say, I can fix typos. Because that's why I added editing. And I can edit content with a disclaimer (like "Edit:" or "Edited at [time] for [reason]"). And I can edit stylistically/formatting whenever I want. (Like if I invent a custom markup format I might need to go back and update links that are currently Gemini or markdown formatted). I'll try to avoid editing content.
Link 5:44 a.m. Jan 12, 2022, UTC-5

My favorite type of person are people who go into Twitch chats and talk about their relationships.
Or just like their real life in general. Like I’m glad you have a life but why are you telling chat about it?
Link 8:13 p.m. Aug 29, 2022, UTC-4

Played a lot of Minecraft today, I think. Hopefully episode 2 of my series will be published soon.
Link 11:24 p.m. Oct 21, 2020, UTC-4

I only know how to do things with passion, and there's not enough passion for me to do all the things I should.
Link 11:57 a.m. Jan 22, 2021, UTC-5

When do we get out of Spring, there are too many posts on this page
Link 11:02 p.m. May 02, 2023, UTC-4

I’m easily distracted
Link 10:21 a.m. Sep 14, 2021, UTC-4

My whole life is falling with style.
Link 6:02 p.m. Jan 16, 2023, UTC-5

Link 1:53 p.m. Sep 20, 2020, UTC-4

The thing about sexism in historical works is that it's so different from sexism today. It's still sexism in that the gender roles
historically were not good. But the historical gender roles are very different from what they are today. You can draw parallels, certainly, but it's a mistake to equivocate them. "You must not shrink. You are nearest and dearest and all the world to me; our souls are knit into one, for all life and all time. Think, dear, that there have been times when brave men have killed their wives and their womenkind, to keep them from falling into the hands of the enemy. Their hands did not falter any the more because those that they loved implored them to slay them. It is men's duty towards those whom they love, in such times of sore trial! And oh, my dear, if it is to be that I must meet death at any hand, let it be at the hand of him that loves me best." - Dracula (Mina imploring her husband to kill her before she turns into a vampire) So, uh, which one of you is the one responsible for killing the other in times of sore trial?
Link 9:17 a.m. Oct 11, 2022, UTC-4

The KA Hearth is a complete failure. No one has the attention span to read anything longer than a Discord message these days.
Link 9:32 a.m. Dec 19, 2020, UTC-5

I got over-ear headphones, that means I am now an unstoppable Hackercoder, right?
Link 8:12 p.m. Nov 16, 2021, UTC-5

So many dumb things going on
Link 5:09 p.m. Sep 27, 2020, UTC-4

I low-key have HTTP response codes memorized. "I think 405 is Method Not Allowed or something"
Link 2:04 p.m. Jul 19, 2021, UTC-7

I'm experimenting with pagination. Right now I'm grouping Thoughts by meteorological season. Each page is still absurdly long (good), while
dropping the amount of text transferred to ~1/10 (good). The (bad) is that I now have a row of buttons and multiple pages. Which adds a significant amount of mental complexity. I'm at 1,842 Thoughts, broken down as (per-season) ```py [('Fall 2021', 156), ('Summer 2021', 375), ('Spring 2021', 317), ('Winter 2020', 410), ('Fall 2020', 584)] ``` I think the 300-500 thoughts/page range is about where I want to be, but it looks like I'm still seeing flashes of unformatted content due to JS markdown. Which I was hoping this would fix. I really need to move to server-side rendering. The other bad, of course, is that when we roll over to winter in a month, the front page will drop to 0 posts at some point. Which is not exactly the aesthetic that I'm going for. Also added a permalink button so you can find thoughts buried in the archives, but I'm not super happy with it. It will probably change.
Link 1:11 p.m. Oct 12, 2021, UTC-4

My apologies if some of the posts on here don’t make any sense. Sometimes I forget to switch phones when traveling between timelines and I
haven’t added the ability to delete or edit posts yet.
Link 10:32 a.m. Dec 16, 2020, UTC-5

Sending emails as if I care
Link 12:21 p.m. May 19, 2022, UTC-7

surreal feel teal meal
Link 10:16 a.m. Nov 02, 2022, UTC-4

Please explain #cat-v on Freenode to me. What does it mean to solder a unix pipe?
05:50 <user51> when i was a kid i soldered a pipe between pcie slot and cpu pins because i didnt know how unix pipes worked.. i called the the pipe express 05:50 <user51> now that we have json requests i dont need to solder anything anymore :)
Link 1:42 p.m. Nov 30, 2020, UTC-5

Sometimes you have to do dumb things.
Link 9:13 p.m. May 24, 2021, UTC-7

Blogs are too big.
Link 6:42 p.m. Aug 08, 2021, UTC-4

It's not that I'm afraid of appearing vulnerable, it's that I'm not vulnerable.
Link 9:51 p.m. Nov 07, 2022, UTC-5

20020 is mind numbing
Link 12:09 a.m. Oct 01, 2020, UTC-4

“Who in the world am I?”
Link 9:03 p.m. Nov 02, 2021, UTC-4

Going to the dentist. Hopefully they let me keep my tongue.
Link 11:02 a.m. May 24, 2021, UTC-7

Thinking about shutting this site down. It's not obvious that it helps me anymore.
Originally, it helped me get rid of intrusive thoughts by posting them here. But now I find myself making an effort to remember things that I would otherwise forget, just in order to post them here.
Link 3:31 p.m. Nov 06, 2021, UTC-4

I think the single most obscure part of my computer use is the process in which I open the app formerly known as iTunes to the list of all
songs, hit command+a then command+c to copy all the songs, and then paste them into Google Sheets, so that I can run SQL queries on my music library.
Link 8:39 p.m. Nov 30, 2022, UTC-8

Daydreaming about a Count of Monte Cristo TV show again.
Link 1:22 p.m. Jun 04, 2023, UTC-7

Sam Reich is an evil genius. I cried during the game changer episode "Don't Cry." Wow.
Link 6:08 p.m. Apr 30, 2023, UTC-4

Trader Joe's vegan banana bread is very good. It's a little boring, but in a good way.
Link 2:13 p.m. Nov 03, 2022, UTC-4

Why are there so many mountain emoji? 🗻🏔⛰ 🌋 🌄🏞 And no muffin emoji?
Link 11:43 p.m. Dec 02, 2021, UTC-5

Oh my fricking word. Good morning.
Link 1:31 p.m. Apr 10, 2023, UTC-4

WheelsOnGenius is the only good YouTube channel.
Link 2:13 p.m. Oct 26, 2020, UTC-4

I value consistency very highly, but sometimes that leads to me missing opportunities to make things better, because I don't want to risk
losing consistency.
Link 8:17 p.m. Apr 25, 2021, UTC-4

I think Gemini could have benefitted from more creativity in its medium. More than just a blog, while still being minimalistic of course.
Like this website, for example. Is pretty simple, but is also more interesting than a blog.
Link 12:13 p.m. Jan 16, 2022, UTC-5

For some reason there are multiple Hytale logos on /r/place. Like the game isn’t even out yet. I don’t get it.
Link 8:45 a.m. Apr 03, 2022, UTC-4

\*Wants muffins\* \*Turns on oven\* Crippling social anxiety: Your roommates will think you're weird for making muffins twice in one week.
You have a disgusting muffin addition. You'll start making muffins twice every week. All you'll eat is muffins. What kind of weird person eats 12 muffins a week. \*Turns off oven.\*
Link 2:20 p.m. Feb 11, 2021, UTC-5

I feel like it is time for me to rewatch Dirk Gently.
Link 11:13 p.m. Feb 23, 2022, UTC-5

Me watching the clock waiting for My Play. Less than an hour to go
Link 11:04 a.m. Dec 22, 2020, UTC-5

Church basically just exists to send me emails.
Link 8:30 a.m. May 02, 2023, UTC-4

No energy, no thoughts.
Link 4:49 p.m. May 18, 2021, UTC-4

It seems like literally nobody is trying to solve the speed+complexity problems that the web has.
There are dozens of people that recognize that the web has complexity problems, but their minimalist (minimalist is not simple) solutions, don't address the speed problem. And there are dozens of people that recognize the speed issues, but their solutions are so complicated as too be unintelligible to me.
Link 5:44 p.m. Jul 03, 2021, UTC-7

I'm going to keep all of WhipserMaPhone closed source except for the Gemini inter-op code, which is CC0 /s
Link 9:25 p.m. Jul 05, 2021, UTC-7

"Why is no one cooperating with me?" "We are cooperating with you. you're just not aware that your goal is learning Haskell"
Link 3:33 p.m. Jul 21, 2021, UTC-7

I just need to do better next time.
Link 9:21 a.m. Jul 18, 2022, UTC-4

If you're writing code that GitHub CoPilot can help you with, you're doing it wrong.
*Writing a Django-Gemini compatibility layer*
Link 9:45 p.m. Jul 05, 2021, UTC-7

This is an exercise. An exercise in pain. An exercise in art.
Multitasking, focused, ignoring. 2 things at once. Under stimulated. Overstimulated. Bored, lonely, scared, uncomfortable. Flying through nothing, unmoving. Unthinking. I cannot, in light of my overwhelming pride, allow myself to think other people's thoughts. I cannot listen. Two things at once. Overthinking. Slow. They're slow. They talk about nothing. The brain. Liminal. "It's not just easy." This is an exercise in pain. Conciseness. Flow. Always moving, throbbing, pushing forward. Moving where? Why can't we teleport there? Stop the beating around the brush, the repetition, the pain. The why! I want the why. I want depth, not this endless breadth. This endless, unmoving, breadth. I've run out of energy to argue, to question; I just ignore. It gets harder, but instead of moving faster, it moves slower.
Link 8:47 p.m. May 21, 2021, UTC-4

Working on a theory I’m an empath
Link 6:54 p.m. Jul 02, 2022, UTC-4

It's 2021 and my standards are still impossibly high.
Link 11:16 a.m. May 03, 2021, UTC-4

"Your laptop screen has turned a gorgeous mix of purples, owing to the extreme cold, but the code is still dimly visible within. It reminds
you of a frozen lake at dusk. A liquid crystal."
Link 7:09 p.m. Mar 07, 2022, UTC-5

Twitter-style drafts are dumb. I just have 4 tabs open with the Post page and text partially composed.
Link 5:30 p.m. Jun 29, 2021, UTC-7

The thing that makes me so pessimistic is that even the hackers and the programmers and the engineers don’t care about product design.
Link 7:49 a.m. Nov 08, 2022, UTC-5

Less than halfway through the video, Penrose comes up. Shocking, never would have expected it.
Link 4:52 p.m. Oct 06, 2020, UTC-4

You know why I stopped using Atom? The spell correction is just garbage. Look at this.
A screenshot of the OurJSEditor README open in Atom. Almost every word is underlined in red.
Link 11:05 p.m. Mar 31, 2022, UTC-4

Why don’t more people sit in elevators? When I am too tired to take the stairs I take the opportunity to rest on the floor of the elevator.
Link 4:38 p.m. Aug 25, 2021, UTC-4

The best bit would be a website with files paths like
Link 6:40 p.m. Mar 26, 2023, UTC-4

The instrumental intro to White Flag, Gorillaz is fricking amazing.
Link 12:13 a.m. Dec 04, 2021, UTC-5

I can't. I'm sorry. I can't. Etho just shows up. Builds Battle Bane.
Link 9:16 p.m. Sep 26, 2022, UTC-4

Programmers talk about certain programming languages being "loosely typed," but meanwhile Lawyers will happily just throw any data into any
field of a form.
Link 11:37 a.m. Apr 22, 2023, UTC-4

Novelty of experience is just so tangible.
Link 5:22 p.m. Aug 09, 2022, UTC-4

This Thought addresses the vaping epidemic which effects middle and high schools across the country. This is a problem.
Link 5:45 p.m. Nov 28, 2022, UTC-8

"prometheus doesnt have his liver eaten every day for u to ignore the allure of arson"
Link 3:57 p.m. Jun 10, 2021, UTC-7

If you've never used Rails, I think it's well summed up by this code example: `Thing.where created_at:`
Link 4:56 p.m. Aug 25, 2022, UTC-4

This old version of openssl just hates me. It's clearly doing something differently, it's not just a settings issue, I don't think.
Edit (:43) it's not even letting me fetch content from other gemini servers.
Link 10:33 p.m. Sep 23, 2022, UTC-4

It's weird how to get to the 4th floor you only have to go up three flights of steps.
Link 12:40 p.m. Apr 14, 2022, UTC-4

I think my AirPods are gone. Back to wired headphones like a pleb. Pro: volume adjustment on the wire Con: Can't play music from my watch
Link 10:35 a.m. Jul 14, 2022, UTC-4