I didn’t think man was designed to be this tired-sleepy, what’s going on.
Link 8:57 a.m. Jul 14, 2024, UTC-4

Bananaball chat room tonight:
> My anxiety is so high right now and this really help me > breathe my love. everything will be okay ❤ > 😭 thank you for that. Do we know eachother? > we don't i just wanted to tell you it'll be okay i know what it's like to have really bad anxiety
Link 8:49 p.m. Jul 13, 2024, UTC-4

There's so much autotune on e.g. Lovely, it almost reminds of GladOS, fully robot voice.
Link 6:56 p.m. Jul 13, 2024, UTC-4

It still blows my mind that Regional at Best is on with 6,000 views.
Link 6:48 p.m. Jul 13, 2024, UTC-4

"I'm a real person, I swear! How did this happen to me!"
Link 6:17 p.m. Jul 13, 2024, UTC-4

My poor brain.
Link 4:57 p.m. Jul 13, 2024, UTC-4

Inbox 0, phone updated, we're just doing it different.
Link 2:03 p.m. Jul 13, 2024, UTC-4

I am now living in 2023 (phone is updated).
Link 1:29 p.m. Jul 13, 2024, UTC-4

People talk about feedback loops as a way to avoid accumulating error, but I don't. I see a feedback loop as removing the need for precision
If you have a feedback loop, you don't need precision. Think of learning to bowl. If you want to hit the pins, you could add more precision to your throw. Or, you could put the rails up. The rails act as a feedback loop, redirecting the ball if it goes too far from the center, and allowing you to hit the pins even without precision.
Link 1:10 p.m. Jul 13, 2024, UTC-4

It’s wild that we’re living in the era of a transition from incandescent to LED light bulbs.
Link 10:58 a.m. Jul 13, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning.
Link 9:30 a.m. Jul 13, 2024, UTC-4

Decided I was going to stay up late tonight for the fun of it and then I did.
Link 1:44 a.m. Jul 13, 2024, UTC-4

I really want an XKCD #657 style graph of the Count of Monte Cristo.
I want it to be thorough. It would be insane. X-axis would be time, You’d have literally like 30 lines.
Link 8:33 p.m. Jul 12, 2024, UTC-4

One of my problems is that I enjoy not talking too much. My ideal relationship involves a lot of non-verbal communication.
Link 8:26 p.m. Jul 12, 2024, UTC-4

I'm tempted to switch browsers for the greens. Safari (and I think Chrome) have like twice as many greens as Firefox
A screenshot of a green color picker with a white line labeled sRGB roughly down the middle.
Link 7:26 p.m. Jul 12, 2024, UTC-4

Hank talks about "brain crack" (and he attributes it to someone)—your own ideas can be a kind of drug that you get addicted to, and I relate
to some of that. SMASH is probably the most recent example where I got so high, if you will, thinking about the idea, but the execution wasn't there. And there have been other examples.
Link 6:44 p.m. Jul 12, 2024, UTC-4

Hank green talks about how Youtube is providing tools and a service to content creators; they're a platform but the creators are running
their own companies. Youtube takes 45%. This is interesting to compare to Apple's App Store.
Link 5:33 p.m. Jul 12, 2024, UTC-4

I'm so out of it it's kind of beautiful.
Link 1:45 p.m. Jul 12, 2024, UTC-4

"This is for the kids of the king of all kings"
Link 1:42 p.m. Jul 12, 2024, UTC-4

“I just wanna be happy,” -Eyes to the sky
Link 1:29 p.m. Jul 12, 2024, UTC-4

I hate the internet.
Link 1:19 p.m. Jul 12, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning gang.
Link 11:54 a.m. Jul 12, 2024, UTC-4

Oh my word good morning.
I'm going insane.
Link 11:46 a.m. Jul 12, 2024, UTC-4

I avoid using "I" or "you" in code review and professional contexts to avoid placing blame or creating division or "sides" ("my option" or
"your solution") but by switching between passive voice ("needs to be updated") and 1st person plural ("we need to update") I can create similar effects.
Link 10:16 a.m. Jul 12, 2024, UTC-4

It's interesting to hear Hank talk about the beginning of YouTube—he said that he thought there would be museums about it in the future. And
I've felt a similar way before. Not about Youtube but about the stuff that I'm working on. And obviously Hank was correct and obviously I haven't been correct so far. I had a similar thought about Technoblade—his mom talked about how he was committed 100% to Hypixel in 2014, and he was obviously correct. But I was committed to Khan Academy in 2014 and I was not correct. Just interesting.
Link 11:05 p.m. Jul 11, 2024, UTC-4

Drinking an infested potion might honestly be the new quickest way to get a couple of levels.
Link 9:33 p.m. Jul 11, 2024, UTC-4

Going to try to update my phone from 15.6.1 to 17.5.1 today or this weekend.
Link 7:47 p.m. Jul 11, 2024, UTC-4

The point of art to make us feel less alone in the feelings that are difficult to share.
Link 5:49 p.m. Jul 11, 2024, UTC-4

Get ready for Thoughts II baby.
Link 4:00 p.m. Jul 11, 2024, UTC-4

I needed IDKHOW to make more weird music but instead they made more normal music.
Link 11:40 a.m. Jul 11, 2024, UTC-4

"slow down and drive safe"—good "follow the speed limit"—bad
Link 10:15 a.m. Jul 11, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning gang.
Link 9:29 a.m. Jul 11, 2024, UTC-4

There’s an emotion, roughly equal parts loneliness, shame, and injustice.
It’s very similar to a tomato party issue, but it occurs when you’re in a group that is actively excluded. (But not when you’re individually excluded.) It makes me feel very small and very sad. And I’m perhaps irrationally afraid of it.
Link 12:33 a.m. Jul 11, 2024, UTC-4

A good way to describe my social anxiety is that it feels like punching someone else in the face.
Even if I could, and even if I wanted to, there’s a mental block that stops me from acting unreasonably (punching someone in the face) (initiating a conversation).
Link 12:18 a.m. Jul 11, 2024, UTC-4

It’s hard because I think I’m pretty cool but friends aren’t appearing at my house or inviting my to their house so it’s easy for me to
conclude that I’m somehow bad. Like either there’s something else that I’m missing that makes me suck or that I’m doing something wrong. I don’t know.
Link 11:13 p.m. Jul 10, 2024, UTC-4

Apple Music's "stations" feature is waaay way too focused on music that I've listened to before.
Link 4:43 p.m. Jul 10, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning gang.
Link 4:32 p.m. Jul 10, 2024, UTC-4

Fall off the moon
“work attire” Breadbasket
Link 4:11 p.m. Jul 10, 2024, UTC-4

I'm willing to let you walk all over me but you have to ask nicely come the frick on.
Link 3:52 p.m. Jul 10, 2024, UTC-4

I'm tired today... man
Link 3:02 p.m. Jul 10, 2024, UTC-4

Sublime Text bug: clicking doesn't reset the cursor blinking if the cursor doesn't move.
Link 2:26 p.m. Jul 10, 2024, UTC-4

*The Separation* as an album has so much ego, it's great.
Link 10:39 a.m. Jul 10, 2024, UTC-4

“it feels horrible to create from a place of defense. For example: you will find it exceedingly difficult to write if your motive is trying
to convince people that you are not dumb, or not boring, or if you’re hoping that you will not offend anybody.” “talent doesn’t feel like you’re amazing. It feels like the difficulties that trouble others are mysteriously absent in your case. Don’t ask yourself where your true gifts lie. Ask what other people seem weirdly bad at.” This one hits too close to home. I often get very frustrated because it doesn’t feel like I’m good at programming, it just feels like everyone else is weirdly bad at it. “let’s say you’re listening to a piece of music. Are you sinking into it, awash in emotions? You’re in the appreciative mode…A lot of capable, intelligent people suffer because they do not have the ability to switch out of the evaluative mode, or even notice that they’re in it.”
Link 10:32 a.m. Jul 10, 2024, UTC-4

"It works, because...I won’t let it literally fall apart"
Link 9:56 a.m. Jul 10, 2024, UTC-4

Hammothy's leaked the new hex codes to me!! !!!
Link 10:06 p.m. Jul 09, 2024, UTC-4

I conjecture that it's impossible to not look cool while playing AA.
Link 10:02 p.m. Jul 09, 2024, UTC-4

Man it's been a long day today.
Link 4:18 p.m. Jul 09, 2024, UTC-4

A lot of what I'm doing when I do parkour is just jumping and controlling my center of mass mid-air.
Link 4:18 p.m. Jul 09, 2024, UTC-4

One of these days...
Link 9:37 a.m. Jul 09, 2024, UTC-4

I've had an insight into how to build LFSA—divide the page into "workflows" or "flows" (e.g. a form that the user is filling out, or an
interactive widget). These flows would hold all of the state for a given flow—no child components could hold state. This lets you leverage functional state-flows-down React-like rendering. This state could be stored in the browser's LocalStorage or just memory and signed like a JWT. You could then define mutators for this state, and execute them on the client, then the server. The server, critically, doesn't need to store a copy of this state. And it doesn't need to re-implement the rendering. That is, normally I've thought about the server in LFSA as authoritative of rendering state, but it doesn't need to be, it just needs to be authoritative over mutations to state. This does have some drawbacks, but it's probably fine.
Link 9:12 p.m. Jul 08, 2024, UTC-4

Man the American health care system such is something. What.
Link 8:09 p.m. Jul 08, 2024, UTC-4

Ah frick I'm going insane.
Link 4:12 p.m. Jul 08, 2024, UTC-4

One of the senses or feelings I have about code that I pay attention to the most is whether something should be complicated. And if it
should be complicated than I'm okay if the code is complicated, but if something should be simple then I want the code to be simple. And it seems like a lot of people don't have the same sense.
Link 2:50 p.m. Jul 08, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning.
Link 11:50 a.m. Jul 08, 2024, UTC-4

CC is pulling 1.5k subscribers and 89 views right now. Criminally underrated.
Link 10:49 p.m. Jul 07, 2024, UTC-4

Hello. Welcome back to Matthias Makes Bad Decisions for his own life.
Link 11:05 a.m. Jul 07, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning.
Link 8:48 a.m. Jul 07, 2024, UTC-4

"We sort of had to collectively admit we were wrong on the premise that you will be happiest if you work on something you personally want to
work on the most."
Link 11:20 p.m. Jul 06, 2024, UTC-4

I talk about how Stop Worrying saved me as if I came up with the idea and then implemented it, but I didn't. I was pushed off the cliff and
thought about what I was feeling as I fell and now I can fly by remembering that feeling and jumping off myself. But I don't actually know, if you had handed me Stop Worrying three years ago, if I would have jumped.
Link 9:06 p.m. Jul 06, 2024, UTC-4

"what works for me is to get myself feeling proud of the procedure"
LINK: stop worrying
Link 3:27 p.m. Jul 06, 2024, UTC-4

"sign up to be a person. you've got what it takes"
Link 3:26 p.m. Jul 06, 2024, UTC-4

I'm sure I've made a good decision at some point in the past but I don't remember it and I feel bad now.
Link 7:46 p.m. Jul 05, 2024, UTC-4

There’s a conspiracy keeping me from reading a book. Yesterday the library was closed because it was the Fourth of July or something and
today the library book I picked up off the shelf didn’t belong to the library.
Link 4:37 p.m. Jul 05, 2024, UTC-4

The ANSI terminal spec describes a bright color variant, and it's a little vague what "bright" means exactly, is it just lighter? Well, it
means "turn up the power on the cathode ray tube when drawing this character. You guys still have cathode ray tubes, right?" Literally brighter than the rest of the screen. Anyway, have fun with that.
Link 1:06 p.m. Jul 05, 2024, UTC-4

It's crazy how much personality and how iconic the female characters are in The Count of Monte Cristo.
Link 1:04 p.m. Jul 05, 2024, UTC-4

This site has too many words. It needs to be more
Link 12:30 p.m. Jul 05, 2024, UTC-4

Parent child relationships are going to evolve in the next couple of decades in ways that will be interesting. They already have changed in
a lot of ways. Why is life so big. “From the stories, I expected the world to be sad. And it was. And I expected it to be wonderful. It was. I just didn’t expect it to be so big.” I think about Eve online sometimes.
Link 11:48 a.m. Jul 05, 2024, UTC-4

“We need to breed a new generation of drivers who find driving in a more relaxed manner can be just as rewarding.”
(On technology coming to the EU that limits cars to driving the speed limit, and is impossible to disable.) This is way way too authoritarian for me. The government has no obligation change public opinion, and there’s no justification to using hostile technology in an attempt to corral people. I’m not even staunchly opposed to the regulation after thinking about it, but I hate that this article and quote is justifying it as a natural thing for the government to do when in fact it is an example of a government becoming increasingly authoritarian. The difference between a highly regulated state and an authoritarian one is that the authoritarian states expects you to thank it for ‘making you a better person.’ The dream of authoritarianism is to change people.
Link 11:17 a.m. Jul 05, 2024, UTC-4

Tech companies have too much ego to become monopolies.
Link 9:09 a.m. Jul 05, 2024, UTC-4

I went insane back in '09.
Link 8:22 a.m. Jul 05, 2024, UTC-4

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday America.
Link 11:36 p.m. Jul 04, 2024, UTC-4

I wonder if people, or how many people, Apple has making decisions like how fast RAM is.
Because RAM speed isn't a metric that end users look at but it does matter and it does effect price, so it's weird.
Link 6:53 p.m. Jul 04, 2024, UTC-4

Some times in your life you are sad, and that’s sad. But there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it because talking to other people
hurts them.
Link 4:33 p.m. Jul 04, 2024, UTC-4

My switch is dead so curled up in a ball and stared at its black screen.
Link 4:24 p.m. Jul 04, 2024, UTC-4

I am now going to curl up into a ball and play on my Nintendo switch since I don’t have a book to read (please I want to read)
Link 4:19 p.m. Jul 04, 2024, UTC-4

Before stop worrying I was very hard on myself, and it felt like something was wrong with me because I was trying to do the work in a
small amount of time and then blaming myself it wasn’t getting done. It was useful for me to realize that the work was non-trivial for me. When it comes to my social anxiety I feel similarly, like it’s entirely something wrong with me.
Link 2:55 p.m. Jul 04, 2024, UTC-4

I'm going insane because I haven't read a book in a month (since finishing The Count) and my brain doesn't know what to do with itself.
Link 11:39 a.m. Jul 04, 2024, UTC-4

More notes from the Sam-Brennan interview (editing continuously while watching)
'Ideas are dispensable' -both 'The ideas need to be simple so that your execution can be interesting' -Sam 'execution is everything' -both 'there's nothing i believe in more as a universal force than luck' -Brennan 'and what rare vision do you as a notable-success-person-have' -Brennan (this is what I'm doing right now) 'I hang out in very progressive spaces is not capitalism, work ethic is not bad. Capitalism is the exploitation of work...I wrote twice as many questions for um actually then I actually submitted, and is it healthy or unhealthy. You need to work so hard that instead of jumping when opportunity flies over your head, you are hovering in the air through force of will waiting for it' -Brennan 'we stole CollegeHumor's influence. If we had tried to do this from scratch, very different story' -Sam 'you can't say to your younger self, take it easy until [this time that it matters]' -Brennan 'coffee's good for you, you should have two pots a day' -Brennan 'I do not engage in proportionality, so you've opened the floodgates to a world that you do not and cannot understand' -Brennan 'I take this role of "this is outrageous" because I know I'm going to lose' -Brennan
Link 10:15 a.m. Jul 04, 2024, UTC-4

"Sometimes, magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect." Teller
"If you're efficient, you're doing it the wrong way. The right way is the hard way" Seinfeld "It's like more work than is commercially responsible" Sam Reich
Link 9:48 a.m. Jul 04, 2024, UTC-4

Maybe one day I’ll die.
Link 7:56 a.m. Jul 04, 2024, UTC-4

Man I hate C, C++, the Catholic Church, and the Crabs.
You think just because your name starts with a C and you’re the most popular that you’re better than everyone else.
Link 7:34 a.m. Jul 04, 2024, UTC-4

I'm going to go to sleep.
Link 3:52 p.m. Jul 03, 2024, UTC-4

"Maybe I should cry for help"
Link 3:01 p.m. Jul 03, 2024, UTC-4

And, welcome back to reasons I love Ruby, `debugger` is an alias for `binding.break`
=> Edit: the next day: it doesn’t work, I don’t know.
Link 2:25 p.m. Jul 02, 2024, UTC-4

Just looking at Antihydra it's pretty obvious to me it never halts. But I guess it's a hard problem.
Like it seems to be following a pretty obvious pattern, but maybe you just can't prove that it's following a pattern?
Link 1:40 p.m. Jul 02, 2024, UTC-4

Wow, you (not a serenity OS user) are really sticking it to Kling (no longer affiliated with serenity OS) by leaving a
comment on a serenityOS PR (from three years ago) about how you’re boycotting serenityOS (a for-fun project). I hate cancel culture.
Link 11:55 a.m. Jul 02, 2024, UTC-4

I'll fly away oh glory, I'll fly away.
Link 10:19 a.m. Jul 02, 2024, UTC-4

Bad Music for Bad People / Salvation Fetish / Crie
Link 10:17 a.m. Jul 02, 2024, UTC-4

My shoulder isn't bothering me at present, so that's nice.
Link 9:59 a.m. Jul 02, 2024, UTC-4

I'm so... stressed doesn't cut it, stress is a lifestyle, it's a rubber band connecting my arms to my sides. I didn't sleep well last night.
I'm not stressed, I'm comfortable, I live like this all the time. Feeling like I'm going to vomit.
Link 9:53 a.m. Jul 02, 2024, UTC-4

“Wait, never mind, it was just my hat slipping down over my eyes”
Link 9:18 a.m. Jul 02, 2024, UTC-4

I think what’s weird to me about canceling content creators is that me being a fan of them isn’t an endorsement of their character.
Like if I say “I like this band” I’m saying I like the music, not that I assume that the lead singer has a good relationship with his wife. So then if it comes out that the lead singer has a bad relationship with his wife, it’s annoying that that effects the perception of previous statements. And I’m not saying it shouldn’t, at this time. I’m just saying it’s weird. Because there absolutely is a difference between not knowing and knowing it’s bad, and that should effect how you perceive the media. But I don’t think that should invalidate the parts that you like. Maybe what I’m getting at is just that it’s not black and white. See also my other thoughts on death of the author. But part of my point here is that I e.g. listen to music by people whose character I assume is bad. And so if a story came out that they were bad in their personal lives, I’d be like, yeah. And I’m not talking about criminal offenses, that’s a different category, but a lot of the things that people get cancelled for aren’t criminal.
Link 11:03 p.m. Jul 01, 2024, UTC-4

Old woman in the Apple store buying an iPhone cash—straight up stack of 100s.
Link 8:27 p.m. Jul 01, 2024, UTC-4

It has not been a good brain day.
Link 7:45 p.m. Jul 01, 2024, UTC-4

does anyone know why my brain exploded
oh, it may be because i havent eaten dinner.
Link 6:33 p.m. Jul 01, 2024, UTC-4

Maybe one day I’ll be 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump.
Link 5:17 p.m. Jul 01, 2024, UTC-4

I don't need drugs to forget myself because I have code.
Link 3:01 p.m. Jul 01, 2024, UTC-4

Someone please give me drugs.
Link 10:10 a.m. Jul 01, 2024, UTC-4

Maybe I should go back to Tumblr.
Link 12:49 a.m. Jul 01, 2024, UTC-4

It’s funny, there are some spaces where I can interact with people casually and feel included and other spaces where I don’t.
And I’m not sure what the difference is.
Link 12:24 a.m. Jul 01, 2024, UTC-4

I wish I kept a journal like Thoughts or similar when I was younger, because I remember a lot of moments, a surprising number of moments,
and some feelings associated with those moments, like the feeling of flying through the air after running and jumping off a bench at recess. But there’s a lot that I don’t remember.
Link 12:15 a.m. Jul 01, 2024, UTC-4

Link 11:56 p.m. Jun 30, 2024, UTC-4

The social depression feels very similar to the time sickness.
Link 8:15 p.m. Jun 30, 2024, UTC-4

I feel like I’m going to pass out in the middle of the grocery store and I assumed it was the social anxiety but maybe I’m dehydrated.
Link 8:13 p.m. Jun 30, 2024, UTC-4

As I do every couple of months, I've found a new widely underrated minecraft youtuber. =>
What a prank. It's obviously not HermitCraft production quality in terms of like, people's mic setup. But it's more enjoyable than some HermitCraft videos I've watched, and the video as less than 100 views.
Link 11:52 a.m. Jun 30, 2024, UTC-4

Literal hours of minecraft escape room storytelling.
Link 10:33 p.m. Jun 29, 2024, UTC-4

9 years later my brain will sometimes go “du-du-du-du-du-du-du-du-du-dude”
Link 7:40 p.m. Jun 29, 2024, UTC-4

I’m going to snap (haven’t eaten dinner)
Link 5:28 p.m. Jun 29, 2024, UTC-4

I’ve always interpreted #1293 as if beret guy has labeled the outlet “Soup” which has caused it to become a soup outlet through his
universe-bending powers. But it’s also possible that the soup outlet predates the sign, and someone just helpfully labeled it for others.
Link 4:30 p.m. Jun 29, 2024, UTC-4

“Whales eat the bones into sand”
Link 3:32 p.m. Jun 29, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning.
Link 10:05 a.m. Jun 29, 2024, UTC-4

Sanity checklist
* music * bathroom * temperature * clothes * food * nap * co2 * d3
Link 9:16 a.m. Jun 29, 2024, UTC-4

In a Safari-only-supports-15-percent-of-the-web moment, HN commenter argues that 60% of the Great Barrier Reef has been wiped out.
30% coral coverage is actual very good (bar limitations with coral coverage as a metric—the liberals insist that you shouldn’t draw any conclusions from the current coral coverage because climate change is going to kill all the coral).
Link 8:52 a.m. Jun 29, 2024, UTC-4

This is a hot take, but I think that Zig's `try` is a bad idea. I at least jump to it when I mean "this is out of scope for this function
to handle"—but if it's out of scope, you should panic, either with `std.debug.panic` or `unreachable` (if `unreachable` is applicable to your application). If your application needs to handle it, I think at every level you should catch and throw a new error. Zig will unwind throw-stacks (I forget what it's called), so it only gives you more information. The idea of a function that uses `try` but only propagates errors created lower down in the call stack, e.g. returns `void!`, I think is a naive simplification, and in most real applications (especially those with Zig's design goals of correctness) you should be forced to catch and re-throw.
Link 5:09 p.m. Jun 28, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning.
Link 2:18 p.m. Jun 28, 2024, UTC-4

In Lisp, it's considered bad form to make something a macro if it could be a regular function. In Zig, it's considered bad form to do
something at runtime if you could do it at compile time because the compiler isn't smart enough to perform any optimizations itself so you better just run the whole program at comptime. Make every function inline. Unroll every for loop at comptime. Store your data inside of types just to make sure that they don't take up space at runtime. Include some inline volatile asm that does nothing to prevent the compiler optimizing away your important program logic. Unlike C, Zig has good semantics for stuff like "runtime size" and "compile-time-known constant" but the Zig programmers are so used to the C compiler doing whatever the hell it wants that they don't trust the compiler. So they abuse their newfound power to try to coerce the compiler into generating what they want, but Zig isn't the C compiler. Zig doesn't hate you. I think the best example is this hang function from microzig: Zig has semantics that the C compiler doesn't. One of them is the concept of `noreturn`, which lets you tell the compiler that the function will never return. Another one is `asm volatile` which lets you run inline assembly which has side-effects the compiler doesn't know about. The microzig author uses `noreturn` to denote that this function will never return. And then, just for good measure, also includes some volatile assembly to make sure that the loop isn't optimized away because he doesn't trust that the compiler will honor the `noreturn` promise. Edit: 11:33: To clarify the "runtime size" point—variables have a well-defined runtime size, but I think that can be deceptive because as I've alluded to, you can replace a constant variable with a custom type that has zero runtime size. ```zig const a: usize = 8; @compileLog(@sizeOf(@TypeOf(a))) // 8 bytes x += a; // becomes const a = struct { pub val: usize = 8; }; @compileLog(@sizeOf(a)) // a is now a type so its runtime size is 0 bytes x += a.val; ``` TADA! It should be obvious that both of these compile to the same code (especially with optimizations, the constant 8 will be inlined) and you haven't actually saved any memory, but sometimes I'm not so sure that Zig programmers realize this through their excitement about being able to control the runtime size of their variables. (e.g. Microzig having "zero sized" pins)
Link 10:29 a.m. Jun 28, 2024, UTC-4

Zig programmers are going to drive me fricking insane because comptime requires similar amounts of abstract thinking to Lisp macros, they're
very similar features, and Zig programmers are like computer engineers who are very smart but don't think as abstractly. So they're like 'if I make a different type for every constant variable and store the value in the variable metadata (because Zig lets you do that) then the variables have zero runtime size.' And I'm like. The net size of your program has not changed.
Link 8:20 a.m. Jun 28, 2024, UTC-4

OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 Take me by the hand ✋ lead me to the land that you understand 🙌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The voyage 🚲 to the corner of the 🌎
globe is a real trip 👌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The crust of a tan man 👳 imbibed by the sand 👍 Soaking up the 💦 thirst of the land 💯
Link 9:06 p.m. Jun 27, 2024, UTC-4

Just in case WHAT???
You know, just in case. Making up a guy to laugh at him.
Link 7:36 p.m. Jun 27, 2024, UTC-4

Straight guy who is on prep just in case.
Link 7:30 p.m. Jun 27, 2024, UTC-4

Hey, I haven’t died yet (got stuck in between two doors like a bug and starved)
Link 2:36 p.m. Jun 27, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning number four.
Maybe I should let some words out of my brain instead of into my brain. Fuzz. Fourth good morning not addressed to the character from umbrella show. Yellow ladders. Walls and movement and flight. Light blue grayish wings soaring upon seas between the high and fair places.
Link 2:27 p.m. Jun 27, 2024, UTC-4

A lot of it is guilt. I feel like I owe other people something. Like I’m giving them something and I’m not going to get it back.
Link 12:54 p.m. Jun 27, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning.
Link 9:47 a.m. Jun 27, 2024, UTC-4

I’m so sad and I shouldn’t be. Like I’m doing okay but I feel like it’s going to get worse and I want it to get better.
I’m worried I’m going to forget my childhood and lose my loved ones and it’s not rational but it’s 4am and I’m scared and I’m not equipped to handle being scared.
Link 4:20 a.m. Jun 27, 2024, UTC-4

The SD card specification website warns that excessive downloads,
"more than what would normally be used by one individual" will be detected by their system, which is funny to me because I'm pretty sure the number of downloads of the SD card specification normally used by one individual is zero.
Link 10:53 p.m. Jun 26, 2024, UTC-4

It's crazy how client-side JS gets trashed for being slow when the alternative is server side Ruby or Python which is going to be slower.
Link 9:24 p.m. Jun 26, 2024, UTC-4

I know this is cursed, but I wonder if you could shim the DOM on the server side.
No one's trying to solve the speed and complexity problems of the modern web.
Link 11:27 a.m. Jun 26, 2024, UTC-4

This Changes Over Time graph is crazy. =>
Link 11:12 a.m. Jun 26, 2024, UTC-4

Day 80,000 of relying on God's grace and not my own understanding or ability.
Link 9:51 p.m. Jun 25, 2024, UTC-4

"Indeed, we felt that we had received the sentence of death. But that was to make us rely not on ourselves but on God who raises the dead."
2 Corinthians 1:9
Link 9:47 p.m. Jun 25, 2024, UTC-4

“Judge nothing before the appointed time; wait until the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will
expose the motives of the heart. At that time each will receive their praise from God.” ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭4‬:‭5‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Link 8:26 p.m. Jun 25, 2024, UTC-4

I wish e-ink were higher contrast because it just has so many other downsides—I'd at least like a nice black and white image.
Link 4:17 p.m. Jun 25, 2024, UTC-4

Man today has been so long.
Link 3:03 p.m. Jun 25, 2024, UTC-4

I love these light theme colors. I wish there was some texture in the background.
Link 2:49 p.m. Jun 25, 2024, UTC-4

Oh no.
Link 1:14 p.m. Jun 25, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning.
Link 9:16 a.m. Jun 25, 2024, UTC-4

It honestly kind of feels like Friday.
Link 8:49 a.m. Jun 25, 2024, UTC-4

It's funny, there are a couple of big ideas or posts that live in my head but that I can't easily share because they're pictures not words
Link 9:00 p.m. Jun 24, 2024, UTC-4

It's important to recognize that, as is almost always the case, AirBnB didn't undercut the price of hotels, they provide a better experience
Or they don't provide a better experience, in which case they die. Similarly for Uber—yes they undercut the Taxi industry's union and regulation, but they also made it possible to order a ride from an app on your phone. And I feel like when they first launched Uber had nicer cars than taxis, but that could be just my experience.
Link 3:50 p.m. Jun 24, 2024, UTC-4

I think I've said this before but about esbuild; it's so funny how the rust based js tools are fighting for milliseconds of speed increases
Link 3:33 p.m. Jun 24, 2024, UTC-4

I don't mind explaining things or having people not understand me, but it's annoying to have people misinterpret what you're saying.
Link 2:57 p.m. Jun 24, 2024, UTC-4

Link 1:16 p.m. Jun 24, 2024, UTC-4

I need novelty!
Link 9:53 a.m. Jun 24, 2024, UTC-4

My mouth has been tormenting me recently by attempting to grow mouth in between my wisdom teeth, so I can’t bite down without biting myself.
Link 6:25 p.m. Jun 23, 2024, UTC-4

Link 12:25 p.m. Jun 23, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning chat.
Link 11:03 a.m. Jun 23, 2024, UTC-4

"It's rather difficult to find someone who will consider entertaining the idea that the FSF is completely backwards in their license design,
because nobody wants to open that can of worms."
Link 9:46 a.m. Jun 23, 2024, UTC-4

Made it to Sunday, baby
Link 7:53 a.m. Jun 23, 2024, UTC-4

"One of them seemed to say he felt like an armadillo"
Link 10:20 p.m. Jun 22, 2024, UTC-4

I realized that part of why Stop Worrying helped was because I shifted my definition of success. And I realized I don't have a
hard definition for success in a social setting. Stop Worrying let me stop worrying without causing me to stop trying to be successful. I just changed from definition of success from something that was difficult to achieve because of factors outside of my control, to something that was within my control.
Link 8:56 p.m. Jun 22, 2024, UTC-4

I watched the r0kxs one-shot vid thinking it was a weird set-seed strat but Fein's now pulling it out in AA and everything. I knew about it
but I never thought I would see it being implemented in rsg.
Link 7:31 p.m. Jun 22, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning.
Link 11:14 a.m. Jun 22, 2024, UTC-4

No kid wedding, but kid after party
Link 10:59 a.m. Jun 22, 2024, UTC-4

I hate drugs.
Link 8:21 a.m. Jun 22, 2024, UTC-4

I think stockfish should be used outside of chess. I think it could be leveraged to help design aesthetically pleasing living rooms.
Link 10:55 p.m. Jun 21, 2024, UTC-4 The conservatives are cancelling the organizations cancelling them.
Link 10:46 p.m. Jun 21, 2024, UTC-4

God did not put me on this Earth so that I could find joy in mediocrity or imperfection or broken things. Some people have that gift, and
that's beautiful. But that's not what I'm doing. I have a passion for fixing problems and I'm not going to try to extinguish that passion. The world needs Truth.
Link 9:42 p.m. Jun 21, 2024, UTC-4

I would've been a huge ELO fan if this was the seventies
Link 8:18 p.m. Jun 21, 2024, UTC-4

"Like any good stand up comedy show, this one has corrections."
I mean 9/10 it was a good show. Going to be thinking about "only the fun ways" for a minute lol what does he mean.
Link 8:09 p.m. Jun 21, 2024, UTC-4

Urban fantasy + dark fantasy is so hard to do because giving someone magical powers is fundamentally silly.
I'm not sure why.
Link 6:47 p.m. Jun 21, 2024, UTC-4

Waiting for Hank's comedy special to drop..............what am I doing.....
Link 6:26 p.m. Jun 21, 2024, UTC-4

*psst* stash entries are secretly git commits
Link 4:52 p.m. Jun 21, 2024, UTC-4

> Once you're locked in, if you're paying Oracle a million dollars a year and you did a three-year subscription, what do you think is going
> to happen for that renewal? It's not going to be a million dollars, it's going to be as much as Oracle can generate, and if you are locked in and can't move away from Oracle at that point within 30 or 60 days, your renewal is going way up.
Link 1:12 p.m. Jun 21, 2024, UTC-4

"You still experience the range of human emotion"
Link 8:02 a.m. Jun 21, 2024, UTC-4

I think it's going to be funny if atheists re-invent church but without the tithing part.
Christianity is radical in a lot of ways, and some of those things have direct parallels in secular tradition, or I predict that they will in the future. Like traditionally many holidays in the US have been religious, but atheists don't (generally) dislike holidays. And so I think that if our culture continues becoming more secular, we will end up with more secular holidays. (Pride and Juneteeth come to mind as relatively new widely recognized secular holidays.) I hope and I suspect that in the future, in the same way, atheists will "re-invent church." Not in the sense of "pastor" and a "sermon" (although it is done; if you google atheist church). But in the sense of a regular meeting of community members; there are any number of organizations or clubs or groups could expand the fill that role. (Although I think it would be important to have it be a larger group of people than just a group of friends.) But I anticipate that it would be easy to miss the aspect of church where, at least some part of, the congregation tithes. 10% is really an unintuitively large amount of money.
Link 6:54 a.m. Jun 21, 2024, UTC-4

Better than real life.
My brain is like a library and every episode of XKCD is lined up like an encyclopedia
Link 6:15 a.m. Jun 21, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning.
Link 5:56 p.m. Jun 20, 2024, UTC-4

You can do whatever you want
Link 4:51 p.m. Jun 20, 2024, UTC-4

Okay now it's 4pm. It feels like 36pm.
Link 3:59 p.m. Jun 20, 2024, UTC-4

I love the word "passionate" because it can mean either "fun" or "hardworking."
Link 3:58 p.m. Jun 20, 2024, UTC-4

On one hand, I hate running. On the other hand, I’m a masochist.
Link 2:26 p.m. Jun 20, 2024, UTC-4

It feels like 4pm not 2pm what am I going to do.
Link 2:19 p.m. Jun 20, 2024, UTC-4

These tables are all six feet long.
Link 9:48 p.m. Jun 19, 2024, UTC-4

Oh, maybe I can get a 6ft tall table and then sit on it.
Link 9:46 p.m. Jun 19, 2024, UTC-4

Do you ever wonder what the inanimate objects in your house think of you? I am their king and they just watched me eat half a loaf of
Link 9:01 p.m. Jun 19, 2024, UTC-4

I go through life with desires for things that don’t exist, like a 6ft tall stool. It means I have a lot of practice dealing with
Link 6:13 p.m. Jun 19, 2024, UTC-4

“Satiate the craving”
Link 6:07 p.m. Jun 19, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning
Link 6:06 p.m. Jun 19, 2024, UTC-4

I've made a lot of mistakes.
Link 11:58 a.m. Jun 19, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning gang.
Link 8:37 a.m. Jun 19, 2024, UTC-4

Throat is still sore. Not as bad as yesterday but I’m still confused why.
Maybe this is just a normal part of having a human body, what do I know?
Link 8:14 a.m. Jun 19, 2024, UTC-4

My thraot is so sore and has been all day and I don't know why, maybe I'm sick, who knows.
Link 9:01 p.m. Jun 18, 2024, UTC-4

This is an illusion.
Link 7:37 p.m. Jun 18, 2024, UTC-4

Now what do I do with my life?
Oh, I have a todo-list. That's how that works.
Link 7:33 p.m. Jun 18, 2024, UTC-4

When they said they were delaying the Game Changer finale to give time for production I assumed that a ton of stuff happened and they needed
to take more time in the edit to squeeze it all in. In reality, very little happened and they needed to spend a bunch of time in the edit to create graphics of every thing that every player said to display on screen so that they didn't have 2 episodes of us staring a players sitting on couches and not moving.
Link 6:32 p.m. Jun 18, 2024, UTC-4

I just feel so unap;preciasted.
Link 4:41 p.m. Jun 18, 2024, UTC-4

The Matthias Portzel difference.
Link 4:37 p.m. Jun 18, 2024, UTC-4

I played Lindsey Stirling and Apple Music played NF and Lana Del Ray. Like you're not wrong but you are.
Link 2:22 p.m. Jun 18, 2024, UTC-4

"Uh, hey gang, we got it."
Link 12:55 p.m. Jun 18, 2024, UTC-4

Day 8 of thinking about how ugly the pool in the banana boat marketing image is.
My memory was unfair, it’s not as bad as I remember it being.
Link 12:19 p.m. Jun 18, 2024, UTC-4

I need someone to eat me.
Link 11:25 a.m. Jun 18, 2024, UTC-4

The weird thing about indie music is that it's not real
Edit 12:50: what I mean is that underscores (who I think of as indie) is signed to the same label as Alicia Keys, who I think of as a mainstream pop musician.
Link 10:00 a.m. Jun 18, 2024, UTC-4

I'm on so many drugs.
Link 8:06 a.m. Jun 18, 2024, UTC-4

My Ikea charger came with these stickers and I don't understand what they're for or why. And I want to know!
Two green, two orange, and two blue circular stickers on a little sticker paper. Maybe they were included by mistake, who knows.
Link 9:04 p.m. Jun 17, 2024, UTC-4

Year 23 of not being able to get my head around God's unconditional love.
Link 8:28 p.m. Jun 17, 2024, UTC-4

There's no speed limit.
Link 3:39 p.m. Jun 17, 2024, UTC-4

Apple Music's algorithm is just so safe. I want you to recommend me unmarketable music please.
Link 3:00 p.m. Jun 17, 2024, UTC-4

I pressed the power button and it's back on ;) I hate hardware.
Color balance is still fricking awful.
Link 1:13 p.m. Jun 17, 2024, UTC-4

I moved my monitor 10 inches across my desk and it's dead. Gosh heck frick RIP. I hate hardware.
Link 1:03 p.m. Jun 17, 2024, UTC-4

I'm so glad I'm not a USB engineer.
Link 1:01 p.m. Jun 17, 2024, UTC-4

I personally think that Planet 9 is a cluster of dark matter. (I have no idea what dark matter is. Physics is a fantasy game.)
Link 11:59 a.m. Jun 17, 2024, UTC-4

Planet 9 is so funny to me because it's like a real-life Russel's teapot. Russel's teapot is a thought experiment so you can reject it with
"there's obviously not a teapot" but Planet 9 is a real theory and scientists just haven't been able to prove or disprove it. And I keep expecting someone to know. Like surely even if there's not a consensus there's a "likely" or a "probable" explanation and not this 'well science just can't answer this question, sorry, check back in 10 years.'
Link 11:50 a.m. Jun 17, 2024, UTC-4

It’s not the hypocrisy of saying “abstractions are bad” and then using abstractions that bothers me, it’s the greed of using abstractions
that you need and then arguing that other people should have or shouldn’t use abstractions.
Link 8:14 a.m. Jun 17, 2024, UTC-4

I'm hungry. I want to eat dinner. Let's go eat some dinner.
Link 6:04 p.m. Jun 16, 2024, UTC-4

"The world needs truth!"
Link 11:13 a.m. Jun 16, 2024, UTC-4

"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom" Fear God not people.
Link 11:05 a.m. Jun 16, 2024, UTC-4

Most days I would rather wear the shoes that I want to wear, rather than care about what other people think of me.
But I hate that that’s a choice I have to make, first of all. And second of all, I hate that there are days like today where I would rather stay inside than go outside wearing shoes that other people don’t like.
Link 8:56 a.m. Jun 16, 2024, UTC-4

Like I'm so bored but leaving the house is more boring and depressing than sitting here.
Link 8:32 a.m. Jun 16, 2024, UTC-4

I cannot optimize my computer programs for efficiency because if you're trying to be efficient there is only one correct solution and it is
a custom integrated circuit. Every thing else is inefficient. As soon as you introduce a CPU it's inefficient. If you can't afford a custom IC you can try to get away with an FPGA but it's not as good. It's just fricking not. This is why systems programmers drive me insane. If you're worrying about efficiency at the level of individual assembly instructions you just use an FPGA. Leave me the hell alone and let me write my bad slow Zig code.
Link 10:49 p.m. Jun 15, 2024, UTC-4

I uploaded a picture, I guess so that they can make sure that I'm a white guy and not an Indian scammer? ?
Link 4:07 p.m. Jun 15, 2024, UTC-4

Literally tried to create a Facebook account and they want me to upload a picture of myself for verification.
Like. What.
Link 4:05 p.m. Jun 15, 2024, UTC-4

Anti-license like the MIT but instead of requiring you to share a copy of the license it requires you to share a copy of the beatitudes
Link 12:16 p.m. Jun 15, 2024, UTC-4

This is a hot take: one airline should round their prices up to the nearest $100. When I’m paying $374 dollars I feel like I’m
buying a commodity good. It makes me feel like I should be min-maxing price and trying to find a $372 ticket. If all tickets were $399 or $349 or $299 I’d feel like I was buying a comprehensive travel package. And obviously for some people cost is their #1 factor, but I’m willing to disregard cost to get a flight that leaves at the best time. Also, we should bring back travel agents.
Link 9:22 a.m. Jun 15, 2024, UTC-4

"I used to think that the reason I felt so bad was everyone else in the picture but it's not that"
Link 12:40 p.m. Jun 14, 2024, UTC-4

In this code we need a function that returns its value unchanged. Lodash has a helper that does this, called _.identity. So we can just do:
`(v) => _.identity(v);` This is so funny to me. To explain the joke, the point of the helper is that you don't have to create an arrow function (point-free programming), you can just use `_.identity`. Instead, the person writing this code created an arrow function that calls `_.identity`. If you're going to create an arrow function, just return `v`.
Link 11:43 a.m. Jun 14, 2024, UTC-4

It's fun to have songs like (Betty's) in my library
Link 11:23 a.m. Jun 14, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning. Math.
Link 10:38 a.m. Jun 14, 2024, UTC-4

I didn't eat breakfast before those other posts, and I didn't eat a big dinner last night, so yeah.
Link 10:08 a.m. Jun 14, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning.
Link 10:08 a.m. Jun 14, 2024, UTC-4

Remember, I'm a JavaScript programmer, and JavaScript sucks, the web sucks, I suck, everything I've ever written sucks, and everything I
will write, even if its not in JavaScript, will suck. Only computer engineers write good code.
Link 9:43 a.m. Jun 14, 2024, UTC-4

I am smart enough, and if that's actually what is required, I will write the encoder interface in assembly. I just can't tell if it's
actually required or if this is computer engineers writing things in assembly for the fun of it or to make themselves feel superior. I really don't want to but I also hate feeling like I'm cutting corners and creating garbage code because I'm lazy.
Link 9:17 a.m. Jun 14, 2024, UTC-4

I just, I don't know why I try. I want to make a robot, I don't want to write an encoder interface in assembly.
But the computer engineers act like you're stupid if you don't write your own encoder driver in assembly.
Link 9:13 a.m. Jun 14, 2024, UTC-4

I just feel like everyone is against me.
Link 8:59 a.m. Jun 14, 2024, UTC-4

Note for historians: We really did say things like "Well I googled 'parkour' and this was the first result"
Link 9:01 p.m. Jun 13, 2024, UTC-4

Someone made a really interesting comment about Microsoft: that they've been dying slowly for years.
As we're 50 years into the computer industry, we have these behemoths like Microsoft and IBM and even Google that could be dead-shells of companies but would take another 40 years to go out of business, just on inertia. We see a lot of tech startups die, and it's tempting to imagine Google will die in the same way: bad product decisions, loss of customer faith, decline in revenue, go out of business. Or get acquired. But at a certain scale that doesn't happen. If you're falling from high enough you almost always have time to get your feet under you before landing.
Link 8:44 p.m. Jun 13, 2024, UTC-4

Im so tied after making this beautiful blu apron diner that I don’t even want to eat it I just want to lay die and cru
Link 6:18 p.m. Jun 13, 2024, UTC-4

A short (mostly incorrect) history of web development:
Source-of-truth is HTML, nothing's interactive <div>Content</div> Problem: Nothing's interactive Source-of-truth is HTML, augmented with in-line JS <div onclick="myFunction()">Content</div> Problem: JavaScript lives in an HTML attribute string. It doesn't know where it's being called from. You need to remember to escape any quotes in your JS. All JS functions are in the global scope Source of truth is HTML, JS is separate document.getElementById("myDiv").addEventListener("onclick", myFunction); ... <div id="myDiv">Content</div> Problem: Verbose, annoying to work with. Also JS is now far from the HTML Source of truth is HTML, jQuery baby! $("#myDiv").click(myFunction); ... <div id="myDiv">Content</div> Problem: Doesn't solve any other problems but look at how few characters there are. Source of truth is JS, React class components, OOP! class MyComponent extends React.Component { constructor(props) { super(props); this.myFunction = this.myFunction.bind(this); } myFunction () {} render () { <div onClick={myFunction}>Content</div> }; } Problems: No one except me likes .bind. OOP hasn't been cool for like a year. Verbose. Source of truth is JS, functional React function MyComponent (props) => { const myFunction = useCallback(() => {}, []); return <div onClick={myFunction}>Content</div>; } Problems: mumble mumble memoization, mumble mumble rule of hooks. No one (not even me) likes `useCallback`. Source of truth is on the server side. React 19 with Next.js. Compiler magic solves everything ??? Problems: doesn't exist You can do this for a bunch of other technologies as well. Elm, Rails. They all have very simple examples that also demonstrate the issue that they have.
Link 4:54 p.m. Jun 13, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning.
Link 3:32 p.m. Jun 13, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning I'm so hungry.
Link 9:34 a.m. Jun 13, 2024, UTC-4

I did something wrong I think.
Link 9:30 a.m. Jun 13, 2024, UTC-4

Good bad morning.
The thing I like about bad books is that they can do anything.
Link 9:13 a.m. Jun 13, 2024, UTC-4

One of the problems with zig's comptime is that people start using comptime data instead of types.
Link 11:36 p.m. Jun 12, 2024, UTC-4

I don't want to go to bed.
Link 11:04 p.m. Jun 12, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning chat
Link 10:06 p.m. Jun 12, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning.
Link 4:13 p.m. Jun 12, 2024, UTC-4

Sometimes going bigger means going smaller (big fish small pond). I think that's what makes it hard to channel passion into effects.
Link 4:06 p.m. Jun 12, 2024, UTC-4

"Now money's not a problem, but twenty years, it seems you've forgotten Malibu"
Link 4:05 p.m. Jun 12, 2024, UTC-4

One of the things that makes Ruby slow is that calling methods is so easy and default that there's no reason to save a value into a variable
Link 3:26 p.m. Jun 12, 2024, UTC-4

I'm going to have my nerd-card revoked but mathematics is so clearly made up BS.
Mathematicians explaining how there aren't enough numbers so they made up more numbers: => Like RIP to you but I would just expand the natural numbers.
Link 1:42 p.m. Jun 12, 2024, UTC-4

I stayed up past midnight again last night and I'm not sure if that was a good idea.
Link 11:14 a.m. Jun 12, 2024, UTC-4

Pro finance tip: don't spend 10k on car mods.
Link 10:55 a.m. Jun 12, 2024, UTC-4

For justifiable and not-cursed reasons my Macbook has lost the ability to keep track of time.
``` matthias% date Tue Jun 11 16:54:01 EDT 2024 matthias% sudo sntp -sS Password: +2756.621565 +/- 0.005833 matthias% date Tue Jun 11 17:40:45 EDT 2024 ```
Link 5:42 p.m. Jun 11, 2024, UTC-4

I think what's hard is that Apple feels like it's lost some of its clarity of vision. They're doing Apple Vision Pro and on-device AI and TV
Link 4:24 p.m. Jun 11, 2024, UTC-4

I love Apple product reviews because Apple is so clearly the best that the only reasonable comparison you can make is to imaginary,
perfect products or other Apple products. And suddenly, Apple products look bad. I'm not even complaining about the reviews; because that's all you can do. You can't compare the $1,500 Apple Studio Display to a $150 Dell display. So the Verge review compares it to the $5,000 Apple Pro Display XDR and concludes that it's bad. I'm not even disagreeing; I understand how you come to the conclusion that it's not worth $1,500. But it's iconic that reviewers say things like "The only decent 5K display available on the market" and then conclude it's "a confounding miss." (The same review!)
Link 4:12 p.m. Jun 11, 2024, UTC-4

My mouth hurts again and my best theory is that on Saturday I ate some carrot cake that may have had nuts in it.
Link 3:15 p.m. Jun 11, 2024, UTC-4

Instead of every open source project being its own foundation they're all just projects of the Linux Foundation, which collects $15 mil/year
Link 1:14 p.m. Jun 11, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning.
Link 10:48 a.m. Jun 11, 2024, UTC-4

I just love capitalism because of things like Poolsuite. It’s like an art project that uses the world as its canvas. I am 100% serious.
You could create the Vacation website with an art grant from a communist government and it would be a beautiful website but it would be fake. It’s less pure because it’s marketing for a sunscreen company, but it’s more real. And I don’t care if it’s more expensive for the same stuff in the bottle.
Link 12:12 a.m. Jun 11, 2024, UTC-4

600 comment thread arguing whether Apple's Private Cloud Computing is actually private, based only on information from the keynote and not
the document describing the security model of PCC.
Link 10:12 p.m. Jun 10, 2024, UTC-4

Free software is a compromise between our messy current system, our philosophical moral ideals, and a practical approach to a better world.
Link 3:04 p.m. Jun 10, 2024, UTC-4

To skip selecting files and selecting patch mode in `git add -i` you can use `git add -p` (which is normally what I want).
Link 12:48 p.m. Jun 10, 2024, UTC-4

Once again it is summer, which means scrolling the Poolsuite and Vaction webpages and feeling the summer.
Like honestly if you don't have the budget to hire a model to look sexy using your product what are you even doing. I don't know how we ended up here. It's like. I kind of understand established companies not innovating (inventing good-smelling foaming sun-screen) or not using quality material (plastic bottles in easy-to-injection-mold colors and shapes) to cut costs. But I cannot believe that Vacation's marketing budget is bigger than Banana Boat's or Neutrogena's. So I don't understand why Vacation's marketing is so much better. The Banana Boat homepage image looks like it was shot at someone's backyard pool. Maybe because they're big, they have to try to look genuine. Like if they did a real photoshoot like Vacation did, it would come off as inauthentic. But the Vacation photoshoot comes off as inauthentic but I don't care because it looks good. I'm sitting here just looking at it. The Banana Boat and Neutrogena models are both holding the bottle super awkwardly so you can read the label which is so funny. I am on Neutrogena's website. I know it's Neutrogena sunscreen. It's also possible that, again as big companies, it would look bad for them to do an 80s-style sex-appeal ad. But like. You're a sunscreen company. You can get away with putting a model in a bikini, surely! You can have the woman put on nail polish. It's not like their resulting picture looks authentic. It just looks lazy. Edit (:44): It is of-course possible to over-rely on sex appeal (e.g. the infamous Carl's Jr ads). And I respect that Banana Boat is trying to avoid that. However, it is marketing and so I expect it to look better than real-life in some way. And when it looks indistinguishable from a picture I could take of a woman at a pool putting on sunscreen I'm confused. Rent a hotel with a pool or take the picture at a beach in Malibu or have some kids playing in the background or crop out the box of pool supplies or give the woman some Ray-Bans or something. Edit (:54): And while I am tearing apart Banana Boat in particular it is indicative of a larger trend where big companies don't have the attention to detail to get any part of their marketing looking actually good. Again, I don't think it's just about size-of-budget, I think it's about whether you do a small amount of good marketing or waste it on a bunch of bad marketing.
Link 11:09 a.m. Jun 10, 2024, UTC-4

> Slack timestamp auto-updates from "just now" to "1 minute ago" > My eyes which are optimized for catching motion notice and cause me to
look at my second monitor.
Link 10:24 a.m. Jun 10, 2024, UTC-4

Hm we're now blue. Ughhhghmmmm
Link 9:58 a.m. Jun 10, 2024, UTC-4

Link 9:09 a.m. Jun 10, 2024, UTC-4

Watching the Jojo MCC P24 vod and it's insane that she's drunk and not trying and just winning.
I don't get it. Because it's not even just Jojo. They're like in between rounds 'remember we don't care about winning. You can do anything you want' and then they take 1, 2, 3, 4 in the game individual leaderboard. Effortless. 1,400 game point diff. Edit (:33): aimsey just following Jojo and spamming splash potions when Jojo screams "HEAL ME HEAL ME" is more effective teamwork than 95% of MCC teams.
Link 10:07 p.m. Jun 09, 2024, UTC-4

The wonderful thing about words is they connect sounds to symbols.
Link 8:48 a.m. Jun 09, 2024, UTC-7

The Count of Monte Cristo re-read is complete. What a book. I stand by my 4/5 stars.
Link 7:28 a.m. Jun 09, 2024, UTC-7

Good morning.
Link 5:56 a.m. Jun 09, 2024, UTC-7

The novelty machine.
Link 5:42 a.m. Jun 09, 2024, UTC-7

Good morning.
Link 10:52 a.m. Jun 08, 2024, UTC-7

I don’t know if I’m going to make it.
Link 1:20 p.m. Jun 07, 2024, UTC-7

My left eye keeps like sticking to the eyelid and it’s annoying.
Link 10:24 a.m. Jun 07, 2024, UTC-7

“When you’re easy-going you don’t go anywhere”
Link 7:47 a.m. Jun 07, 2024, UTC-7

“Judas was lame, man”
Link 5:44 p.m. Jun 06, 2024, UTC-7

I should get a tabletop fountain.
Link 5:39 p.m. Jun 06, 2024, UTC-7

It’s funny how names like Luigi and Mercedes have taken on new meaning that an original reader wouldn’t have thought of, but Dante
would’ve been thought of as the author The Devine Comedy—the book is referenced.
Link 5:07 p.m. Jun 06, 2024, UTC-7

It's crazy how even `git add -i` is ridiculously annoying to use.
Link 11:21 a.m. Jun 06, 2024, UTC-7

Good morning.
Link 8:46 a.m. Jun 06, 2024, UTC-7

Some modern minimalist thoughts:
You should break backwards compatibility but should not break (previously intended) workflows. And of course you can't forget the scissors example:
Link 8:38 a.m. Jun 06, 2024, UTC-7

XKCD is fun because it has the most unexpected reoccurring themes.
Link 8:26 a.m. Jun 06, 2024, UTC-7

See, the problem is that I'm lazy and indecisive.
Link 7:51 a.m. Jun 06, 2024, UTC-7

I wish git had like a per-branch stash. So you'd, maybe, `git stash --branch` and when you ran `git status` on that branch git would be like
"You have one stash on this branch" and you would remember to pop it and continue where you left off.
Link 7:35 a.m. Jun 06, 2024, UTC-7

I literally just realized Andrea and Eugénie are step-siblings.
Eugénie just feels like she belongs in a different book. There are like multiple entire chapters of them flirting and then getting engaged and not once did Dumas point out and not once did I notice that they share a mother. (I think.)
Link 10:21 p.m. Jun 05, 2024, UTC-7

The world needs truth.
Link 8:14 p.m. Jun 05, 2024, UTC-7

Man, I am really not a do-er.
Link 7:47 p.m. Jun 05, 2024, UTC-7

Apparently thinkorswim comes with an embedded CNBC live stream, which is funny because I do not have a TV provider
Link 4:46 p.m. Jun 05, 2024, UTC-7

I love how thinkorswim is simultaneously a electron app and a java app.
Link 4:34 p.m. Jun 05, 2024, UTC-7

Zoxide also prints "no match found" instead of cding somewhere random if there's no match found, which is nice.
Link 3:43 p.m. Jun 05, 2024, UTC-7

I just get tired of telling people that they're wrong.
Which, I mean, that's kind of what I'm doing, right.
Link 3:23 p.m. Jun 05, 2024, UTC-7

bigger than this??
Link 3:05 p.m. Jun 05, 2024, UTC-7

Link 2:59 p.m. Jun 05, 2024, UTC-7

Link 2:09 p.m. Jun 05, 2024, UTC-7

All software is malware if you yeah
Link 1:11 p.m. Jun 05, 2024, UTC-7

I don’t freaking know guys.
Link 12:47 p.m. Jun 05, 2024, UTC-7

Even if I personally never run a modern minimalist project, and even if modern minimalist ends up being more of a statement of values than
a step-by-step project management framework, I believe it will be useful as an alternative to the common state of affairs, where "minimalist" things end up being user-hostile.
Link 10:32 a.m. Jun 05, 2024, UTC-7

Link 8:45 a.m. Jun 05, 2024, UTC-7

Push down stack UI: new features are added to the top of the page.
Link 7:13 a.m. Jun 05, 2024, UTC-7

I don’t know if we’re ready for modern minimalist.
The thought of trying to make a Gemini client is really scary. The protocol side is simple and nice and easy. The UX side is very scary. This is where I brainstormed actually flowers—what if good UI was the default. But actually flowers is a technical solution. You still need modern minimalist. If I thought “modern minimalist” was too cheesy I could call it “eternally modern” software. Although that looses the “minimalist.”
Link 9:26 p.m. Jun 04, 2024, UTC-7

It took me 1:10 to make a blue apron dinner quoted at 35-40, that’s how it goes.
Link 11:13 a.m. Jun 04, 2024, UTC-6

LiveView first impressions Thought:
It's called Phoenix Framework not LiveView. LiveView is the component/paradigm that the framework provides. Erlang's magical process model lets them handle millions of websocket connections. This lets them get to 10k current, but I still question the memory usage. 10k * 100kb is a meg, I guess that's not awful. But 100kb is almost a lower bound. Oh my word so many words. Mix, Hex, Erlang, Elixr The difference, I think, between LFSA and LiveView is that LiveView focuses on streaming UI updates constantly, but fundamentally is just server side rendering. Continued 5:40pm: Rails and Phoenix are competing to generate as many files as possible.
Link 10:43 a.m. Jun 04, 2024, UTC-6

One of the problems with LFSA is that it asks the server to store rendering state for the client, which could destroy performance.
Rails and Django do this to some extent, and they’re not great in terms of memory usage. But they discard the client state after rendering a template, and LFSA would ask them to store it in order to sync updates. I need to play around with LiveView, which does this, I believe.
Link 10:37 a.m. Jun 04, 2024, UTC-6

Have you ever thought, man nix looks cool, but I don’t want to learn a new programming language. Nix but JS.
Link 7:48 a.m. Jun 04, 2024, UTC-4

Most things could be improved by playing electro-swing.
Link 7:05 a.m. Jun 04, 2024, UTC-4

At some point you have to have some accountability to your users if you want to make software that has a good user experience.
And Linux on the desktop doesn't. There aren't incentives in place to deliver the best user experience. The Debian maintainer can disable your password manager because he's decided that password managers with hardware key support are "crappy," and there's no repercussions. (Sorry, I'm still not over that.) This is the status quo with a lot or most volunteer-developed software. Stuff gets done because it's easy, or because it's fun, or because it aligns with the developer's conception of what the software should be. This is true for my projects as well of course. LadyBird is going to fall into the same trap—the websites that are easy or fun to get working are going to work, and the websites that are annoying and painful to get working aren't going to work. This might be the first time I've conceptualized a problem with volunteer development. (I guess the second, after the time one [1].) => [1] Some of this is mitigated by the developer being a user. But not all of it. Modern Minimalist is going to have to include some incentive to listen to your users.
Link 11:11 p.m. Jun 03, 2024, UTC-4

This is an extremely cynical take, but
for Kling to drop the Serenity target is like, you've already failed. You've already had to cut back scope. You can't brag about how you're tackling this project with a huge scope and then cut the scope. Maybe it makes sense. I don't know. LadyBird is certainly unique, and it remains unique, and Kling remains a talented developer. One of the things that used to make it unique was the build-everything-yourself approach. If that's gone because you need to pull in third-party libraries, that makes it less unique. (One of the stated reasons for not targeting Serenity is that you can't pull in third party code with Serenity.) I think it could work (well I think it could fail in the way that it is currently failing), if you pulled in stuff like glibc or standard compression libraries. That's stuff you can't do in Serenity. I've talked about this before, but Kling saying 'we support svg' when they support a very small subset of SVG leaves a bad taste in my mouth. That 'good enough' attitude works when you're doing your own thing. I am a fan of Kling in general and of SerenityOS. But I think Kling's attitude works for SerenityOS because Serenity isn't compatible with existing OSes. It's something different. Gemini proved to me that "something different" could work for the web too, to some degree. (Obviously Gemini doesn't work in some ways.) In my mind, compatibility is always the number one criteria for a web engine. Which is why I've said building a new one is an impossible task. Like my last LadyBird post, this is super rambly.
Link 10:57 p.m. Jun 03, 2024, UTC-4

Another hard evening.
Link 7:27 p.m. Jun 03, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning. My brain is clogged.
hm words maybe. drgus food. hmm.
Link 9:35 a.m. Jun 03, 2024, UTC-4

Good morning.
Link 9:09 a.m. Jun 03, 2024, UTC-4

It’s like a trope in movies today that the scoundrel character hits 10 bullseyes in a row, well,
> Instead of targets, playing cards had been fixed to the board. … > said the count “I was making a pack of cards…those are aces and twos that you see; my bullets made them into threes, fives, sevens, eights, nines, and tens.” … > indeed, the bullets had replaced the absent symbols with perfectly precise holes at perfectly equal distances
Link 11:00 p.m. Jun 01, 2024, UTC-4

Albert and Franz are almost cute, not in a patronizing way, but just in a funny way. Through no fault of their of own but just through the
book's framing they are pawns to The Count and Noirtier
Link 10:30 p.m. Jun 01, 2024, UTC-4

It’s all too much.
Link 8:40 p.m. Jun 01, 2024, UTC-4

It’s easy to say I’m bad at making decisions but it’s more accurate that I don’t want there to be multiple options. I can have a very strong
preference or inclination towards one option but it’s not my only option then I’m uncomfortable.
Link 7:39 p.m. Jun 01, 2024, UTC-4

Dumas thinks it is important to note that the count takes his coffee black.
Link 6:36 p.m. Jun 01, 2024, UTC-4

It is. I just can’t imagine myself not alone.
Link 11:56 a.m. Jun 01, 2024, UTC-4

I’m scared guys.
Link 11:20 a.m. Jun 01, 2024, UTC-4

I really need to learn web assembly.
Link 8:23 a.m. Jun 01, 2024, UTC-4

If you want to set up some sort of reward system, it has to be for effort, otherwise it breaks down when you try to something difficult.
Link 8:37 p.m. May 31, 2024, UTC-4